Tuesday: Computer For One Day

So for the last two weeks I haven't been able to use my laptop. The charger cable started falling apart and one day it started sparking and just burnt out. So I ordered another one online, expecting it to come in about a week after. Turns out the order was still processing two weeks later. Great. So I will be going on my third week without making a concept or doing some type of artwork on my computer. I am so unbelievably bored. I need to make concepts, I need to make something. However, my new charger that I ordered from another site is expected to come in by the end of the week so that's good! Side note: I'm actually using my laptop right now but I only have one charge. My friend let me borrow his for one day. Unfortunately he didn't let me take it for this next week :(

And on that note I will paste a link down that will take you to Saturday's post so you can find someone to pair up with for our Pairs Competition!

Hint - I'm looking for a pair. Wink Wink.



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Here is the one Video Game entry

 Ryan C.

And onto today's regular concepts!

Anaheim Ducks Concept - ????
Brandon C. made this concept. Those question marks are a sign to put some ID on your work! I'm sure you would want people to know who made this! I'm making sure because this is a very nicely done concept. I like the color scheme used. The yellow is different but it looks pretty nice. The striping is simple but effective and the balance of everything is done well too. At the end of the day I think it's a cool idea. Wouldn't be a fan of this for an actually Anaheim Ducks look if they went back to the Mighty logo, but as a concept this is pretty cool. Execution is great too.

Rating: 8.1/10

 Arkansas Razorbacks Concept - Kevin B.

Not often we see NCAA concepts on here. Cool to see southern teams too who don't often have higher level teams, or teams at all. As for this design it's simple and could work for some teams but with the logo being used I'm not sure it it fits. With this logo that involves a lot of black I would want more of a jersey that has a 'razor' sharp feel to it. A fast design instead of a static plain design. Execution note, I see two reds used in this concept when I only see one red in the logo. Simple designs can work, no harm with that but I just feel there are two different styles competing with this one.

Rating: 7/10

Tennessee Volunteers Concept - Kevin B.
Similar design to the Arkansas one above it. However, I feel this design fits much better. I love the checkerboard pattern that Tennessee uses and it is incorporated well here. Honestly, I would eliminate the bold horizontal arm stripe. I only say that because it just seems to break up the whole flow of the design that is going on with the checkerboard. I would say to put checkerboard design on it but then I think it would just look weird having a sleeve and arm stripe connect in design. I think the socks should be changed for both this concept and the one above. This one I think would be awesome if you gave it the checkerboard treatment and straightened it out. Last nit pick would be to have the collar orange too. I think the plain white breaks up some unity in the design.

Rating: 7.8/10 - quick fixes would do a lot. 

Classic Game Room Concept - Mario A. 

Mario designs a jersey for a website. Never visited this website until about five seconds ago. If we're basing the design on the look of the website I would say in my opinion it doesn't fit. If we're basing the design on just the fun idea of giving websites hockey jerseys, sure this could be cool. I will say the away is my favorite in the set. I think the colors are used nicely and effectively. Perhaps could even be a nice Germany concept. The dark jersey is where I see the flaws to the set. I think the white on the hem and arms doesn't balance well with the rest of the set. The yellow and white clash and make the striping very hard to interperate. I would switch the white and black. Using black will help make both white and yellow pop out but it will also make a very unified set with the white jersey.

Rating: 6.8/10

 Anaheim Ducks Concept - Blake S.
The second Ducks concept of the night really goes out and about. I'm going to say right away, this needs work. The logo is skewed to start. What ever program you're using if you hold Shift and drag the image the proportions should stay the same. Onto the actual jerseys they don't seem to be for the same team. You have eggplant for the home but have no eggplant for the away. It makes a very confusing set. Also for the home you have one yellow stripe on the hem but no yellow anywhere else. This set suffers a lot from having mixed ideas. It's something I struggled with at the beginning of doing concepts too. 

First thing is first, pick the base design. For example lets choose the hem striping since it's a little bit more original than the arm striping. Take the hem from the home and make that the arm striping also and add in a yellow outline to the yoke. Now for the away change the green to eggplant but also change one of the stripes to green. That should make the set unified together. We all have to start somewhere, but it's the ones who use the criticism and keep working at their execution that make a name for themselves. Keep the ideas flowing Blake! Can't wait to see you progress!

Rating: 5/10

Hamburg Freezers Concept - Mario A.
This is a pretty cool design. The yoke and arm stripes really work well together. I love the top half of the away jersey. The reason I don't like the bottom half is because I think a full black stripe would look way better. I can see what you were trying to do..make the text be a place holder as a stripe but I think you're better off having the full stripe and moving the Hamburg text above or directly below the helmet. Also, I would remove 'Freezers' from the back too. I think it's just pointless at the end of the day and would look better without it. Also, I think this goes without saying but that goes for the home jersey too. Lastly, the number font is passible (adding an outline would be better) but the player name font doesn't work. Just a simple block one would be perfect. Also moving it down a tad so it's not directly touching the yoke.

Rating: 7.2/10 - So close, just keep filing down to the small details.

As always if you've made it this far into the post (the end) I thank you for reading. It was a shorter post today so I'm sure the artists featured on today's post would love to hear some of your thoughts. 

I'm going to give Brandon C. a nomination today for his Ducks concept.

It's not one of my favorites but I believe it deserves it for today's post in my opinion. Does anyone else agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments for tonight! Start a conversation!
See you all next week!

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Unknown said...

So happy to see my jersey. Bybthe way, Inuse Microsoft Paint, plus, my computer has a virus so no Photoshop...

Anonymous said...

The Razorbacks one could need more details.

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