Thursday: The Glorious Thursday Master Race Strikes Again!!

Hello everybody, welcome to another Thursday post from yours truly!

Did you see who won both COTW votes last week? Two awesome concepts that just so happen to have been featured on Thursday. There's also a 50% chance of a Thursday concept winning this week's COTW vote.  Maybe we can get a "dynasty" of Thursday concepts going, clearly we're on a roll lately.

Of course, none of it can happen without your participation. Last week had lots of votes going on, and this week is no different! We have COTW, COTY January, and the World Cup final vote, as well as accepting entries for our new writing position.  It's a great week full of action here at HJC, and we need all of the help that we can get to get these votes and submissions in! So get on it!

COTY-January vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Feb 8-14 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
World Cup Final vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Mock Posts (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Alright, time for concepts!


Tampa Bay Lightning - Ryan C.

Yay: We start today with a neat new alternate for the Lightning. "Neat" hasn't been used on Tampa Bay jerseys in a while, either looking like the Kings, Red Wings, or just boring. I don't like side panels on jerseys, but it works here, as does the arcing arm design. The number font looks great, and I really like the logo being used.

Nay: The problem with my last point is that I don't like both the number font and the logo together. The logo looks classic, the font looks modern and edgy. If you swapped the number fonts from this and the current main jersey, then both would look better. The name font is too small, a little too high (move the number down as well), and not really interesting to look at. I'd also remove the white between the blue stripe and the blue sides.

Overall: It's an interesting design, but not without faults. 7.5/10

Calgary Flames - Mario A.

Yay: The first of two Calgary concepts today belongs to Mario. This concept is like an early 2000's flashback with 90's colours, and it looks fantastic. The white yoke rarely works, but it looks nice in this design. The simple but effective stripe design is perfect for the Flames' style.

Nay: The only real problem I have is the text, and it's a huge problem.  The name is too close to the yoke and too small, the number looks too low, the TV numbers and captain patch are too small, and everything looks so dull without outlines. And I don't get why black text is used on the white jersey. Red with yellow and black outline, like the logo, would be perfect.

Overall: It's a great style, but tough to get past the execution issues.  7.2/10

Detroit Red Wings - Mike S.

Yay: Tampa Bay's cramping your style? Why not come up with something else simple yet classic and original. That's just what Mike accomplishes with this concept. They've had single stripes forever now, and only double stripes for their last Winter Classic. But it's such a great, classic look and I have no idea why they don't use a stripe pattern like this. Everything else here is signature Detroit, and the whole set is very believable.

Nay: If the stripes were all just a little more prominent, and the collars were coloured white and red respectively, this set would be perfect.

Overall: Love it! 9.3/10

Cincinnati Cyclones - Bpoe96
Yay: Next up is a redesign of the newly-redesigned Cyclones. Opinion is mixed about their new look, but I think it's a sharp new identity that is trendy yet not falling right into the mould of other teams. But this design is also unique, and I love the simplified curve stripes. The main set is sharp, and the 3rd jersey stands out nicely but still fits the team identity nicely. Well designed set.

Nay: On the white jersey, the black stripes would look nicer if they were a little thicker. They'd contrast more with the red and stand out like the white stripe on the red jersey. All jerseys have the "Cyclones" text below the collar, and I think it should be either the main set or the 3rd, not all three.  I'd use the number font on the alternate on all jerseys, the "Wild" font doesn't look as nice as it should with this set.

Overall: A well thought-out set, but needs just a little bit more work. 7.8/10

Saginaw Spirit - Brooks F.

Yay: Next up is Brooks' Saginaw Spirit concept. The Spirit are using a traditional jersey, which is a shame, because something like this would look really cool, would stand out against all other OHL teams, and play to their identity perfectly. The concept is really unique, and is executed beautifully! Stars and stripes forever!

Nay: The logo should be raised a tiny bit, to be better centred on the jersey. I'd also invert one set of stripes, for a more symmetrical pattern. Personally, I'd go with red-white-blue-white-red, because that would work on the white jersey. The name font could be a bit more bold, or blocky.

Overall: Very nice, and very American. 8.3/10

Calgary Hitmen - Brooks F.

Yay: Last up today is our second Calgarian concept, this time for the Hitmen.  Only one mens team looks good in pink, and it's the Hitmen, so I'm glad Brooks uses pink on this concept. The grey also gives this a 90's throwback look, but suits the modern looking arm/side design very nicely. I like the mask logo, and it looks so much better than the black/red version they use currently.

Nay: Same as with the last concept, the font on the name should be bolder.  The black jersey needs some white somewhere in the jersey, even as a secondary colour. The skinny pink stripe should be a little thicker on the sock to make it stand out more.

Overall: Great concept! I'd be more than happy to see the Hitmen use this set.  8.4/10

Brooks' two concepts could be COTW worthy, but I'm giving my nomination to Mike S' Detroit Red Wings concept!

Another day, another group of really great concepts! I really like how everyone was trying to be realistically creative in their concepts today!

That's it for me, thanks for reading and have a good weekend.
Thursday: The Glorious Thursday Master Race Strikes Again!! Reviewed by Unknown on February 19, 2015 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

The thing I dislike about Brooks' concepts as of late is that they completely ignore the stitching of the jersey. They also seem very awkward to wear and difficult to play in unless everything was screen-printed on the jersey. If these are fixed I would give him my COTW nom easily.

Anonymous said...

This is one of Ryan C's better concepts to date. Well done.

EnsErmac said...

@Taylor -

I agree and disagree with you about the stitching. I feel that since taking over the jersey program, Reebok has made the stitching of the jerseys completely over complicated.

Secondly, the stitching usually will end up going the way of the design and not the other way around.

Saginaw Spirit gets a COTW nom from me.

Ryan C said...

Thanks a lot Phil B. Im trying to improve so the encouragement is much appreciated

Unknown said...


Well for one it's a Nike template, not Reebok and that reference makes no sense with the what I said since it's a WHL jersey and not an NHL jersey. The reason the stitching would be off is because the striping isn't just glued on the jersey, it's stitched in with the fabric.

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