Thursday: New Sweaters for Everyone!

First of all, a huge welcome back to Dylan Wonka Nowak, as he is our "new" Tuesday writer. As many people have said, and I would agree, he's definitely one of the best, if not the best, writers in HJC history. On a personal note, he helped me out quite a bit when I was first starting out on the blog, so its definitely awesome to get him back on the team.

Now you may have noticed that the Trade Deadline has happened since my last post.  Has your favourite player been moved? Is it weird seeing someone in their new uniform? Let me know what you guys think in the comments.

Personally, I was disappointed to see Glencross get traded, but it was pretty obvious that he would be moved at some point. The Yandle trade was a shocker too, but a great move for New York and Arizona.  Montreal, Tampa Bay, Anaheim and Chicago did really well at the deadline and could very well be the Stanley Cup contenders because of it.

So lots of people were getting new sweaters, and I didn't want to miss out on the fun...

That's me with my newest jersey. I've been a Lethbridgian (or Lethbian, I'm not sure what we call ourselves) for 5 years now, and while my allegiance was, is and always will be for the Calgary Hitmen, I also support the local team. It's bothered me that I don't have anything to wear to the Hurricanes' games, but I really haven't been a fan of any of their jerseys since they went to the Capitals look (besides the alternates, those absolutely rock). I wanted to find their original jersey, or one with the Taz logo, but I found this one at a decent price and went for it.  Yes, it's exactly like the Capitals jersey, but the colours are different, and that's good enough for me. So now I can finally show at least a little bit of team pride when I go and watch the Hurricanes.

Anyways, back to the blog. We have 2 votes going on this week, with our regular COTW vote as well as the Top 5 vote for the Stadium Series competition. Lots of good concepts in both votes, so make sure you get in there and make your vote count!

On that note, it's concept time!

COTW Feb 22-28 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Stadium Series Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Jack D. - Carolina Hurricanes

 Yay: Starting for us today is Jack's Hurricanes concept. Jack gives the jerseys a bit more flare by bringing back the warning flag designs and using them effectively on the hems and yokes. The yokes look really good with the design, and the colours on the red jersey are well balanced.

Nay: The colours on the white jersey aren't as nicely balanced. The black stripes don't really match well with the mostly red hem design, so the black in the arms seems out of place in a way.  The logo you used for the concept looks faded, pixelated, and doesn't match the colours of the jersey. As good as the red jersey looks, it could use some more white.

Overall: Its flashy and well designed, but it's not out of the storm yet. 7.8/10

Illinois Fighting Illini - David P.

 Yay: Next up is the school with one of the most awkward names, the Illinois Fighting Illini. I believe they do not participate in the NCAA, but rather in the club-based ACHA instead. I haven't been able to find their current jerseys, so I have nothing to go by.  The big "I" logo is fitting for college uniforms. The colours and stripes are simple but look really nice and balanced, with the 3rd jersey doing a good job contrasting with the main set.

Nay: I'd colour the collar of the orange jersey white, so it better matches the pattern of the white jersey. I'd also add a stripe to the pants.

Overall: Frozen Four worthy set, well done! 8.9/10

Team Canada - Daniel L.

 Yay: Next up is this really funky but interesting Team Canada concept from Daniel. The design is really different from the regularly traditional ones Canada sticks with, so it would stand out well in Canada's jersey history. The stripes are nicely done, and the logo is a good effort of trying to create something new out of an all-too familiar symbol. The gloves look really nice, as does the rest of the equipment.

Nay: The logo looks great on the white jersey, but on the red jersey the red sections get lost with the red background, and the black border isn't enough to fix that.  The Canadian flag on the arm is a little lazy, either do a new design involving the maple leaf, or put the flag on as a shoulder patch.  The black and white stripes below the yoke looks a little weird and out of place, unless you had that black stripe as an outline around the whole yoke.

