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Here at Dalhousie it's Munro day, which is a day dedicated to having a day off because some guy in the 1870's gave a lot of money to the school and province. Read more here if you are curious but, it's a long weekend for me!

So how about those Flames?

Obviously the Jets are not blowing every team out of the water anymore, but now the Flames are doing just that. They've moved themselves comfortably into 3rd in the Pacific division, and no longer have to worry about Wild Card seating! This is so huge, since it seemed like another season of rebuilding was in store, but no, the Flames are showing that the Calgary faithful's patience is being rewarded. Nashville has also been AMAZING this year, along with Anaheim, Islanders, Detroit and Rangers have all been a happy surprise this year, and that's awesome!

Last day to get your World Cup entries in! The entry phase has been running for quite a while, so hopefully you've had time to get your entries to near perfection!

COTY ends tonight. It is THE most important vote of the year, even more important than the HJC annual napkin colour vote, and we all know how important that is. You have about 7 hours to get your vote in. That's plenty of time! There isn't even a COTW vote or competition vote to distract you.

COTY 2014 Final Vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
World Cup entries (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Get your vote in now!

On to the concepts!


Boston Bruins Concepts (By: Taylor R.)

+ The Bruins in brown with the modern bear look phenomenal together
+ Great execution!
+ A solid mix of both vintage Bruins and modern Bruins elements 
+ The black is used well on the home jersey

- On the away jersey, the cuffs keep the black from working well, they'd look better if they resembled the socks
- While the yokes don't look bad, the jerseys would look better without them

8.75/10 So close to being a perfect modern brown Bruins set

Toronto Maples Leafs Concepts (By: Mike S.)

+ It's not that the Leafs look bad now (at least jersey wise), but the '67 Leafs had one of the better looks in Leafs history
+ White yoke on blue jersey looks great in this case
+ It is VERY simple of a set, which is exactly what Mike intended
+ I like how the yoke matches the striping if the yoke were a big stripe

- The blank pants and helmet wouldn't fly in the NHL and look boring
- The space between the number and name is a little too bit
-The striping is too close to the bottom of the jersey
- The logo on the white jersey is larger than the one on the blue jersey

8/10 Maybe if the Leafs wore this look they'd start winning games

Ottawa Senators Concepts (By: Ryan C.)

+ This is Ryan's first concept using the new template, and I'm glad to be the one to review it
+ One of the better combinations between old and new Sens
+ Love the striping pattern!
+ Working with a new template is had, but the execution is pretty good

- The font problem persists, it's still boring
- The profile senator face isn't a good shoulder patch, and O or Peace  Tower logo would look much better
- The stitching should stop at the hem striping, and not continue into it
-  There's a little bit of loose pixels in the collar inserts

7.75/10- Got me looking forward to the future, good job, Ryan C.!

Vancouver Canucks Concepts (By: Steven G.)

+ No more Whale logo, Johnny Canuck looks better
+ The striping on Vancouver's current jerseys look fantastic, so may as well keep it
+ Updated font looks better
+ Solid execution

- The white jersey would look better without the cuffs
- The updated stick in rink logo looks better than Johnny Canuck all day long, switching them would look way better.

8/10- Not much has changed, but it's an improvement

Grand Rapids Griffins Concepts (By: Brooks F.)

+ This look would be a MAJOR improvement over the template crap they currently wear
+ I love the pant design
+ Colours are well balanced, and red should be the premier colour for the team with future Red Wings on it
+ Unique numbers, and a much more usable logo

- The side panels and numbers need to be worked into the stitching more. They look like they're laid over top of or printed onto the jersey, the gold has that problem especially because it cuts through the back stitching, which is curved
- Helmets should have some sort of logo

8/10- Your designs are really unique and fresh, Brooks, and once the execution improves, you'll be seeing a lot of COTW Nominations

Detroit Red Wings Concept (By: Kerouac D.)

+ Square yokes & Detroit have a nice look to them, and something Detroit should adapt
+ Nice, big and bold striping
+ The white jersey's arms are unique but still have a nice classic look to them

-Tv numbers read 1313 instead of 13
- NOB is too large and the numbers aren't centred
- Striping is too high on the socks
- Red on the jersey is not the same shade as the logo
- Stitching should stop at the hem

6.5/10- The design is decent, but the execution needs work to boost this concept into the 7+ range

That's the post!
Also don't forget to get your World Cup of Hockey entries in before 11:59pm
Go Jets Go
Have a good (for some people, long) weekend 

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Unknown said...

We can get 2nd back if we win tonight!

David Kerr said...

Happy Munro Day Jets96! I don't know about you but I spent my day off drinking beer and ignoring homework! Such is the university life.

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