Sunday: Red, White, and Blue Canadiens

Hey guys! Caden here on another Sunday alive and healthy, ready to bring you guys 6 more amazing concepts! What? You want 8 concepts per day instead of 6? Well then, it's really up to you because ALL of our material is fan submitted, the concepts are made by readers, the concepts are voted on by readers. It's all centered around you! You want more concepts every day, well then submit your own by emailing them to concepts@hockeyjerseyconcepts.com! It's that easy! While you are there, go ahead and vote! Voting fuels us! It's what eliminated Jake Miller from the semifinals of COTY even when he had 2 concepts up against 2 other artists. Voting is the reason Barack Obama is in office (nevermind, he's a bad convincing tool, but a good convincer). Wether thew result is good or bad, voting is what makes you readers have a voice in the blog! So go vote, the right way...

Caz W: Montreal Canadiens 

Caz, the former Sunday writer, is doing an amazing series called, 'Now For Something Completely Different" which I am a fan of. It's always cool to see 'something completely different." I like how the chest stripe was implemented, but it was turned on its side, and goes through a small, soccer style crest on the left hand side of the jersey. I wish you would have made the striping on the arms the same as the yoke striping, the large red with one smaller blue on the side. I also think a plain blue block font would work better in this case, and look more classy. 17.4/20

David P: Czech National Team

David makes a concept for the Czech National Team. The logo is pretty cool, but if you didn't make it yourself, you need to credit the artist. The striping is not my favorite. I would make the arm stripes straight, and make the hem striping to match. Move the TV numbers onto the arms, and make a shoulder logo. The font looks okay, but I'm sure there's something better. 15.2/20

Eric T: Moncton Aigles Bleus

Moncton's jerseys right now, are pretty much Saint Louis Blues ripoffs, with a few changes. It would be nice for them to have their own identity. I don't even know where to start with these jerseys? I know you didn't have much to work with with the Bleus' logo, but these jerseys are just terrible. The ghost yoke, arm striping and side paneling all look horrible together, and the font looks bad as well. I would try something more traditional, maybe even a diagonal wordmark down the front with that ass-awful logo demoted on the shoulders. 4.5/20

John E: Montreal Canadiens

I really like the extended yoke used here in combination with the arm and hem stripes. The equipment all looks good with the jersey. The font looks good, everything is executed well. The reason I WON'T nominate this bad boy for COTW, is the fleur-di-lis shoulder patch. It's not right. Wrong Quebec city! 16.5/20 (Without the fleur-di-lis patch, 19/20)

John E: New York Rangers

John does a complete 180 here with his Rangers concept. He uses a logo I would love to see, the Lady Liberty! I again am a fan of the equipment. I feel like John does a good job making it flesh well and tie in with the jersey. Also, the hem and arm stripes look fantastic, as does the yoke. 18/20 and a COTW Nomination!

Ryan, just a word of advice it's EXTREMELY hard to make a Star Wars hockey jersey that actually looks good. Anything worn by any "team" or character in star wars is either too busy/cluttered for a hockey jersey, or in the case of Anakin, too plain and simple to be transferred onto a hockey jersey design. The striping is boring and templatey, and the numbers need a white outline to be seen, w=even though The mian color should be white, and then have a black outline. The logo is very pixelated. 9/20

Well guys, thanks for reading, and have a great week! See a concept that you want to nominate or second for COTW? Do it! WHo knows, it could be the next COTY winner! 


Sunday: Red, White, and Blue Canadiens Reviewed by Unknown on February 22, 2015 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

The fleur-de-lis is not Quebec City specific, it represents all Quebec. COTW nom to John MTL

Vaughn said...

Caz W - Montreal for COTW

Anonymous said...

I think we need a new Sunday writer too.

winnipegjets96 said...

John E. for COTW!

Anonymous said...

Really need a better Sunday writer. PLEASE!

Ryan said...

@Anonymous: We think you REALLY need to sack up and actually leave your name with a comment like that.

Caz said...

I completely agree with Ryan. When you write in this capacity, you have to be willing to attach your name to criticism of other people's hard work. Criticizing someone who is willing to do that, with no constructive means of improvement offered, and not attaching your name is poorly-conceived cowardice.

Unknown said...

I made that logo myself by the way, not the best I'll admit but its what I got. And for the arm stripes, I wanted something different from the traditional straight stripe that many of the other countries would use. Also because of the triangle in the Czech flag, it felt appropriate to use the triangular arm design.

Ryan G said...

Caden, of the 4 different writers that have reviewed my Star Wars concepts, you seem to be the only one to have a problem with them, just wondering why is that. (I know I shouldn't take it personal, but it's been twice it has happened. Also not sure where you got 'Anakin' from, My concept was for the Empire. And Anonymous, while I disagree with Caden, he is a food writer.

Ryan G said...

I meant good writer, unless he writes for a food blog too. Sorry.

Unknown said...

ANON, You do need to remember, I've been writing the shortest of all the HJC writers, and that each writer has a different style of writing. Other than Ryan critiquing my posts (which as the owner of the blog he has a right to do) Nobody has complained about my posts before and if they did, I didn't catch it so I could change my posts to make them better. I volunteer time out of my week in order to write informative posts and fairly review concepts and even though I enjoy it, I don't get paid. If you have a problem with my writing tweet me @cpatafie so that we can talk, but if you just want to bitch about something that has no credit, without even leaving your name, I'm not going to even entertain that.

Ryan G, Caz, and Ryan, Thanks for the support. I try my best to bring high quality posts every week to make HJC the best!

Ryan C said...

Wow... This is what leads to no more "anonymous" posts... sure i think some reviewers can be a little harsher on certain submitters than others but i thought cadan was one of the more fair ones... and who cares, in the end this us all for fun, its one persons opinion. Lets lay off all the negativity and just have fun

Unknown said...

I love Caden's style!!!! It's fresh! And anyone who won't leave their name isn't worth their word! And I'll 3rd John E's Rangers jersey for COTW

Ryan said...

Jets96 nomination is not clear enough as John has two concepts posted today. As per COTW nominating rules, I can not count it.

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