Overall: Kudos for trying something different, but I'm not quite buying it yet. 7.7/10

Calgary Flames - Brass

 Yay: Next up is Brass's Calgary Flames concept. Brass basically took the current alternate, got rid of the silly wordmark logo and brought back the original, fixed the striping so it looked more symmetrical and easier on the eyes, made the yoke more traditional to better match the style of the jersey, added some more colour with the yoke design, and made the numbers black. So basically, everything I didn't like about the current alternate is now fixed.

Nay: Now this jersey is a little to basic and close to the main set to be an effective 3rd. So as an alternate jersey, this would fail.  However, if this replaced the main home jersey, and an away jersey was similarly designed, I would happily buy the set.

Overall: Its a tad boring, but it would make an excellent home jersey. I hope we get to see an away version soon. 8.6/10

New York Rangers - Caz W.

 Yay: Caz does it again. He bends the rules of all "conventional jersey laws", and takes a classic identity like the Rangers, and creates something as strange as fine art but as awesome as any jersey I've seen on the blog. The sash? Love it! The sublimated "New York" on the arms? Love it! The collar? Love it!

Nay: The white stripe below the red chest stripe is kind of throwing me off.  I assume its meant to be the top white stripe in their logo, but it looks kind of weird to me. I also think the back number needs some sort of an outline, and should be as big as the chest stripe or sticking out equally on both sides. The name text looks a little small.

Overall: This isn't perfect, but as creative, original, and well designed as this jersey is, I simply can't give it a score less than 9.0/10. Once again, love it!

Team World Stars - Christian C.

 Yay: Next up is a Team World Stars concept from our World Cup competition. I'm not a huge fan of the black and white design, but everyone seemed to use it, and I'll admit that this design looks really sharp with it. It's a uniform any player could wear and look good in.

Nay:  The back number is too small, and could be lowered a little bit as well. The globe logo is just a little too big.

Overall: I can't find much wrong with this concept, and it looks really sharp. 8.3/10

Calgary vs Edmonton -  Dallas O.

 Yay: Last up is the Albertan Stadium Series game. Personally, I hope the 2022 50th Anniversary match up would look like a classic, and an SS game would go a different year, but I digress. I love the logo used on the Flames jersey, hopefully it receives more jersey love in the near future. The Oilers logo is unique and made from scratch by Dallas.  Its always nice to see new logos being created for these concepts.

Nay: The yoke outlines on both jerseys are unnecessary. The name fonts are a little too bland, and the numbers should have a little more outline too them.  Edmonton's chest stripe should extend around the whole uniform, and the text inside the circle should be blue, as bright orange against white is a little tough to see.

Overall: Both jerseys are cool mashups between fauxbacks and modern SS jerseys, but neither really stand out as a game ready design. 7.4/10

Man oh man what a great day for concepts! Every concept was cool, and there were a number of concepts that could take my COTW nomination on a different week. There were a couple of concepts that were completely or almost completely flawless. My nominated concept has a few more flaws to it, but the creativity and boundary-pushing design is just too much to ignore. I'm giving Caz W.'s New York Rangers concept my COTW nomination!


Thinking about Christian's post yesterday, asking about our cup favourites, made me remember when I predicted the standings at the start of the season. Here's the link to that post:

I'd like to think I was close, but one thing that stands out is how poorly I predicted the Predators. I thought they'd be last in the Central, that's a really tough pill to swallow. Are they cup contenders? Absolutely. If Rinne stays healthy, I can't see any team being able to take them in the western conference. But I will stick with Montreal as my eastern champion, and at this point I think they have the best chance of taking the Stanley Cup this season.

Anyways, that's it for me today. Thanks for reading and have a good weekend!

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Justin said...

William's selfie for COTW...

Mario Ardais said...

My favorite trade was Simon Despres for Ben Lovejoy. I hated Depres's stupid penalties and lack of motivation. Glad to see Ben Lovejoy back in the black and gold.

DBro Alexander said...

Justins comment for Cotw

Unknown said...

I'll second Will's selfie for COTW

I'm also a bit curious about Christian C's concept today. It seems a lot like a concept I made some months ago. I'm not entirely sure if it is just a coincidence or not. http://i.imgur.com/TzgRd77.png

Unknown said...

Yes Hitmen!!

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