Friday: Tropical Domination


Welcome to another Friday post here on HJC!

Jaromir Jagr is a Florida Panther now...That is the only thing I have to say. Nothing greater will come of this trade deadline, it cannot be topped, the Panthers won the season, everyone go home. All jokes aside it is kinda hilarious to think of one of the best stars of the 90's playing for a team that didn't exist until Jagr had been playing for 3 seasons.

Today is the last day to get your Stadium Series Contest entries in, with the deadline being at 11:59pm EST.

Let's look at some of the entries that have come in since last post:

Scott D.

Scott G.

Taylor R.

Kerouac D.

Jarrett T.

Jack G.

Vaughn R.

David P.

Don't forget about COTW! This is the last Friday before the trade deadline, and unless you want your team to pick up David Clarkson from the Blue Jackets for a first round draft pick your favourite team's best young player.

On to the concepts (There are 3 concepts today, but one is a mega multipart)


Dallas Stars Concept (By: Jarrett T.)

+ The Stars in black, while it was a nice break, seems to be inevitably coming back
+ Even though it was such an ugly jersey, the curved arms really did work, glad to see the come back 
+ Colours are well balanced, with lots of green and white to keep the jersey from being dark

- The stars on the hem don't work, seeming too 50's minor league for the NHL
- Non-matching shoulder patches don't won't, I would have stuck with the primary logo and put the roundel on the helmet 
- The NOB & Numbers are too high on the back and too low on the arms 


Bakersfield Condors Concepts (By: Ryan C.)

+ The re-coloued Condors logo looks fantastic
+ The orange hem on the bottom of the jerseys really work and add something different to what is otherwise and Oilers jersey 
+ Good choice using the Oil Drop numbers 

- As Ryan said in his post on Tuesday, experiment some more! For a team called the Condors these sure are tame jerseys, it would have been nice to see something bigger
- The white jersey has too much orange to balance well with the blue jersey, but I think the more orange the better 


Flint Tropics Concepts (By: Dylan A.)

Flint Michigan was graced with a fake ABA team in the not real 1970's with Will Ferrell, and now that team's name may be used on their recently announced OHL team. This beats the generals by a LONG SHOT! Some people may have a problem with the template jerseys, but this template isn't used in the OHL outside of the Barrie Colts away jersey, and helps show off the team's...less than usual colour scheme

The white jersey looks just as good, with the colours easily balanced and shown off for the world to see. It's a solid set that an OHL team would be blessed to wear on a regular basis 

The alternate (hey, a white alternate jersey!) is based on the jerseys from the not real original Tropics. This design would be pretty unique for the OHL, especially the top curves stripe. The back hem stripe is a normal stripe but they match up with the front. Even the name bar looks fantastic!

I haven't commented much on the updated logos...they look fantastic. Taking a basketball script and making it a hockey ready logo is not an easy task, but Dylan has done a very good job. The T would be one of the best secondary logos in hockey period.

And just for fun here is some gear you could buy if you wanted any Tropics swag. My favourites of the gear are the Orange T shirt and inverted teal & white trucker hat. 

Overall, this is one of the best concepts I've ever reviewed, I'm not sure how to go about nominating it for COTW though....if I can't nominate the whole thing, they I'll nominate the jerseys (specifically the alternate if I have to pick just one). 10/10 COTW Nomination 


That's the post!
Don't forget to vote and get your Stadium Series Entries in!
Go Jets Go!
Have a great weekend and Trade Deadline 
Friday: Tropical Domination Reviewed by winnipegjets96 on February 27, 2015 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

I nominate Dylan A's Tropica concept just simply because it's my favourite move of all time 👏

Unknown said...

Third Dylan's tropics package for COTY I mean COTW

richard lewis said...

Wow Taylor r and Scott g brought it with their stadium series sets!

Frank G. said...

Taylor R Minnesota concept is simply beautiful, I would buy it in an instant.

Ryan C said...

Damn that Tropics set was well thought out

DBro Alexander said...

Thanks for the kind words everyone!

I also made a center ice image. I have it up on my Tumblr/Facebook/Behance profiles if you'd want to see that.

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