Sunday: Black and Yellow

Hey HJC! What's going on, Caden here on another Sunday ready to bring you the top notch in concept critiquing and reviews. Wait... I read the comments from my last post and saw that not all of you agree with me. One (or some) of you anonymously decided to comment about my writing style, I don't know who made the comments or what they found wrong with my posts, But I would like to share a comment I shared on my last post just to clear things up

I normally don't get mad or cuss at readers, but it's absolutely slimy to say stuff about people anonymously, without having any reason. If you actually have a reason to say "Really need a better Sunday writer. PLEASE!" then tell me why I'm so terrible and I'll try to fix it. I want my posts to be the best and most entertaining they can be. I want to be like Dylan or Caz and have people be sad when I leave. This isn't ask.fm, just leave you name and a legitimate complaint if you actually have a reason to, but if your one of those people that just like to complain about everything, please comment on Dylan Alexander's post tomorrow, not mine! (Jk! Dylan's cool, so don't be sneak dissin any of us!)

Ben M: Pittsburgh Penguins

If Nike took over the NHL, I would expect to see something like this. The execution is amazing! The logos and TV numbers are properly placed and sized, as are the shoulder patches on the alternate. I really like gold as a dark colour. It's only used as the main colour on one full time jersey currentely in the NHL, so it would still look good and not overused. The alternate jersey looks spectacular! I wouldn't have coloured in the collar on the nike template. It never looks good, and there's a reason why the Olympic teams didn't do it. 8/10

Brady S: Winter Classic

With two jerseys based off of previously used designs, this would be a great winter classic setup.

Boston: What I said about gold jerseys in the NHL applies here as well. I like the simple, brown striping. If larger TV numbers are actually necessary for outdoor games, so be it. I wish you would have used the wordmark used on the old design, and put the B logo on the shoulder. The namebar needs to be bigger. 7.5/10

Montreal: Good job transferring the design here as well. I like the arm striping on the new jersey better than the old one. The namebar is wayyy too small, and You need a white helmet. Remember to place the Winter Classic logo on both of the jerseys, probably on the shoulder. 8/10

Brooks F: San Antonio Rampage

The striping/side paneling here matches in well with the logo, and the font, equipment, and everything work really well together. I'm not a fan of the socks. A simple 3 stripe pattern or something of the sorts would be classier. The logo is a bit too big and really throws off the whole design. A really good job here, I like the design, but I also like the Rampage's current design. I'm not sure which is better. 7.2/10

David P: Russian World Cup Team

David made a concept for MOTHER RUSSIA! Actually, just for the Russian World Cup team, but they are the ones going out on the ice to represent MOTHER RUSSIA. I like the font, very Russian. By far the best part of this concept are the arm and hem stripes that make the MOTHER RUSSIAN flag. It's a great touch. The logo isn't great, and the collar effect should be on the inside of the jersey, not the outside. 7/10

Steven G: Stadium Series

Steven uses all of the "themes" from this years Stadium Series, and adds a couple of his own, namely the vertical striping. I really like these jerseys. They are both really good designs and would work spectacularly for an outdoor game. All the equipment looks good, and the execution is on point. The one thing I wish is that you would move the pants log ot the front where it belongs. 9.5/10 and a COTW nomination! 

Did you guys enjoy? Are you coming back tomorrow?  And are you coming back Tuesday to meet new old writer Dylan Nowak? You should. He's cool, and so are the Spice Girls. Not really, they aren't that great. 


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