Wednesday: The 11th

Playoffs are near us! Very exciting, and for the Senators it is do or die tonight as they play Boston. Should be exciting. (yes by the time this post is up we'll know who won.) You know what else is exciting? Voting. Yes its amazing, try it! 

COTY-February vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW March 1-7 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Besides that, not much to talk about, it has been a bit slow, so think of a great competition to spice things up here at HJC.

Let's review some concepts now!

Daniel L - LA Galaxy

+ Keeping the elegance of the Galaxy Branding
+ Good colour Balance 
+ Very soccer-esque, with the stripe running down the sleeves, makes me think of Addidas
+Execution is top notch. (I appreciate detail like the helmet logos)

- The arms are a bit busy, I'd loose the horizontal stripe after the TV numbers and just keep it on the yoke. Then make the regular arm stripe wrap around like usual. 

Overall: work on the only negative thing about this concept and your safe. (8/10)

Mario A - Grand Rapids Griffins 

+ I must say if you don't have the skills to create your own logo, pick a good one. This was a good choice, this logo is fierce. 

- The side panels. I don't get them, it's like they're floating. Either have them go fully down, or even better not have them at all. 
- The font. Pick something sharp to match the logo. 
- There is no balance in the uniform. Heavy arm stripes, light hem stripe. The yoke saves it a bit though. 

Overall: Keep improving! (6.5/10)

Mario A - Ottawa Senators

+ Anything throwing back to the old days works well for Ottawa
+ I like the heavy striped on the arm 

- The number is huge, and the font choice again is sub par. 
- Should be a white sock for the white uniform.
- This is essentially a Uniform Database recolor, you can't tell because the image is very pixelated. We've got a wide range of templates. I know Nick Burton made a cool version of this specific template on his blog. Don't just recolour! 

 Mike S - Calgary Flames

+ Mike gets inspired by the flames alternate jersey which is already a plus, replacing the current ones.
+ The yoke is great, and the stripes, although similar to the alternate are improved. As the arm and hem now match!
+Colour balance is superb

- The Numbers NEED a yellow outline. Make it so it matches the logo!
- Blank pants. Get creative!

Overall: Much better than the current Side panel galore jerseys. (8.25/10)

Nevill C - Ottawa Senators

+ Two tone jerseys! Love the red and black. The chest stripe continues at the back! Thank you Nevill. Thank you.
+ The Numbers looks great, and its tough tough to pull that off when they're on a chest stripe.
+ Execution is very good.

- I like simplicity, but this is a bit to simple, especially compared to the current heritage uniforms. 

Overall: I like the overall look of this jersey, but I can't say I'd want to see this replace the current ALT. (7.75/10)

Ryan C - South Carolina StingRays

+ Ryan continues to improve, with this well executed stingrays jersey
+ I like how the red is used, it doesn't overpower the blue, but there's still enough used
+ Overall a clean design and well presented.

- On the dark jersey i'd make the white arm stripes blue, with a white outline. (basically switch the white and blue.) It would match more.
-A few loose pixels around the collar. 

(Overall: 8/10)

Taylor R - Carolina Hurricanes

+ Warning Flag. They just need to bring this back. Taylor also made the flag warning pattern work on the arm stripes.
+ Execution and detail are good. Collar inserts are awesome. I like how your jersey and equipment are laid out. 

- Too much going on. Theres a reason why Carolina simplified, I'm not saying it look good but theres a limit. My best bet would be loosing the pant stripes. 
- I'm not a big fan of a grey road jersey. I prefer white. 
- The logo choice. You already have enough flag pattern, why have a flag logo? The current one would work better in my opinion, and move that one to shoulder duties. 

Overall: Almost perfect, just needs a few tweaks. (8.25/10)

Today is tough. So many concepts that could potentially be nominated, but little issues make me want to save my nomination. I'll put it in my back pocket and keep it for next week! So you better send in your concepts because I've got nominations pilling up in my back pocket.
Thanks for reading everyone! 

Wednesday: The 11th Reviewed by Unknown on March 11, 2015 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

Easy COTW nom to Taylor for his Hurricanes set. I'm picky when it comes to Canes concepts, but this is right on the money. Also, nice touch using Ned on the back.

John E. said...

I'll 2nd Taylor's Hurricanes concept for COTW

winnipegjets96 said...

Mike S. for COTW!!

Alan John Herbert said...

Mike S Flames concept for COTW!

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