Super Monday: Feb. 2

I'm sure you're all aware that the Super Bowl was last night and everyone who watched was treated to a very well played game. A hell of a lot more interesting than the 2014 SB was. But now that that's done, that means for the next couple months hockey is the only sport that matters!!!...Unless you're a baskethoops fan. 

Good time of the year for hockey fans too, the All Star is behind us so the focus now shifts onto who's buying and who's selling at the trade deadline coming up, then the playoffs pushes start. On top of all of that, the AHL is getting 5 teams in California, which unfortunately means some cities are losing their teams but it does give us a chance to see some new logos/jerseys coming up in the next few months.

ALSO...It's here you guys... the 2014 COTY Vote. I have a unique opportunity of being in the finals, against Mr. Legault, and I would like to take a quick moment to campaign for myself...... And I can only imagine I'll get the attention of the American readers on the site..... A vote for Legault is a vote against America....... So keep that in mind. 

Joking aside... It's weird not talking about Justin Cox in this vote, but good luck to Mr. Legault and I can't wait for the results this weekend. 

While you're voting, get your World Cup entries in!!!

COTY 2014 Final Vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
World Cup entries (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Speaking of World Cup.....

Ryan H.

Ryan H.

And now the daily concepts!

2015 NHL All Star Game Jersey Concepts - Dylan A - Me (tehe)
I made 4 different sets of jerseys for the All Stars all using the same jersey design but different color schemes, 2 of which have already been featured here, so here's the third. Each set had a different reason behind the colors, one was black and neon like the league went with, the one featured yesterday was Columbus Blue and Neon, so it tied with the home team and satisfied the league's desire to go neon. This set uses the host team Columbus Blue Jackets' color scheme.

Rating: Personally I think it's like an 11 or something but I can't rate my own concept, so you tell me.

Philadelphia Flyers Alternate Jersey Concept - Ben B.
Ben designs a new logo for a black Flyers jersey. I like the Flyers in black but this jersey isn't doing it for me. This jersey is wild and doesn't really fit their identity to me. The white yoke, orange sleeves, and black cuffs don't really work together. The shoulder patch is the better of the two logos in my opinion. I'd rather see the normal logo somewhere on the jersey than no where at all. The pants striping doesn't fit with everything else so I'd just leave them blank, If the striping did match I think it'd just look way too busy and cluttered.

Rating: 6/10

Roanoke Valley Vipers Concept - Ryan C.
Ryan is reviving the UHL so hopefully we get to see an IceHogs concept soon, you know, the reigning UHL Champions (Technically it's Fort Wayne but that was the 'IHL' so I don't count it).... Nice to see purple on a hockey jersey. The striping is big and bold, but I think its a little too big. The shoulder logos could be a tad bigger to fill out the yoke. Pretty simple set here.

Rating: 7/10

Philadelphia Flyers Alternate Jersey Concept - Ben S.
A different Ben with a different black Flyers jersey today. This Ben kept things simple compared to the other Ben's concept and it pays off. I think the orange stripes could be a little thicker...I also think I might like to see the white and orange swapped, just out of curiosity. The keystone is a nice touch as well. Execution error, the TV numbers are swapped, so Giroux's arms say he's number 82.

Rating: 7.5/10

Syracuse University Orange (NCAA) Concept - Scott G.
The Orange rockin' the chest stripes here. The white jersey looks good, but I would think there would be more orange. The blue jersey looks good too but I feel like the color of the numbers should match the S logo. The Third jersey is my favorite here. The striping is unique and it's orange. I think you could do without the wordmark on it though and just go big S. The "CUSE" shoulder patch is weak, It's really tiny on the shoulders so you wouldn't really be able to read it from further away.

Rating: 8/10

Bullet Club (New Japan Pro Wrestling) - Derek K.
The Bullet Club is a "stable" in New Japan Pro Wrestling, I learned a wrestling term. Pretty simple and creative striping on the jersey, and the distressed look throughout the whole jersey fits well. This would make a really good looking piece of merchandise. The only thing I'd consider changing is making the hem stripes match the chevrons by using three thinner stripes.

Rating: 8.75/10

There you go everyone! Share what you think about all these jerseys with the artists and all the readers. It's nice to have more than just the opinion of the writer!
Super Monday: Feb. 2 Reviewed by DBro Alexander on February 02, 2015 Rating: 5


winnipegjets96 said...

Scott G. for COTW!

Tyler. F said...

I 2nd that, Scott G. gets my COTW vote

Jake Miller said...

Scott G's Syracuse concept for CotW!

richard lewis said...

Second Scott g for COTW

Unknown said...

Can I still vote for cox for cotw

EnsErmac said...

The Syracuse ones are fantastic, I feel like those little tweaks suggested by DBro would put it into COTM contention.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the love people! The "Syracuse" word mark is a nod to SU basketball's old 80's/90's jersey's which they brought back last year. Personally, I love that word mark so I had to use it and wanted the 3rd to look different.

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