Wednesday: Swedish Meatballs

Welcome to another wednesday edition of HJC! Today we have a few concepts, with a different way to rate them, since it's valentines day soon! Two of them are for Sweden, hence the name of todays post. Now i'm craving meatballs. With no competition going and the big COTY vote done (thanks to everyone who voted for me and huge props to Dylan for making it that far!) go vote for the COTW votes and the competition going on! Coming back to the COTY topic... it was mentioned a few times, but I didn't just create that concept like that, it took me many tries before i got what I wanted, and HJC played a big part, listen to the criticisms and you will go far! Trust me!

COTW Jan. 25 - 31 vote (ends Friday at 11:59 pm Eastern)
COTW Feb 1 - 7 vote (ends Friday at 11:59 pm Eastern)
World Cup Top 3 Teams vote (ends Friday at 11:59 Eastern)

Derek L - Houston Aeros

I don't think i've haven't reviewed a concept from Derek yet so Welcome if you're new! I love the colours and how well balanced they are. The shade of green really hits the spot. A few issues are brought up with this concept. I'd loose the yoke, the arm stripes are enough for me. I'd also like to see some hem striping. I think my biggest issue here ( and it's not your fault ) but I don't dig the logo, It's busy and the plane almost looks like a baby walrus/seal. Don't forget to add a NOB. Overall: Good start, but needs a bit of work. ()

Jake88 - Suisse

I think simplicity works best for team Switzerland. That's exactly what Jake does here. Execution is great, to be extremely nitpick-y, is that i wouldn't mind seeing the helmet and glove a bit smaller just to be more "to scale" with the jersey and equipment. (I know, It's my OCD kicking in). Overall: Something that  works so well... but nothing feels new. ()

John E - Chicago Blackhawks

John opts for the Tomahawk logo. Let me tell you it's a great shoulder patch but it's extremely difficult to pull off on the front of a jersey, but I must say this looks good! Maybe it's the colours but I'm really feeling this jersey. Striping is classic and crisp, the yoke is really cool. All the elements for a great alternate jersey are there. Execution is flawless. The only nitpick is the absence of a shoulder patch. Overall: I'm saving my COTW nom for another concept, but someone please do it for me! ()

Matt Mc. - Sweden

Matt uses his new Iceborn template (really sexy by the way) to show off a sleek new idea for Team Sweden. I absolutely love the arm striping. The absence of white is great, I don't see the need for it, so why have it. The subtle flag in the hem is a great touch. The yoke striping gives life to the shoulders without overkilling it. Overall: Genius () COTW NOMINATION

Taylor R - Sweden
Taylor Goes a different way than Matt with his idea for Team Sweden. I think my favourite part is Taylor's creativity, I love it when people create there own logos. I have a few complaint though. The colours. The blue is too bright (Take Mcelroy's blue for example.) and theres to much white. I prefer a yellow and blue jersey as it represents the country flag a bit more. Latsly, The stripes are an overkill. Maybe loose the chest stripes, or yoke? I'm not sure but this concept needs a bit more TLC but the idea is gold! ()

That's the post! Did you feel love in the air? If not then go vote. If so... then also go vote. Have a great week everyone!

Wednesday: Swedish Meatballs Reviewed by Unknown on February 11, 2015 Rating: 5


Alan John Herbert said...

Matt Mc's Sweden concept for the COTW!

Anonymous said...

Matt Mc's Sweden for COTW ON THE CONDITION that he doesn't win the World Cup Competition

Unknown said...

Actually, the logo is my fault/genius (IMO), this is Derek. I was re-reading your review, I guess I missed that part last time. But I did design the logo as a new version of the Bomber logo. I wanted a new bomber for a new era in Aeros Hockey, then I added the Texas to the background because well I always thought the Aeros should have an alternate logo with the Texas outline in the background

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