Saturday: Pair Up People!

The winner of the COTY-February vote was Dylan A's Flint Tropics concepts!

Full Results
Dylan A. - 7
Jake88 - 3
Brooks F. - 1
Matt M. - 1

We'll see Dylan's concept in just over a month in the 1st Quarter Vote. Could this possibly be the concept that gets Dylan into the Concept of the Year Final vote for the 3rd straight year? Will this be the concept that loses Dylan the COTY for the 3rd straight year? Just kidding Dylan!


The winner of the COTW vote for March 1-7 was Ben M! This is Ben's 1st COTW win (I think) so a big congrats to Ben.

Full Results
Ben M. -7
Steven G. - 4

The new COTW nominees for March 8-14 have been listed on the side of the page. Click the banner on the side of the page to see the concepts or head over to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab. Email in your vote before Friday at 11:59pm Eastern time.

Always nominate a concept if you think it deserves a nomination!!! Even if it has already been seconded, then third it. Fourth it. Fifth it. This week is a perfect example as to why you should do that.

For the week of March 8-14, eleven concepts received a COTW nomination. Eight of those eleven concepts were seconded. Two of those eight were thirded for COTW. As per COTW rules (found on the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK & COTY 2015 tabs) if more than five concepts have been seconded then the concepts that were thirded are entered into the COTW vote.


The new HJC Competition this week is a video game competition! It's fairly straight forward. Go read the rules on the VIDEO GAME tab or click the banner at the top page. Entries are due Friday by 11:59pm Eastern time. Have fun with this one!

Perhaps that banner at the top of the page looks familiar? Yes, I am recycling competition banners now. We did a video game competition just over a year ago, but there was enough demand in the comments this past week for another one. A WWE competition also had some backing, so we'll have to do that one in the future as well. These are niche competitions, but if you sit out this one I think the next one, which I discuss below, will work for you.


With the HJC Pairs Competition tentatively scheduled to begin on March 28 or 29, it's time to start creating your team. Pairs means a team of TWO. Two people. No more, no less.

There will be a Logo Division, for those more talented artists. There will also be a Jersey Division for those who don't think they will be so great at logos. The theme of this year's competition is the NHL's 100th Anniversary.

If you need a partner, leave a comment which states what division you want to enter and a way for someone to contact you. If you don't want to leave your real email address, then just create a gmail one for this purpose only. Feel free to use the comments to chat back and forth.

This is a competition that requires you to submit a large project. Multiple logos/jerseys need to be submitted and presented in a professional and pleasing way. It's two people working together with a longer deadline than usual, so quality work is expected.

"Teasers" were a part of last year's competition and will be again this year. Take a look at the teasers from the Advanced Division in 2014.


Acronyms for NHL teams aren't very standard amongst NHL fans. The league itself keeps a standard, but if you have fans use their own choice of acronym you'll get multiple answers. Teams like the Bruins (BOS) and the Rangers (NYR) seem to stay fairly consistent. Then there's teams like Columbus (CLM or CBJ), New Jersey (NJ or NJD), Calgary (CGY or CAL), and even Montreal (MTL or MON) that have a few options. Below I list the short forms that I use. Tell me where I'm wrong, in your opinion.

COTW Mar 8-14 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Video Game Comp entries (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

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Unknown said...

Jerseys division. Contact at dylan2002@live.ca.

Unknown said...

Jersey division, email: tynskiej@gmail.com

Unknown said...

Jerseys division
E-Mail: taylorroyconcepts@gmail.com
DM on Twitter: @TRoyConcepts

Unknown said...

Jersey Division Email: 501stdenal@gmail.com

J3 said...

Whichever division

Unknown said...

I always say that the Jackets are CBJ, that what the crowd cheers and I think it works.


Columbus= CBJ
New Jersey= NJD
San Jose= SJS
Tampa= TBL
Los Angeles= LAK
Arizona= ARI

Ryan said...

J3 and Taylor should team up. That could be a good team.

Unknown said...

Logo division, contact: scottrgarland@gmail.com

Unknown said...

Jerseys division - email is ensermac@gmail.com

Unknown said...

Normally when I see teams abbreviated the ones that have 3 words in their names use the first letter from each (Columbus Blue Jackets, CBJ; Los Angeles Kings, LAK;etc). The only exception I can think of for the NHL is Detroit.

Also if you do another pairs comp with a logo/jersey division you could always have it work so that as long as the entrants are skilled enough one could design a logo and the other could design jerseys to go with the logo. Just a thought.

Unknown said...

Also, it may not hurt to say what your program of choice is, that way you and your partner are on the same page when choosing.

I'm a CorelDRAW/Illustrator guy.

Daniel L. said...

Jersey divison-my email is ducks3507@gmail.com
I primarily use MS paint, however i do have access to Paint.net.

Unknown said...

IM good to do both! Contact: christiantlegault@gmail.com
Or find me on Twitter @lestoplegault

Unknown said...

I also agree with Brendan Poe, having 1 person do a logo and the other do the jersey, or working together and bouncing ideas off each other to improve both would be cool as well.

Programs: Photoshop & Illustrator

Unknown said...

I'll go in the jerseys division.

Unknown said...

and zach.wist@gmail.com

Tyler Gross said...

Your list is exactly what I use except for Columbus. I use CBJ.

John E. said...

I'm available for logos or jerseys. DM me on Twitter @HungryJohn18

Anonymous said...

Jersey division. Email at ddragon60studios@gmail.com

DBro Alexander said...


Unknown said...

Preferably logo division so I can challenge myself. Dylanowak@gmail.com

Unknown said...

Looking for a partner for jersey division. Jabreau95@gmail.com

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
CLIB542 said...

Suggestion if anyone is looking for ideas.. the CWHL really could use new logos (except Calgary) and they all could use new jerseys.

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