Sunday: The Comeback

Hey everyone! Did you miss me? It only seems like a few days ago since my last post!

In all seriousness, welcome to my first official Sunday post!

The Video Game Competition is in its voting stage, so make sure you send in your votes for that this week, as well as our COTW vote, which features two up and coming designers with some of their best work yet! Two of the four nominated concepts come from Thursday's post, which means a possible final win for The Glorious Thursday Master Race! With J3's fantastic Gulls concept winning last week, we could go out on a 2-week winning streak.

The Pairs Competition should begin next week. If you have your teams ready, or if you can't find a partner, email concepts@hockeyjerseyconcepts.com. You can check out yesterday's post and the HJC Design Blog for some details, but full rules won't be announced until next Saturday.

Now let's get to the concepts!

COTW Mar 15-21 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Video Game Comp vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Nashville Predators - Brandon C.

 Yay: We start off with Brandon's revision of the current Predators set. This is fairly similar to the original, especially the yellow jersey. The main differences are having a hem that matches the arms and is the same on both sets, and going with a yoke instead of the weird crescent moon/fang thing they had below the collar. These subtle changes are definitely improvements to their set in my opinion.

Nay: No ID or name, but I assume you've since learned the lesson from last Thursday. The yokes need a shoulder patch or something, like what they use currently, or just the "NP" logo.

Overall: Great concept to improve their jerseys, but I feel like there's room left to be more creative with these jerseys without sacrificing the improvements you made. 8.2/10

 St. Louis Blues - Brandon C.

 Yay: Brandon takes us back in time to the early Blues jerseys for this one, but unlike the last concept he drifts away from their normal look a bit. Instead of the traditional stripes, we have contrasting shoulders and complementary yoke. While I'm not really a fan of the contrasting shoulder look, its refreshing for a team that only rarely strays from their traditional look. Nice work adding a recoloured trumpet logo on the shoulders.

Nay: So it doesn't look like anything the Blues have worn, but it does look exactly like the early-90's Penguins jerseys, recoloured and with laces. With these colours, the jerseys just seem really busy, and its hard to tell whether they're supposed to be classic or modern, while not exactly fitting the "timeless" role either.

Overall: I can't find anything wrong with the execution here, but this is one of those cases where the jersey just doesn't pass the eye-test for me. It's too busy and too similar to the Pens look. But I'm sure others will disagree. 8/10

Calgary Flames - Ben M.

 Yay: If Nike took over and this is the worst best they can do for the Flames, I wouldn't be mad. Their current jerseys are way too bland and follow the same weak Reebok trends as nearly every other team. This set isn't exactly exciting either, but its believable, follows the Nike look, and kind of goes back to basics with the Flames look, which is probably best for them. The 3rd is great, and is one change away from being the best 3rd they've had.

Nay: On the 3rd jersey, if the logo had a red outline instead of (or with) a yellow one, the logo would pop out much better than it does now. Both of the main jerseys look bare, but acceptable. I don't like how the colours look imbalanced on the white jersey, and switching red and black on the hem, arms and number could fix that.

Overall: If my beloved Flames used these uniforms, I'd be happy for the improvement, but I'd still be hoping for better. 7.7/10

Halifax Ice Breakers - Brooks F.

 Yay: This next team has never actually hit the ice, as it was part of a failed plan to recreate the WHA during the 2005 lockout. These jerseys are about as crazy as the plan for the league itself, and if you like gradients, you'll love this set. I wish Halifax had a semi-pro team that could use this identity and some of it's creativity.

Nay: Gradients almost never work with hockey jerseys, and this is a great exception as to why. The numbers actually don't look half bad (besides the awful yellow outline on the white jersey), but the arms and hem just look messy and unprofessional. The stripes look really lazy, the logo needs to be raised a bit, a better font should be used for the player name, and the dark jersey definitely needs more white.

Overall: To put my feelings of this jersey in perspective, when trying to find the original team, I first looked up Roller Hockey International. Good job being creative, but...yikes. 6.5/10

 Rochester Institute of Technology - Chase C.

 Yay: RIT is a bit of a newcomer in the NCAA Division 1, but in 2010 they made it to the Frozen Four, which is a great accomplishment. Their most notable alumni, who was around in 2010, is probably Chris Tanev of the Vancouver Canucks. Their current jerseys are actually fairly modern and flashy compared to most school, but they don't pull it off very well. This set sticks with tradition but with a few extra stripes for flair.

Nay: That name desperately needs an outline, and should probably be black anyway, same with the number (that should also be bolder). The main black stripe and the black hem/cuff are too much, and one of those (I'd say the cuff/hem) should be orange. The pants could use a logo or some stripes.

Overall: I normally wouldn't pick a modern jersey over a classic, but in this case I'll make an exception. Not a bad design but needs lots of work. 6/10

Washington Capitals - Ryan C.

 Yay: Last up is Ryan's Washington Capitals concept. Ryan has been on a roll lately with his concepts, does this one fit his new-found expectations? Well the chest stripe design he uses here works well with the logo and back number, and the clean, fairly simple design gets the Capitals closer to their original look while keeping their current identity. Execution is pretty good. On purpose or not, I like how Russian the red jersey looks, probably would make Ovie feel right at home.

Nay: I'm not a fan of this stripe design, with one main stripe and an "outside" stripe on only one side. It looks unfinished to me. The chest stripe already takes up a lot of space on the jersey, so it's understandable why you excluded it, but it still looks weak in a way.

Overall: The design is original for the Caps and executed very nicely, but I'm not really sold on the chest stripe style here. 8.2/10

As with my last post, my nomination comes down to either Brandon or Ryan, and I hope both receive nominations from you guys. I like Brandon's Predators concept better, but Ryan's Capitals Concept shows more creativity, and is presented better. Extremely close, but I'm giving Ryan C's Washington Capitals concept my COTW nomination!

Well that's a wrap for today. Remember to vote for the COTW and Video Game competition, and give us an email to get the teams ready for our upcoming Pairs Competition.

Thanks for reading, and see you next Sunday!

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Unknown said...

Brandon C's Blue's concept for COTW.

winnipegjets96 said...

I'll 2nd Brandon C for COTW!

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