Friday: Cujo & the Technicolour Concepts

TGIF!!! Welcome to the Friday post.

Ondrej Pavelec....way to pick up your game! I'm impressed!

Logo/Jersey news: A new NWHL has been formed! Unlike the previous women's professional leagues, these women are going to be paid, which is fair, I mean, I was surprised the other leagues didn't pay but hey, better now than never. Take a look at the primary logos!

Photo from sports.yahoo.com

The four teams for the first season are New York Riveters, Boston Pride, Buffalo Beauts & Connecticut  Whale (Who are looking a lot better than when they did in the AHL). All the logos are based on the NHL teams in their cities, with some obvious changes. The Whale are just a Whalers logo on its side, but it still looks good (it's an amazing logo), the Boston & Buffalo primaries are decent scripts, but it would have been nice to get more of a logo, and the Riveters get a logo mixing Rosie & Lady Liberty. This is the one of the 4 it would have been nice to bring the NHL logo back, as the Lady Liberty logo is a person favourite (maybe with a font update).


Boston: 6.5/10
Buffalo: 7.75/10
Connecticut: 8/10
New York: 8.25/10

The biggest thing design wise for most is the jerseys, which if they are similar to the CWHL, will be NHL jerseys with scripts. I hope it's not that. Some more original designs would be appreciated. Maybe these will get some designs on HJC to get some ideas rolling? 

Still waiting on San Jose & Bakersfield in the AHL, and my anticipation is building. What will the Sharks name their team? Will the Seals, Bulls or Spiders come back? Will we get a new team name? We'll find out soon!

Voting! DO IT! 

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Remember, the pairs comp begins soon, so get your teams ready and make sure you email both your partner & HJC to confirm your team!

On to the concepts 


Jamestown Vikings MAHL Concepts (By: Ryan C.)

+Despite the MAHL lasting a season it had some very good looking logos and Ryan capitalizes on that
+ Excellent colour balancing on the white jersey
+ Striping is simple but uses all the main colours on the logo
+ Curved numbers are something I'm fond of

- The numbers need some yellow on them
- There needs to be some white on the yoke on the blue jersey

Rating: 8.25/10 (Really wanna see more MAHL concepts)

New Jersey Devils Concept (By: Brian B.)

+ I really like the Devils concept logo from 1982, putting in on the old Devils jersey would look sweet!
+ The updates to the logo look excellent
+ Solid throwback without being an exact (yoke changed & arm striping doubled up)

- Socks need more green
- Helmet needs a logo
- The Devils big fat numbers look much better than this font
- The collar on the back is white while on the front it's green, gotta watch the execution, simple errors like that really bring down a concept!

Rating: 7/10

Bowling Green Falcons NCAA Concepts (By: Ben S.)

+ The colours are done perfectly, very similar to the Browns
+ Full name on the front of the jersey reminds me of the New York Americans, something unique
+ Alternate very similar to a Bruins/Rangers mix
+ Striping on alternate is very unique

- Pants stripes should stop at the waste line
- Falcon logo would make an excellent shoulder patch on all the jerseys
- Shading on the brown helmet should be dark brown, not grey
- Don't forget ID your concepts!


Los Angeles Kings Concept (By: David G.)

+ I'd be nice to bring this logo back for the Kings, and using the 80's colour scheme with some grey would be a decent way of doing it

- Aside from the big triangle in the centre of the jersey, the concept is mostly a fill bucket job
- The colours on the jersey don't appear in the logo, and the dark grey doesn't appear on the jersey aside from a little bit of on the collar and sides, but there's a another grey on the numbers
- The numbers and name are hard to see
- The key here is to pick a design and go with it, one unified theme and build around it
- Don't forget to ID your concepts!

Rating (4/10) Keep working and I'm sure you'll bet getting higher ratings very soon

Carolina Hurricanes Concept (By: Christian L.)

+ Cincinnati Cyclones did warning stripe right, and the 'Cane could pull off a less extreme version of that with the Hurricane flag
+ The lack of white really helps the striping and makes it pop more than white would
+ Great logo choices, it is tempting to put the flag as a primary, but the toilet bowl has grown on me recently

- Not sure how I feel about double red, it looks good on the logo but weird on the striping
- Never a fan of the old Hurricanes font, the current one is much better
- The tv numbers look like they say 5353
- Grey in the logo would help it stand out more, even a little bit in the centre

Rating (8.75/10)

Grand Rapids Owls IHL Concepts (By: Ryan C.)

+ Love this team's logo! I mean Owl as a hockey glove how creative
+ Striping really goes well with the logo
+ Yoke stripes look excellent
+ Excellent execution

- The font on the logo is unique and would connect the whole concept together
- Having black on the numbers would match the logo more

Rating (9/10) COTW Nom from me!

Philadelphia Flyers Concept (By: Ben B.)

+ I think Ben made a concept like this earlier, and has improved on it
+ That bell logo looks amazing
+ Striping looks excellent and the square yoke looks amazing

- The yokes on the home & road set should be white and black to match the set cuffs & hem
- The bell logo would make a better shoulder patch
- Remember to stop the hem stitching at the hem stripes
- The stitching should match the square yoke, and not go around like an elliptical one
- Numbers are too small & too far down on the back

Rating (6.5/10)


That's the post!
Remember to vote for the video game contest & COTW
Go Jets Go!
Have an awesome weekend!!!
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Ryan G said...

I love the sword in the Buffalo Beauts logo, but it makes the script hard to read.

richard lewis said...

Christian L's canes jersey for COTW. Wow.

Unknown said...

As a Hurricanes fan, I really judge Hurricanes jerseys with a higher standard, but Christian makes a jersey I'd want my boys to wear any day. COTW!

Tyler. F said...

Christian gets my COTW vote for his Carolina concept, love his work!

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