Tuesday: Caden, Gone But Not Forgotten

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Our time here with Caden was so brief. Most of us only knew him by the words he typed and thus we read. Alas, Caden has moved on to a better place. Seriously, it's way more convenient for Caden to write on Sundays.

Why are so many of you so sad?
Oh! Looking back on the previous paragraph I really made it seem like Caden was dead. No, not dead. Very much alive and he's our new Sunday writer! That leaves a void here on Tuesdays. You can fill that big gaping void with your massive...knowledge and love of hockey jerseys.

If you want to become the next HJC Writer for Tuesdays, simply click the banner at the top of the page. Read all of the details carefully and send in your mock post. The person who I feel I can trust the most with the position will be chosen as the newest HJC Writer. Mock posts are due on Friday.

Speaking of due on Friday, here are some other things due then as well;

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World Cup Final vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Mock Posts (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)


Chicago Blackhawks (by Mario A.)
The stripes here are good. They fit with the simplistic and classic look that Chicago currently employs quite well. A lot of people think that the arm stripes should always match the hem stripes. I am not one of those people. Unfortunately, this concept doesn't evoke any emotion out of me. I don't think the sand colour works well with the true white. Mario placed the front-right shoulder patch on and then simply tried to do a mirror image flip. Now neither of the shoulder patches form a "tomahawk C". The red and the black used on the shoulder patches is not the same red and black used on the rest of the jerseys. There are lots of loose pixels around the shoulder patches on the black jersey. The primary logo just seems like vintage for the sake of vintage.

Fort Wayne Komets (by Ryan C.)
I typically find diagonal wordmark sweaters to be boring, but the heavily angled stripes make me liek this one! Ryan has also done a nice job properly lining up the stripes from the front to the back of the jersey. It's all in the details though, so those stripes should all go over top of the stitching on the jersey. The classic block font as the number and NOB works for this concept. I do think the NOB should be bigger though to look proportioned properly on the jersey. I also would have the stripes carry on into the hem trim instead of making it orange.

Arizona Coyotes (by Mario A.)
In my opinion, there is too much black on the white jersey and yet I really like all the black on the black jersey. That black jersey would be a great alternate considering Arizona's current jersey set. If it were up to me, I would switch the red and the black on the white jersey. It appears as if you took the hem striping though and simply angled it for the arms. The result is distorted arm stripes. This would be more effectively done if you had a much larger image of the stripes and angled that and then resized.

Team Canada (by Coby S.)
Right out of the gate I notice that this concept blatantly violates the HJC Logo Use Policy, which also means it broke the rules for the World Cup Competition. The World Cup logo was created by Scott G. specifically for the competition. The HJC Logo Use Policy isn't in place so I can bother people who don't follow it. It exists so that people who put hard work into something can at least be recognized as having done so. Scott put a lot of effort into that logo with no chance of being financially compensated. The least we can do for these people is recognize their talents and their work by noting when we use their logos. As such, I will not be reviewing this concept, it's not eligible for Concept of the Week, and it gets a score of zero.

Team Canada (by David P.) - version 1
Team Canada (by David P.) - version 2
The difference is that version 2 has the maple leaf continue to the back of the jersey. I prefer version 1, simply because in 1972 the leaf did not continue on to the back of the jersey. I think that would be a nice nod to the past. I do prefer gold trim on a Team Canada jersey to black trim. The secondary logo is simple and effective. I really like it! Some may say that the arched wordmark is too much, but I think it's perfect for a jersey with such a large logo element built into it (the giant leaf). The major drawback comes with the TV numbers. Really we should blame the template, as it really doesn't leave much room for TV numbers. The stitching there should really continue on the same trajectory as the stitching going across the collar bone area.
Version 1 - 8/10 & COTW Nomination
Version 2 - 7.5/10


There you have it, my post. It's fun to come back from time to time and do these review posts again. Did you agree with my thoughts? Am I too picky? Do you think I'm wrong about the Logo Use Policy? Perhaps you want to nominate a concept? Be clear with your nomination.
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Unknown said...

I feel horrible for forgetting. To Scott, I severely apologize for not crediting you. It had completely left my mind, but I know that your work is too excellent to not be credited. To Ryan, thank you for pointing out my error. It will not happen again.

Unknown said...

@Coby - It's no problem man, it happens sometimes, we're all busy and things slip our minds. No worries, and thanks for the compliments! Great job, I really dig the white jersey a lot.

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