Monday: College Daze

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all enjoyed your St. Patty's Day Weekend, I hope it was...all...green and stuff. We've got some green jerseys featured on the site today so, give those a look. 2 of those green jerseys are entries into the Video Game Competition.

Funny thing about the Video Game Competition... I'm the defending Video Game Comp. Champion.
I'm looking to enter this week's competition to maintain my spot on the high scores list, so good luck to those trying to dethrone me. The last Video Game Competition was actually in 2012 so here's my winning entry from way back when, to remind those of you who were around HJC back then.

Ahhh, memories... I'm looking to top it and stay on top. So bring me down you fools!

Let's see what entries we've got today!

Derek K.

John E.

And now some regular daily concepts!

University of Florida Gators Concept - Kevin B.
Kevin gives us a U of F jersey that has a very Stadium Series feel to it. Can't say I'm a fan of the sharp angle filled jersey design paired with the cartoony rounded logo. There is no consistency between the jersey, pants, or sock striping. There isn't any real direction with this design. It's a weird mashup between traditional design and more progressive design and the result isn't great. Definitely figure out an overall look for the jersey and go from there.

Rating: 4/10

Florida State Seminoles Concept - Mario A.
Another concept from the state of Florida. This time, the Seminoles. The Seminoles have A LOT of potential to have a great looking jersey, with their great color scheme, their logos, and their trademark pattern. First off, overall, this is a pretty good looking set. The white jersey is great, while the black jersey features too much gold. The gold should be used primarily as trim and not as a large block of color, unless it's a gold jersey. The colored mesh on the sleeves and side of the jersey are distracting and don't look good. The two jerseys have different shoulder patches and I'd rather them all be the same. Feature the unused logo on the helmet or pants perhaps. The font from their football jerseys should be used. It's a great look. It's a shame not to see their pattern used on this set but perhaps there's an alternate jersey it could be used on. The name and numbers could use some colored trim as well.

Rating: 6/10

San Jose Sharks Concept - Brandon C.
Clean new set for the Sharks that sees the return of hem stripes and the demise of front numbers. Two cool things. Brandon returns the Sharks to the days of "No Orange" in San Jose. I'd rather see the orange stay but I know a lot of other people wouldn't mind seeing the orange die. I'm pretty content with this set, but the logos don't go together well in my opinion. They're from two different eras, plus they have a very similar logo in their current logo set, why not use that one?

Little note for future concepts, definitely add your name or some sort of ID on your concepts. That way, if anyone really liked some work of yours they could find you or at least know who to congratulate on a job well done.

Rating: 7/10

Texas A&M Aggies Concept - - Kevin B.
Kevin's second concept of the day features the Texas A&M Aggies. This concept is much better than Kevin's other concept. The striping here is consistent and gives the jersey one solid, unified look. I've always been a fan of the arm length yoke and striping combo, and I think it looks good here, especially with the simple two color look. I think a logo on the shoulders would look good here, they have a couple extra logos that could work. Also, silver is a trim color used by the school, but it's only on the numbers here. I'd either ditch the silver entirely or include it in more places on the jersey.

Rating: 7.5/10

University of Miami Hurricanes Concept - Mario A.
ANOTHER concept from Florida!!! Mario also brings us an alternate jersey for the Hurricanes that appears to be inspired by the sweater worn by their mascot/logo. The only things different here is the white yokes and side panels are slightly different. I think if you're going to base the whole jersey on that logo, you go all in. Ditch the white yoke and make the orange thicker on the sides. The orange on the sleeves looks good as is, but maybe make it curvier like on the logo. The Nike logo should be white or orange. The font choice is OK but I think it could be better. Probably one of my favorite of Mario's concepts yet, from its inspiration to its execution(for the most part)

Rating: 7.5/10

San Jose Sharks Concept - Steven G.
Steven brings us the San Jose Shark's current uniforms.....as they SHOULD have looked. If the Sharks really wanted to look acceptable while being anal about jersey weight, this would work perfectly. The hem stripe is along the bottom of the jersey, so a black stripe is gone, plus the front number is gone (GOOD). Even the shoulder patch looks better! And I think the jersey looks better without the jersey laces, the Sharks aren't a team that needs them. I feel like the numbers could look with some orange trim, but there could also be too much black on the jerseys and it would be too bright...something to chew on.

Rating: 9/10 and a COTW Nom!

There you have it! Monday's in the bag! Happy St. Patrick's Day Eve Everyone! Be Green or something!
Monday: College Daze Reviewed by DBro Alexander on March 16, 2015 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

the silver on my Texas A&M concept were only used to make a bevel effect on the number for the back of the jersey. I could not pull that same thing of on the sleeves though due to size of the TV Numbers.

T.G. Blankenship said...

Brandon C.'s Sharks concept is brilliant. I love it. I do agree that it needs different shoulder patches but with that change made I would absolutely buy that jersey. It's beautiful. If those should patches were updated I'd absolutely nominate it for COTW.

Will S said...

Not part of the competition but here's Ryan Connelly's DIY Pittsburgh Invaders jerseys and some of my DIY takes on a fake minor league version of it - Lakehead Invaders:



DBro Alexander said...

@Kevin - I understand why the silver was used, but I think there either needs to be more or none at all to get the best possible look.

@Will - I've seen those before! They're damn beautiful sir!

Unknown said...

Brandon C's Shark concept is defintely nice but there's something about the use of too much gray that makes it look a bit too 90's/ dated to me. There's nothing that makes it "pop." I'm also partial to the minimal use of orange as an accent color that they currently use. Just my opinion, but I'll still give it my COTW vote.

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