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My reading week at Dalhousie has officially begun, time to celebrate!

Hey, we have logo news!

First, the Ontario Reign have gone for a more Kings/Chevy approach with their new logo, ditching the dragon and gradient for something simpler

photo from Sportslogos.net

I actually really like the logo! The black version of the Chevy logo is stark and pops on whatever it is on. It's great to see the crown alone without the LA or weird shape around it. It's also nice to see they keep the streaks on the letters. 

The jerseys on the other hand are Kings copies...COME ON! I totally get the Kings wanted an AHL team based on their look, but something original would be nice. Even a simple copy of the 1989 jerseys would have been better, or adding hem stripe to the black jersey.

In Adirondack, the Flames have been replaced with the Thunder, and Stockton moves directly to New  York state. What did they change? REDBEARD THE VIKING 

photo from sports logos.net

I've always liked Stockton's logo, and it's great to see it carry over to Adirondack. The change to the script is an upgrade, and the colours look better. The only thing I can hope is we get a mix of Stockton's current jerseys and the Flames jerseys. Upgrade! 

Seeing as last Sunday was Caz's last post for a while at least, and I like to respond to his lists, I thought I'd to my own list of overrated jerseys. None of these jerseys are bad, but I feel they get more praise than they deserve, so if you like them, don't freak out.

Chicago Blackhawks 2009 Winter Classic Jersey

photo from gamewornauctions.net 

Why not start with a fairly popular jersey? This jersey did look good for the Winter Classic, and it's a good throwback, but some people like to think it's the best jersey of the past 10 years, or the best jersey the Blackhawks ever wore....No. The Black alternate from the pre-edge years, I though was much better, and the '92 75th anniversary jersey is a much better throwback. The amount of concepts based on this jersey is insane! The idea has now been so done to death it's hard to make an original Blackhawks concept with a chest stripe. Again, not a bad jersey, but better options exist

Pittsburgh Penguins 1988-1992 set/ Current Alternate

photo from pensfan.net 

Another set of jerseys that, are pretty good, but are praised way too much. The replacement jerseys brought in 1993 were so much better, and could have been the first 4 jersey set in the NHL if the black Robo-Pen and white script jersey had been used too. Along with that, the fact that Pittsburgh brought it back as an alternate with NO changes was disappointing. Why not use Vegas Gold or mess around with the striping to make something different? Why not add gray? Why not do something different? It'd be like the Pens bringing back the current black jerseys in 20 years to celebrate the '09 Cup win with no changes.

Calgary Flames 1980-1994 Red jersey/2009-2013 Alternate

photo from flames.nhl,con

Oh this one will get some flack from the Calgary fans. I love this set's white jersey, so much so I have the 1989 Cup CCM vintage jersey of it, but the red jersey never looked good to me. The white C is too bright, and the yellow and white blend into this mustardy colour from a distance. Adding some black, even a very small amount to it would fix it. The killer for this look is the red pants, which almost never work with a red jersey. When the jersey was brought back in 2009, it looked dated, and the current alternate FAR surpasses it.

Winnipeg Jets 1979-1990 set

Photo from blog.thescore.com

Didn't expect me to rip this set? Well, I've never liked this set, not nearly as much as the current set or the beautiful 1990-1996 set. The jersey as just the Rangers failed Ferguson 1976 jerseys, which were also bad. The big arm bands and lack of striping look very bland and if it wasn't for the Goals for Kids patch, you'd swear it was a minor league team. Not that is couldn't work with a few changes, and the logo is pretty good (not better than the 1990-1996 logo but still), but to act like this is the set Winnipeg should use over anything else they've worn...yeah thats's a stretch

You got 2 COTW votes to vote in, and both end tonight, so I'd suggest you get on that!
World Cup of Hockey voting also ends tonight! Remember to comment your votes, it's super easy!

COTW Jan. 25 - 31 vote (ends Friday at 11:59 pm Eastern)
COTW Feb 1 - 7 vote (ends Friday at 11:59 pm Eastern)
World Cup Top 3 Teams vote (ends Friday at 11:59 Eastern)

On to the concepts!


Ontario Regin Concepts (By: Ryan C.)

+ While I like the Reign's new logo, the jersey copies were not the best, so making a decently unique jersey would be better
+ No team in the AHL wears a jersey like this, and it would be an improvement on the Kings Stadium Series jersey
+ The Chevy logo looks good on a chest tripe

- Same font as every other jersey, the name is too high up and the numbers bleed into the fray part
- This concept was made before the logo was unveiled, but the actual logo would look better
- The upper part of the jerseys are boring, and a shoulder patch would spice things up 
-Stitching should stop at the chest stripe then continue down though afterwards 


Team Canada Concepts (By: Matt Mc.)

+ Nice job having stripes on both arms, that was the one problem with the Canadian jerseys from the 2014 Olympic jerseys
+ Minimal black but just enough to make it work, like the 2002 Olympics (white jersey particularly)
+ Do I even have to mention execution? It's good
+ The logo is pretty sweet, a little basic, but good

- The pants could use some black
- The black name on the red jersey doesn't show up enough, making them white with a black outline


Team Europe Concepts (By: David P.)

+ Using the E.U. colour is what I would go for as far as colours go
+ I don't think any other team in the World Cup would have a Rangers style script, and it looks pretty solid
+ Good use of the new Nike template
+ Solid execution

- The number are pretty basic, and I would have gone with something more exciting, even adding flares like Tampa did with their black jersey
- The yellow stars don't show up well not he cuffs

9/10- David has really moved up the ranks

Philadelphia Flyers Concept (By: Ben B.)

+ This is what I like to see, artists going back to older concepts and redoing them with new skills
+ The bell logo looks great, and it'd be nice for Philly to fully adapt it
+ Striping looks fantastic
+ Square shoulders are a nice touch

- The name is too close to the yoke, and numbers are too small
- Stitching should stop at at the hem striping
- Helmet logo is hard to see
- Arm striping is too far up the arm

6/10- This could be a COTW winner soon, but work on the execution

World All-Stars Concepts (By: Taylor R.)

+ It would make more sense to call the team World Stars since not every player will be from Europe (more likely than not but still)
+ That striping pattern is awesome!
+ The logo reminds me of something you'd seen in NHL95 and looks fantastic
+ Fantastic execution

- White pants, I get how it could work, but I'm still not huge on them
- The font on the back seems a little childish and blocky
- The yokes seem pointless, and the jersey would looks better without them
- Black and white seems bland for a team that's supposed to cover the whole rest of the world



That's the post!
Remember to finish your voting duties before the deadline
Go Jets Go! 
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Anonymous said...

Taylor, a bunch of the players on your World Stars roster are from Crezch Republic, e.g David Krejci, Martin Hanzal, Jakub Vorachek.

Mario Ardais said...

Not sure why the Kings changed the logo for the Reign. There was nothing wrong with the old one. The ECHL Reign jerseys kick ass, minus all the ads, so not seeing them cross over is also disappointing.

Unknown said...

The reason I chose black and white for the jersey is because I didn't want to showcase a certain country's colors more than another. Black and white does not demonstrate bias. Little note, the striping is supposed to signify larger hockey markets and smaller hockey markets coming together to create one.

@Anonymous That's because it was for the contest.

Ben Mical said...

Where could I find the Nike jersey template from today's blog?

Ryan said...

@Ben: The TEMPLATES page

Richard Mazella said...

Congrats 96, you are soon to be alongside AHL commish Dave Andrews as Dalhousie alumni! I will drop in a good word for you!

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