Thursday: The Short-Lived Finale

Hello everyone, welcome to the last Thursday post from yours truly.

You might have heard already, but I'm vacating this spot to begin writing on Sundays. This gives me an excellent opportunity to spend more time on posts, and enjoy what little time I have during the week to myself.

After a few weeks of getting used to the new spot, I'd like to do some exciting things with my posts. Not sure on the details yet, and whether any of it will actually come to fruition, but hopefully I can use my new spot to liven up the blog somehow.

I won't get too sappy with my goodbyes, because I'll be writing my first Sunday post this weekend. But I will miss writing on Thursdays, and I'll likely get confused on what day I'm actually supposed to write for from time to time, but in the end I am excited for the change, and excited to see what new directions the Thursday posts go when we get our new writer next week.

So back to more relevant issues:

 You want a video game competition? You got one! You only have a few days left to get your concepts in, so hurry it up people!

 You want a pairs competition? You got it! We'll begin the competition at the end of the month.  If you're looking for a partner, click here to get to last Saturday's post, where people are posting their "partner wanted" ads in the comment section.  http://www.hockeyjerseyconcepts.com/2015/03/saturday-pair-up-people.html

 You want an extreme COTW vote this week? You got it! Taylor R. vs J3. Will Taylor get his revenge for not getting his dozens of potential COTW concepts included, or does The Glorious Thursday Master Race have one more top concept left in it? Two great concepts, one winner. You decide!

You want advice for filling out your March Madness bracket? A) You've come to the wrong place, and B) I'm probably the last guy you want to ask. 

Now let's get to the concepts!

COTW Mar 8-14 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Video Game Comp entries (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

***** No concepts for the Video Game Competition to show today :( *****

Colorado Avalanche - Brandon C.

Yay: Starting today's post is Brandon's Colorado Avalanche alternate. Traditional stripes, simplified look, and light blue primary colour are all things I'd really like to see the Avs use. They kind of use it already with their 3rd, but find me someone who likes Colorado's 3rd jersey and I'll find you a liar. Design is simple, but sharp and well executed.

Nay: The biggest no-no on this concept is the fact that there is no name or ID to identify the artist. I don't want to rant for too long about it, because everyone should know this by now, but ID on your concepts is extremely important! Besides that, the logo on the front looks too big, and I think we need to see some black in the design.

Overall: Good start to today's post. Not perfect, but solid. 8/1/10

 Quebec Nordiques - Brandon C.

Yay: Brandon's 2nd concept today is for the same franchise as the first concept, but before they moved to Colorado. Quebec has been out of the league for 20 years now, but their look still holds strong today. Brandon adds a lot more red to the mix, which makes sense considering the logo, but keeps the overall simplicity and identity of the uniform in tact, including the fleur-de-lis on the hem.

Nay: Bright red text with a light blue outline isn't the easiest thing to look at. I'm happy to see more red in the design, but I'd rather see blue numbers with a red outline, like the original jerseys.  I don't like the yoke style for this set. I'd go with a traditional round yoke with an outline that goes all the way around. Also, no ID!

Overall: I approve the updating and modernizing of the uniform, but it goes a touch too far. 7.8/10

Kalamazoo Wings - Brooks F.

Yay: Next is Brooks' Kalamazoo Wings concept. This is the type of flashy, modern yet hockey-suitable design I'd love to see more, especially in junior or semi-pro leagues. The hem and arm/yoke style is really cool and has a pilot-esque look to it, adapted from the logo, which is perfect for this design.

Nay: But with any design like this, there will be issues. The big one here is the TV numbers. They don't stand out enough to be easy to read, and it makes the arms look too busy and cluttered. The pants would look better with a blue stripe on both sides of the white stripe. The logo on the front seems low on the jersey.

Overall: Interesting design, but needs work. 7.7/10

 New Jersey Devils - Caz W.

Yay: Next is Caz's next installment of his wacky but so-far extremely successful series. Does this concept hit the high bar that his previous concepts set? Well, this is the most "different" concept I've seen from him so far. The pinstripe design hasn't really been used in hockey besides Slovakia at the Olympics, and those "stripes" were actually words. Combine that with a gradient yoke and we have ourselves something completely different!

Nay: Besides the wild gradient yoke, the rest of the jersey looks dull. The stripes are barely noticeable enough to add to the design, and the stripes getting closer and closer as they get to the bottom really doesn't help with the look. I'm confused. This is extremely different, but I don't get what its going for. And unless there's some sort of theme or gimmick that this jersey is implementing, this jersey is just devilishly bad.

Overall: From another designer, I might appreciate the creativity more. But Caz has had so many good concepts lately that this feels a little disappointing. Kudos for trying something "completely different" though. 7.5/10

 Alabama Crimson Tide - Kevin B.

Yay: Next is a concept for a team we hardly ever see here (besides at the height of CFB season). They play in the SECHC, which nationally fits in Division 3 of the non-varsity ACHA. And out of Division 3 leagues, the SECHC by no means a powerhouse. In other words, this team is on the opposite end of the dominance-spectrum as its football counterpart.  Despite that, their jerseys are insanely traditional and classy. This jersey has a little more colour to it, and uses the full circle logo, but otherwise keeps up with their traditional look.

Nay: This is essentially a Detroit Red Wings jersey, but with a different hem. Unfortunately the hem design really doesn't match well with the arms, so it would have been better just to use the Red Wings jersey anyway. The socks are lazily done, and the player name text and front logo are too small. As much as I like the circle logo, I like how Alabama's jerseys look now with only the "A" on the front more.

Overall: It's not a bad design, but it doesn't stand out as a good one. 7/10

Muskegon Lumberjacks - Ryan C.

Yay: Last up for today is Ryan's Lumberjacks concept. I'm not 100% certain on what their jerseys actually look like, but this set is definitely believable. The colours are well balanced, execution is well done, the design is basic but works with these colours so well. Not much else to say, but I love it!

Nay: The front logo and TV numbers seem just a hair too big, but that's all I can see wrong with this concept.

Overall: This is a great looking, albeit simple concept. 8.3/10

None of these concepts really stood out to me this week, but the best of the bunch still deserves my COTW nomination for how sharp, well executed and well designed it is, and that concept is Ryan C's Muskegon Lumberjacks concept. This concept passed the eye-test as the best looking concept today (there's your March Madness lingo for today). 

And on that note, I guess I'm done. But don't worry, as I'll be back 3 days from now with my first Sunday post!

As always thanks for reading, and have a good weekend!
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John E. said...

I like Colorado's third jersey. But I also regard Vancouver's red third jersey from the '90s as one of the best of all-time, so maybe I just have horrible taste.

Unknown said...

@John now you have me curious, what is your take on the Sabres 3rd jersey?

Unknown said...

Brandon C's Avs concept for COTW.

Unknown said...

I second Brandon C.'s COTW Nom

Brandon Cockeram said...

I sent jerseys in that didn't have ID and I then resent them with my name on them, could those be posted?

Mical Concepts said...

I third Brandon C's Avs concept for COTW

Unknown said...

I also like Colorado's 3rd jersey. It's not the best but the color balance is executed really well. The Sabres' yellow third is awful.. A buddy of mine, his sister is engaged to one of the players and he told me even they hate them.

John E. said...

@William, No even I can't appreciate the turd burger. They're doing it in baseball now with the spring training jerseys, with the different back color, and it's awful.

I'll second Ryan C's Lumberjacks concept for COTW.

Unknown said...

@Brandon send them in with ID from now on Brandon, nice concepts but anyone could just simply save it and put their sig. and call it theirs.

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