Sunday: ...Is Only the Beginning

Wassup? Caden here only 5 days later? Are you getting tired of me yet? Anyways, expect to see me on Sunday for a while now, as Caz will take his early HJC retirement and the HUGE pension that comes with it, and a new writer will be joining us for Tuesdays! Do you want to be that new writer? Do you want a massively huge pension?* Click here to apply! I can't wait to see who it will be. Writing on HJC is a whole lot of fun, and it really gives you a new perspective on jersey concepts. I know I was stoked when I found out that I would get the privilege of writing on HJC, and I know that the whoever the new writer is will be excited also. Good luck to Caz with his life and stuff, and I hope that he can eventually rejoin us on the HJC Squad!

Seahawks vs Patriots (<-- The Cheaters): Adam R

Good: For a Staidum Series game between the Bruins and Seattle expansion team, these would be cool fan jerseys or possibly even warmup jerseys. The striping on the Seattle set is very consistent with the football jerseys, and it looks good on a hockey jersey as well! 

Bad: You should have just used the Patriots logo instead of the wordmark/logo combination. The Seahawks logo is okay but the main log would look better there as well. I would've added hem stripes on the Patriots jersey, and TV numbers to both. 6.75/10

San Diego Gulls: John E

Good: The hem striping, logo, and shoulder yoke all look really good together! Black, orange, and white are a good combo, and the colors are balanced well. The Ducks number font works here as well, and would tie the team in with their parent club. Good thinking! The numbers on the pants are unique and look kinda neat. 

Bad: I would've done both jerseys to match. Either use the pattern from the black jersey or the orange one, and just recolor it so both of the jerseys have the same design. What I would have done is used your orange jersey, and then made a white one to match. I think it would be better overall if you had a white jersey so you know you have one that clashes. Cause if a team has a black jersey with a bunch of orange trim and a massive orange chest stripe, It would be hard to tell the teams apart. I would also have a black helmet with the orange jersey, instead of an orange one. 7.5/10

Boston Bruins vs Montreal Canadiens: SUC Designs
Good: Black and gold vs red and blue would work, both teams could wear colored jerseys and still tell each other apart. The tradition of yoke stripes for the Bruins is upheld, which is always a good thing. The Winter Classic is all about tradition. 

Bad: I would have done something different with Montreal's jersey. Even though I'm a fan of color vs color, I would have revived the old 1940s white jersey, and mad some minor changes. I would have also used white in place of tan on Boston's jerseys, and changed the striping pattern do the yellow and white didn't touch. I almost think that the Montreal jersey would work better for Boston (recolored of course!). 6.75/10

Team Russia: Matt McElroy
Good: Matt keeps with the Olympic style while designing these World Cup jerseys, which is defenitley a good thing. What I love is that almost all of the striping makes up the Russian flag. In Sochi they did that a little bit, but Matt expanded on the good idea and made it look really cool! The yoke stripes are also fantastic. IceBorn 2.0 is like a spectacular mountian of ponies and marshmallows, and it's definitely going to be my template of choice for when I (rarely) make a concept. 

Bad: NOTHING! Well no, jk. But honestly, this set is almost perfect. At least for international play. It wouldn't look as good in the NHL. The one thing I would change is move the TV numbers to arms, and make some kind of alternate logo/patch for the shoulders. 9/10 and a COTW nomination! 

Team Finland: Taylor Roy

Good: DOUBLLLLEEE BLUUUUUUE! I love double blue designs 99.9 percent of the time, and of course Finland of all people deserve the honor. Taylor's World Cup series/competition entries are defenitley more traditional and busy than Mr Walt Disney McElroy's, but they are both good in different ways. I really like the gear, the Finland flag on the pants and helmets looks cool, I can invision that being something all the teams do. The double blue on the Finland crest looks good...

Bad: ...but I wish you inverted the logo colors on the away jersey (blue) I would have switched the white and light blue so the main lion was white, and the other part would be light blue. A shoulder patch would be nifty. Also, you know how the Fin's olympic home jersey had the fags design as the striping? Well that would be sick if it was (very lightly) sublimated on the back of the jerseys. 8/10

Well guys, thanks for reading my first Sunday post! (Actually it isn't, cause I made a short weekend update thing on a Sunday when Ryan's wife had her baby, but it doesn't really count) But hey, follow me on Instagram here (where I post fully clothed pictures), follow me on Twitter here (where I complain about stupid people and think I know sports), and also you can always follow the blog by setting up a blogger account. Anyways, self promotion time is over, I'll see you guys next week! :)


*HJC writers don't actually get huge pensions, but it's still a lot of fun. .

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Alan John Herbert said...

I'm giving Taylor Roy's Finland concept a COTW nom!

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