Thursday: Swapping Sweaters

Hey everyone, welcome to another Thursday post.

Man, I love this time of year. The time when the landscape of the NHL can change drastically in a matter of a week or less. The time when cup contenders are truly established and bottom feeders stake their claim on the best picks in the draft. The time when your favourite superstar could be wearing another team's jersey in the blink of an eye.

Yes it's Trade Deadline season, and with only a few days remaining, we're sure to see some interesting jersey swaps coming soon. We've already seen a few players get moved, but surely the best is yet to come. My question is, can any new player-jersey combo be more interesting and surprising than Martin Brodeur wearing a Blues jersey this year? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

In the meantime, we have our Stadium Series competition going on this week, as well as our weekly COTW vote. Make sure you get your votes and concepts in by Friday, or maybe your poor showing will get you traded to Buffalo.

COTW Feb 15-21 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Stadium Series entries (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)


If you see this message, I didn't get a chance to put the Stadium Series entries up for today. Maybe I should be the one getting traded to Buffalo :(


Los Angeles Kings Championship Logo - Dallas O.

Yay: We start today not with a jersey concept, but rather a championship logo/banner for the Los Angeles Kings. The shapes of the logos mesh with the shape of the Stanley Cup very nicely, and the overall design seems pretty legit. Interesting work.

Nay: The text doesn't stand out nearly enough. Usually these logos have "2014 Stanley Cup Champions" as the focal point, but here it's barely noticeable compared to the Kings' logos. I don't know if the purple background is meant to be part of the logo (as a banner), or just an image background for display purposes. The small Kings logo inside the bigger logo should have a white outline around it.

Overall: Interesting concept that uses shapes and logos perfectly, but could be better executed. 7.6/10

Los Angeles Kings - David G.

Yay: Keeping with the Kings, next up is David's "new" Kings jersey. I like the arm design, and I think blue, yellow and black would be a very interesting colour combo for the Kings to pursue; it's not like they haven't gone totally crazy with their colours before.

Nay: The logo doesn't need the hexagon shape behind it. If you want to use that shape as a new logo, fine, but make it a new logo.  The hem stripe doesn't work with the roundedness of the arm design. The name font is not realistic for uniforms. There are no TV numbers. The pants and helmet are straight-up ridiculous, and the socks would be much better off without the vertical grey stripe.

Overall:  This is "new" alright, but it needs a lot of work before we could see this hit the ice. 5.5/10

Colorado Eagles - Jarrett T.

Yay: Next up is Jarrett's redesign of the Colorado Eagles, now with 100% more "Colorado" in their current design. Its classy, traditional, and looks great in these colours. Its a very believable and well made set.

Nay: The logo is a different size on both jerseys, and a little too high on the blue jersey.  The TV numbers on the blue jersey should be red or blue, yellow doesn't stand out enough.  The number outline on the blue jersey is a little tough on the eyes, generally putting yellow against white is a bad idea.

Overall: Could be better, but I like this look for the Eagles. 7.8/10

Colorado Eagles - Jarrett T.

Yay: Jarrett also has a 3rd jersey for this set, and it looks lovely. Classic arm stripes, diagonal text, the main and state logos, and again finding a way to use all 3 primary colours without being too hard on the eyes.

Nay: On the arm stripe, if you could find a way to separate the yellow and white stripes, then this concept would be almost COTW worthy.

Overall: Read above, great work. 8.1/10

Team Sweden - Dylan A.

Yay: Next up is a pair of concepts by Dylan, starting with Team Sweden. It walks like a Swedish jersey, talks like a Swedish jersey, and definitely fits in with other Swedish jerseys, but the new chest stripes really give them a fresh, new look that Team Sweden desperately needs. As most always by Dylan's standards, execution is pretty much flawless.

Nay: If the chest stripe was a little lower, the front of the jersey would look more balanced. It would also give the captains patch more room so it can be a little bigger, and also give some breathing space to the event logo.

Overall: Basic, other than the chest stripe, but effective and very sharp. 8.6/10

Team USA - Dylan A.

Yay:  Dylan's 2nd concept today goes to Team USA.  A fairly basic set, but a good classic striping pattern helps with the identity of the team, and really goes well with the logo used here. The star on the shoulders and pants are nice touches, and the colours are well balanced on both jerseys.

Nay:  The logo should be lowered a little bit. I really don't like how big and bulky the numbers look, when a simpler block font would work best with the classic stripes seen here.  The pants would benefit from a stripe, or more design than just an extra star.

Overall: I believe in miracles, and I also believe this concept has potential, but its not quite world-class yet.  8/10

Ontario Reign - Jake88

Yay: Last up for today is Jake's Ontario Reign concept, for their move up to the AHL. They really disappointed me when they unveiled their new look, even though I like the classic Kings logo, just throwing it on the current Kings jersey is just lazy. I liked the Reign's logo anyway, and it looks even better in these colours. And the concept looks better with these traditional stripes rather than the Kings' design.

Nay: Not sure what's going on with the pants, adding the white-grey-white stripe onto the pants would be perfect. I also don't get why the old Kings logo is on the pants. The new Kings logo should be on one of the shoulders, since they are the affiliate team.

Overall: Not the most exciting design, but much better than the design they chose to go with. 8.3/10


I often praise simplicity, but it's hard to give simple looking concepts great scores as opposed to more creative designs.  However, Dylan A's Team Sweden the perfect mix of old standards and new design, and is extremely well executed, so today I'll give that concept my COTW nomination.

That wraps things up for another week. As always thanks for reading, and have a good Trade Deadline Weekend!
Thursday: Swapping Sweaters Reviewed by Unknown on February 26, 2015 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

I would assume Jake 88's Rein concept has the same pants as the Kings do because almost all the AHL teams use the same pants and gloves as their NHL affiliate. If a player is called up to the NHL then they don't need new pants and gloves. Thus saving the team money instead of making 2 sets of pants & gloves for everyone.

I'll nominate Jake 88's Rein set for COTW!

It looks a hell of a lot better than the one they will be using.

winnipegjets96 said...

i'LL 2nd Jake88 for COTW

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