Wednesday: You've got mail!

So today... there was a package in the mail. I instantly knew what it was...

I guess you could say this is the stanley cup of concept making, so it feels pretty cool to win! Thanks again to everyone who vote but a big thanks goes out to Ryan for this cool prize and for spending all his time to make this blog the best. Yes, like colin pointed out, the logo is slightly off centre but my O.c.d will have to deal with it. Nonetheless really cool. Thanks again. 

Lets check out some of the SS entries we have received:

COTW Feb 15-21 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Stadium Series entries (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Now onto regular concepts: 

Coby S North VS South Carolina

Coby pits One state vs another. He get's inspired by the state flags and creates two awesome jerseys. They're both literal representations of the flags, so I'm going to have to take some points off for that. Being inspired by the flags but creating something of your own would be even cooler. good execution though. Keep it up, (7/10)

Dylan A - Team Canada

This was one of my favourite entries in the world cup of hockey competition. No useless black, just red and white just the way I like it. The logo is sharp, looks old but still modern enough to work. Striping fits perfectly with the logo. The extended yoke with the off colour NOB is fantastic. Overall: I don't see any real flaws with this set. Good job! (9/10)

Dylan A - World Stars

Dylan gets creative here and creates a good looking set for the World stars. I like the colour scheme here, it's vibrant and still represents the team well. (You know.. Earth, water..). I like the template-y feeling here.. it's totally something reebok would create, but this actually looks good. I'm not sold on the main crest, but since you created it I won't take off any points. Lastly, the subtly touches like the font and shoulder patches are amazing. Once again, high five. (9/10)

 Eric T - Cape Breton University

Cape Breton actually has a cool identity going on here. The colour scheme is really vibrant, and the logos look pretty fierce. I really like the plaid pattern but it looks odd at the hem, especially since the light jersey doesn't have it, so what if you moved it the the yoke instead. I think it would really take this concept up a notch. Near perfect! (7.5/10)

Josiah B - Colorado Avalanche

I didn't think vintage white would look good with the blue and maroon but it really does. The main issue I see with this jersey is colour. The blue jersey doesn't have enough maroon, and the little maroon that it has doesn't stand out well against the blue. And there is wayyy too much vintage white on the light jersey. get rid of the pants and gloves. Overall: It could make an interesting alternate with a few tweaks. (6.5/10)

Nathan B - Colorado Vs Detroit

Nathan Takes all the NHL stadium series gimmicks (and actually takes them further) and creates a set for the Colorado Detroit SS Game. I like the overall modern feel of the jerseys, and execution is top notch, but there's a lot of metallic in these jerseys. I didn't like the chrome logos, So the chrome stripes don't do it for me. The Avalanche logo is also not chrome-ified. I also don't like the logo choice for the Detroit jersey, stick to the classic wheel logo. Overall: 7/10

Ryan C - Minnesota Wild

Ryan Gives the Wild a new matching set! Colours are spot on, it doesn't look like christmas at all. I also like the logo choice, probably one of my favourites in the NHL, I don't know why the Wild have it in a roundel. I also prefer the Wild in green. A few complaints would be the shoulder patch... that logo is a little outdated. Finally I like the wild in classic striping but this is a bit to classic for me. Overall: 8/10

That's the post folks. Have a great week!

Wednesday: You've got mail! Reviewed by Unknown on February 25, 2015 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

COTW nom for Dylan A's Canada concept!

DBro Alexander said...

Damn. 2 9's and no Nom. I think you've got it out for me Legault. Are you mad we haven't had our COTY Fight yet? Because I'll throw down. ;)

Unknown said...

Yes. But I'm over it now. That and I was more in the mood to second... So Second Dylan for COTW!

DBro Alexander said...

Well when you wanna fight you let me know, we'll set a time and place. Maybe Ryan or someone can come out and livestream it on the blog.

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