Weekend Update (June 2)

The winner of the COTW vote for May 20-26 was CPM!
Full Results
CPM - 7
Scott D. - 2
Bastian (CHI) - 1
Bastian (GRZ) - 0
Eric W. - 0


The winner of the "Untouchables" Boston Bruins ReDesign is CPM!
Full Results

As you can see from the banner at the top of the page, we will now complete the sixth and final portion of the "Untouchables" competition. You know how this works. Click the banner to get the rules etc.


The nominees for COTW have been listed on the side of the page. You can see those concepts by clicking on the banner or by going to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab. As always voting ends on Friday. You should probably just take 20 seconds and email in your vote now though.


I've tried to create mock-ups of what I think Carolina's new sweaters will look like. One issue keeps coming up and that is that I believe that the Canes will be revealing a jersey cut that we have not seen before from Reebok in the NHL. It looks as if we are going to get classic stripes, but that's still a guess at this point. I do like the numbers and font though. It will be a nice balance of modern if the stripes are very classic.

As for Dallas I stated my rating of 6/10 for them last week. I also said that I believed it would be difficult to replace the logo that they have been using for 20 years. What I did was take their current logo and apply the colours and beveling that the new marks have. This is just my idea, but re-stylize the existing logo and place the new D-star logo on the shoulders. I would do away with the circle logo that was leaked entirely because it's just lazy and predictable.
Top logo by Ryan Haslett

Be sure to check out the HJC Store. The banner containing the link is at the top of the page. Here's a look at just some of the items that are for sale there.
Right now you're looking at a few t-shirts and a trucker hat. There's a few more items over at the store, which is run by Zazzle. It also seems that Zazzle is constantly having sales so be on the lookout for those. As I write this post, it's 20% off select items until Tuesday!


Perhaps you have seen Dylan W's concepts here on the site. His Kings concept is nominated for COTW, so you take a look at the template he's using right now. Dylan has been kind enough to supply HJC with his template!
As I am writing this post my file sharing site isn't cooperating. So, look for this template to be on the TEMPLATES page within the week. They will be Photoshop files.
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Dylan W. said...

Not assuming anything because I know a lot of people on this site are really handy with illustrator and photoshop. But Ryan, for people who may not know how to work the template, if I make a quick video could you maybe post it on a day?

Ryan said...


Unknown said...

Thanks for the votes everyone!

Anonymous said...

Ryan, appreciate your effort on a logo... However, I don't see a point to have " STARS" placing above a star. Also, if you could've done " STARS" in an angle identicle to a motion of star itself - that would look sharper. That script above a star is overkill. I agree with you that a current logo that has been licked on a web sucks for so many reasons. There is a way to improve their existing logo without disturbing and I hope to see exactly that on Tuesday. At the moment a spiky "D" simply yells Dallas "STARBUCKS".

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