Sunday: Yes, Jets96 is Doing This Post!

This is the first time doing a post on Sunday, so....TGIS?

Anyways, Jets96 here, filling in on this Sunday while we get writers stuff sorted out. We do have a new Sunday writer, Thursday writer William will be moving which means there is a new Thursday writer. Hope that makes sense because I'm not repeating it. Not going to say who because it's a secret, but know they've been rising up the HJC ranks for some time now.

I'm used to saying voting ends tonight, but this post you've got plenty of time. Like they say, the Early Bird gets to vote for whomever wins COTW! It's a mono i mono Taylor R. vs. J3, two of HJCs best, should be a high voting affair.

Let's check out some of the entries that have come in for the Video Game Comp.

Mario A.

Jared L.

Remember to get your entries in by Friday! As always, read the rules & HJC LOGO POLICY ALWAYS APPLIES!!!

COTW Mar 8-14 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Video Game Comp entries (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

On to the concepts!


Washington Capitals Concepts (By: Taylor R.)

+ This was Washington's best look, and a modernization would be perfect
+ Navy blue fits the modern NHL for than the dated lightish blue 
+ Not sure which logo I like more, but the Weagle really goes well with the eagle
+ Good job keeping black on the jerseys without blending it with the navy

- Would have been nice to see the Capital building logo on the helmets of something

9.5/10- COTW Nom from ME! 

Ole Miss Rebels Concepts (By: Kevin B.)

+ With a logo like Ole Miss's you'll need something to make it pop, and a chest stripe makes that work
+ Design is simple and sweet
+ Colours on the jersey are balanced pretty well
+ The idea with the socks & pants work 

- That being said, the classic jersey and modern socks don't really mix
- The numbers would look better as red as opposed to white 
- Captain's C & NOB are too small 

6.75/10- Execution errors really hurt this concept

Team USA Concepts (By: Jake D.)

+ Stars and stripes really works well, especially when done like this
+ Don't tred on me would be a good collar affect or something like that
+ I do get that revolutionary war theme with this concept
+ Execution is pretty good

- Pants need at least a logo on them
- Maybe too many stars, looks more like a kid's blanket 
- Snake doesn't make the best logo, since it stands out like a sore thumb 

7.5/10- unique concept, and would work with edits 

Team Canada Concepts (By: Mario A.)

+ The logo looks pretty good, and good job crediting the logos

- This is just a Flyers template, nothing new, nothing added, just a logo fill bucket job
- The Canadian flags need to be credited 
- Patch & Captain's C are too small 
- NOB is too high up and numbers should have an outline
- No TV numbers

4/10- You can make good stuff, Mario, but these concepts are lazy

University of Kentucky Wildcats Concept (By: Kevin B.)

+ UK prides itself on simplicity, like their basketball jerseys, and this concept does a good job at that
+ The checkers are done nice and subtly
+ Like the curved socks!

- The jersey striping certainly is lacking on the helm which would really boost this jersey
- NOB is too small, so are tv numbers and Captian's C
- The checkerboard is straight on the arms but the arms are curved, fixing that would really boost this concepts!


Team Russia Concepts (By: Mario A.)

+ Having lots of blue and red on the coloured jersey looks great

- This concept is again, a template job, this time of Calgary 
- Patch is really pixelated 
- Font doesn't match the logo or Russia at all, it says NASCAR or 90's/early 2000's Nashville and desperately needs some sort of outline
- The shield around the eagles on the white jersey seems like a easy way to not have to make the eagle white because there would be pixels and stuff
- This isn't a nike template or nike jersey, so why there's a nike logo doesn't make sense 

3.5/10- Again, Mario, you can make great things, so why you choose to make these lazy concepts makes me wonder because you won't get any better by making these 

Ontario Reign Concepts (By: Ryan C.)

+ Damn is this colour scheme going to be missed when the Reign change leagues
+ Chest stripe and that logo really go well together 
+ Colours are balanced very well
+ Ryan's execution continues to improve

- The font seems too plain for the logo set
- Would like to seem some gear with your concepts, to give the whole look 

9/10- This will get at least one COTW Nom. 


That's the post!
Remember to vote and get your video game entries in! 
Go Jets Go!
Have a good rest of your weekend, and an excellent week
Til' Friday, Cheers!
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Anonymous said...

I would like to give my COTW nom to Taylor, but Ryan C has worked hard and deserves it for this beauty. Execution is flawless and I love that logo choice.

Ryan C for COTW.

Unknown said...

I nominate Ryan C.'s Reign concept.

Unknown said...

I want to nominate my Kentucky concept. It was really time-consuming to add the checkerboard pattern (It took three hours, but I digress,) and I initially wanted to have the pattern cover the sleeves, but I decided to go with a little more subtle look. For the pattern on the sleeves: I couldn't get the right angle for the pattern so it could match with the sleeves and you will see that in my Tennessee concept when it's posted on the site.

DBro Alexander said...

@Kevin - you know you can't do that though right?

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