Tuesday: The End...

Hey guys! As most of you already know this is going to be my last Tuesday post, for now at least, as I will be moving to Sunday to replace Caz, (hopefully temporarily) and we will be getting a new writer for Tuesdays! I may or may not fill in on a Tuesday until we get the new guy (or girl) but this will be my last regular Tuesday post. 

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I haven't written on HJC for that long, but I've read the blog on and off for a couple years now, and you quickly became one of my favorite writers. Your posts are always clean, professional, and informative. You reviewed concepts fairly, and always gave good constructive criticism to help me (and many other at the time new artists) improve their concepts. And even though I'm taking a coveted weekend writing spot, and even though I'm excited to get a new writer, I will be sad to see you go. Hopefully you keep up with HJC, and I hope you are back on the writing team sooner rather than later. 


On that note (it was literally a note. Get it? :P) lets get to the concepts! 

Columbus Blue Jackets: Brooks F

Good: I love the double blue color scheme. I'm a sucker for that. The pants look classic and sleek. 

Bad: To start off, 99 is not a number professional hockey players in North America wear. The cannon logo is pretty awful on its own. You would have been way better off just using the roundel with the cannon inside. Vintage white helmets never look good, and the collar insert on both jerseys shouldn't be white. 4/10

AHL All Star Classic (2016): Kaner88

Good: We don't see logo concepts too often, and this is the first one going across my desk, so this is somethig fresh and new. I'm a big fan of how the logo is strongly modeld after the Phantoms' own logo, but also had a shield affect. It looks really cool. 

Bad: Insted of the wordmark, I would have used the "skating man" AHL roundel instead. The million dollar question, would the jerseys be black vs orange, with a splash of neon green? 8/10

Windsor Spitfires: Ryan C

Good: Ryan takes a shot at the Spitfires, which is hard to do cause they're so fast! Ok anyways, I love the extended yoke with the built in arm stripes. It looks great with the military style shoulder patch, combined with the Spitfires' primary mark.

Bad: I would have just as well used the Spitfires' regular logo, eliminated the chest stripe. The NOB is also a bit small. Those things keep me from nominating it for COTW. 8.1/10

Team Canada (World Cup): Taylor R

Good: I always like a good international team concept, watching the Olympics or World Juniors (hockey of course) is to me way more entertaining than watching the NHL. In the NHL its for money, but in international play, even though money is involved, it's also for country pride and playing for your flag. That's why I like the Olympics not having board/on ice advertisement. Taylor does a good job here, and this set has everything I think an international set needs. I could see this set without the logos and still think Team Canada.

Bad: Even though they would looks worse plain, I would take the logo and stripe off the pants, normally the international teams just use a solid color, with maybe a small logo. The jersesy would also look better without a yoke. The yoke striping is fine, but the filled in shoulders need to go. 8.75/10 and a COTW nomination!

Columbus Blue Jackets: Taylor R

Good: Taylor's second concept of the day, a continuation of his UnderArmour series, will finish off the day as well. I again, love the double blue. And the new doping pattern looks reall good with the 'Jacks' logo. The font from the alternate jersey also loks good here.

Bad: Not much. I think that the pants should be the dark blue choice for the home and away jersey, and the numbers should just be slightly smaller. 9.2/10

So guys, I hope you enjoyed my final Tuesday post! If you want to apply to become the new Tuesday writer you can click here. See you on Sunday! (Man that sounds weird to say...) 


Tuesday: The End... Reviewed by Unknown on February 10, 2015 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

I give a COTW Nom for Taylor R. That Columbus set is sharp.

David Kerr said...

If the gear for the Canada set weren't black I would COTW it. The set is beautiful, but I just wish the gear wasn't black.

Vaughn said...

I think Taylor R. Should be the new writer!

Caz said...

Thank you for that, Caden, and all the other positive comments and messages from everyone. Glad to know my writing was appreciated.

I don't mind the black equipment on Taylor's Canada set, but I do wish there was more black in the jerseys so the equipment would be more complementary.

Anonymous said...

I personally think that Canada should not have any black whatsoever. Red and white only. Maybe a shade of gold as a trim.

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