Monday: 16th of Feb

Hey there HJCers! Hope you all had a lovely weekend........lovely because....Valentine's Day...forget it, you're here for concepts not comedy gold.

Let's get you guys ready and on your way to see some concepts. So before you scroll on down (If you're even reading this) take a look at these voting reminders. 

Feels like just yesterday that the 2014 COTY was selected and now we're selecting the January COTY for 2015. Wow time flies. So go ahead and send your votes in for last week's concept, last month's concept, and the World Cup winner as well, which I'm lucky enough to be a part of. 

Speaking of COTW, I had two concepts up for voting last week and still lost, right after the heartbreaker known as the COTY....I must be in a slump or something. Oh well!

COTY-January vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Feb 8-14 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
World Cup Final 6 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Medicine Hat Tigers Concept - Ryan C.
Despite being cartoony and cliched, I think this logo is better than what the Tigers currently wear. Ryan decided to pair it with tiger striping like it was back in it's day. Except this striping is way too busy. I think a good tiger striping pattern could be simple and look good. No need to get this busy. The side panels are a bit too much. And why is the back number on the dark jersey white while its orange everywhere else?

Rating: 6/10

San Jose Earthquakes - MLS Hockey Concept - Daniel L.
First thing I notice here is the Adidas branding on a Nike jersey. Adidas owns Reebok, so therefore, Adidas owns CCM...so if anything they'd probably use a Reebok/CCM jersey cut. That's a bit nitpicky though. I'd ditch the collar design though, or change the jersey branding to Nike. I understand Adidas makes the MLS jerseys (As far as I know, all of them) so I know what that's there. The white jersey is my favorite here, just because it's more traditional but I respect what the dark jersey is going for. The striping pattern is nice on the arms but I'm not a big fan of it on the hem. The Adidas striping down the arm is a bit too much, I never cared for it as a design element they use. Makes the striping seem too busy. The front of the dark jersey has the shoulder panels escaping from the jersey.

Good job on crediting the logos, that's a good practice to get into, but you don't really have to credit these logos as they are known and established professional logos. No one will think you stole them. You really only have to credit logos you borrow from the internet or other artists that may not be as well known. You also don't really have to credit the number font. Stick tap to Ryan for making all those jersey numbers easier to use for everyone but he didn't design the font.

Rating: 6.5/10

Seattle Seahawks - NFL Hockey Concept - Josiah B.
Josiah attempts to improve his last attempt at the Seahawks. Points for using the Seahawks' neon green. In my opinion the best part of their branding. I don't think the shoulder design works here. Looks better on a football jersey, although, might look better if the green stopped on each shoulder as opposed to stretching all the way to the other. The light gray jersey needs way more navy blue. Navy blue is their primary color and you can't be missing a lot of it. Throws the color balance way off. I think the unique striping pattern the team owns, found here on the pants, should be used on the jersey somewhere like the collar. They also have their own unique font which should be used too. The S on the collar doesn't work, and the Seahawks wordmark on the shoulder isn't needed. I think it's a better attempt than the last one overall but there's still room for improvement.

Rating: 6.5/10

Buffalo Sabres De-Ege Concept - Mario A.
Mario becomes the latest to try and De Edge teams. He starts us off with the Sabres. He recolors the old goat head jerseys but drops silver from the jerseys, but not the logo. I think you could use the silver somewhere as a trim or outline, or maybe where it was used on the old goat heads. The names on the old goat heads were in the yoke and that would look better, so definitely get them back in there. The TV numbers look too small and the numbers could use an outline. I find more modern-ish fonts don't work well without an outline. The numbers on the back are also pretty low.

Rating: 6.5/10

Anaheim Ducks De-Edge Concept - Mario A.
Mario moves from the East to West with his De-Edge series to get the Ducks. He brings back the Mighty Ducks stirping in modern team colors. So far it looks like this series is going to be recoloring old templates from a team's past. In which case I'd rename the series, because the last few De-Edges were a bit more unique and creative, and concepts like this have been seen before. That aside, this striping pattern looks nice in these colors, and maybe if we're lucky the new San Diego Gulls will use it. The TV numbers and Captain's C look too small and the numbers need at least one outline. This font doesn't look right without one. While you're at it, add something to the shoulders.

Rating: 6.75/10

Buffalo Sabres Alternate Jersey Concept - Jamie R.
Buffalo's attempt at a third jersey is so detested that we still receive a high number of fixes or people just trying to outdo the Sabres. The majority of those concepts are attempts to make a modern yellow jersey design to show that it can work, but this one "fauxs it back". I love the wordmark, I dislike most workmarks but this one might be my favorite. I don't like the way the yellow and vintage white look together though. Maybe just stick with regular white. I think that would improve this concept, despite it looking pretty nice as is.

Two things that bother me. One the pants stripe just doesn't belong. (And the Sabres logo on the pants is white, not vintage white) Also, it appears that the middle stripe in all the striping is slightly thicker. Either beef it up or make it as thin as the others. My OCD is raging.

Rating: 7.5/10

Alrighty there folks, another Monday post completed. Don't forget to vote on the three votes this week and while you're at it, have a good week!
Monday: 16th of Feb Reviewed by DBro Alexander on February 16, 2015 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

Ahahahahahaha comedy gold. That's funny

Mario Ardais said...

DBro, I'm not recoloring all of the templates for the De-EDGE series. Those 2 were kind of experiments to see what they would look like modernized. My other De-EDGE concepts are pre-existing templates with simple modifications. Those are just the start of what is to come in the series. Better concepts are on the way.

Alan John Herbert said...

Jamie R's Sabres Alternate Jersey Concept for COTW.

DBro Alexander said...

@Mario - Alrighty! Look forward to em!

Caz said...

Anyone remember what I said about voting affecting trades on the 8th? I told Ryan when I sent in my vote last week that I was hoping to get Cody Franson in a trade that involved Olli Jokinen. Well, it happened! Voting works, people!

DBro Alexander said...

@Caz - You're some type of wizard or something

winnipegjets96 said...

I'll 2nd Jamie R for COTW

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