Tuesday: New Storm

Hello folks.  It's a big day today, the Hurricanes have already unveiled their new jerseys, while the Stars will unveil their jerseys later today.  I'll discuss the Hurricanes new uniforms here, while Dylan will discuss the Stars new uniforms tomorrow.  I'm going to keep my comments on the concepts short and sweet today, because if I didn't this post would be way to late.


Photos from hurricanes.nhl.com

After teasing us with teaser pictures the last couple of weeks, we finally got a look at the Hurricanes new uniforms today.  Speaking of those teasers, I thought those were great, an awesome idea by the Hurricanes marketing team.  I hate to say it, but I don't think the Hurricanes did as good as a job with the actual uniforms.  My biggest disappointment is the lack of visible hurricane-flag striping pattern.  That was such a unique feature that it's sad to see it go.  Although the Hurricanes did keep it for 15 years, so I understand why they might want to change things up.  It's also a bit weird that the two jerseys don't match, in my opinion it would be better if the red jersey was closer to the white jersey.  I think the red jersey needs some black, and it's also kind of similar to Team Canada's jersey right now.  There are some stuff I like about the new jerseys, including the unique shoulder yoke on the white jersey.  I also like the new fonts for the numbers and NOB, and the smaller logo also looks good (although it is a bit high up on the jersey).  Overall I'd give the new jersey a 7/10.

What do you think of the Hurricanes new jerseys?  Let everyone know in the comments.

Also you can see more photos here and here.


Edit (by Ryan)


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Here are the Toronto Maple Leafs "Untouchables" entries that have come in since yesterday post...

(by Jake88)

(by Mike S.)

(by Phil B.)

(by Scott D.)


Buffalo Sabres (by Ricky M.)
I like how modern this looks, my ideal sabres set would be their classic jerseys with a modern third.  I just think this template is overused though, with the Ducks and Islanders already using it. I do like the logos and fonts used.  6.5/10

Boston Bruins (by Michael L.)
I really like how the sleeves of the home jersey match the Bruins traditional yellow socks.  Although I think the Bruins, being such an old team, need hem stripes.  The bottom of the jerseys just look empty without them.  7/10

Ottawa 67's (by Alan H.)
Alan recoloured the Senators third jersey for the 67's.  I do like the new colour scheme, using silver without any white looks sweet.  I just don't think the 67's shouldn't borrow a template from the Senators, it just seems too un-original to me.  7/10

Syracuse Crunch (by WinnipegJets96)
WinnipegJets96 has another 3 AHL concepts today, starting with the Syracuse Crunch.  It has a pretty cool striping pattern, and the rare yoke-on-the-dark-jersey-but-not-white-jersey look.  In my opinion the striping patten looks best on the white jersey because it has better contrast, but the blue jersey doesn't look bad.  8/10

University of Vermont (by Bobby P.)
I've said before I don't like vintage white, but it sure does look good here.  It's like the Wild's wheat colour, it works well with green.  The striping pattern is classic.  The diagonal script looks good too, it looks good with only three letters.  8/10

Springfield Falcons (by WinnipegJets96)
This is an update of a concept I judged last October, and WinnipegJets96 fixed the issues I had with it before.  I like that the claw design is back on the cuffs of the jerseys.  I also like the design used on the pants stripe.  8/10

Vancouver Canucks (by Dylan W.)
A green Canucks jersey, I love it.  The arm striping forming a V is a good feature, and the rest of the jersey looks good too.  Although this does bring up an issue I have with the Canucks stick-in-the-rink and Johnny-Canuck-v-head logos, on a green jersey the grey and green outlines get lost, which doesn't look good in my opinion.  8/10

Colorado Rockies (by Kyle C.)
Kyle brings back and modernizes the old Colorado Rockies with this concept.  If the Rockies never moved, I could see them switching to these jerseys in the late 90's or early 2000's, and then adapting them to the edge template.  The jerseys look good, the fonts look good, and the colours are balanced well.  8/10

Minnesota Wild (by Bobby P.)
This is a very retro set for the Wild, and all three jerseys do look really good.  It would be a bit odd if the Wild used such retro looking jerseys, but then again there is a lot of hockey history in the state of Minnesota.  It's a shame though that the bear-head logo is used so little here, it's such a great logo.  8/10

St. John's Ice Caps (by WinnipegJets96)
The Ice Caps use the same jerseys as the Jets, something I really don't like.  These jerseys would give the Ice Caps a much needed look of their own.  The light colour on the jerseys appear to be a light silver, and if that was intentional I think it's a great decision.  The only thing I don't like is that the striping pattern is very retro, it doesn't match that well with the Ice Caps modern logo.  8/10

Dallas Stars (by Brian B.)
For this concept Brian "yzermanized" the Stars.  Unlike with the lightning, I think that would be a great move for the Stars.  The striping pattern, inspired by the Stars first jerseys in Dallas, look good (and unlike the lightning, they don't rip-off an existing team).  The simple green and white colour scheme also looks great here (and it doesn't rip-off an existing team either).  I do think the logos are a bit to simple though.  8.5/10

Boston Bruins (by Mike S.)
This was Mike's entry into the Boston Bruins portion of the "Untouchables" redesign series.  It's a cool retro design, using the Bruins original colour scheme and retro logos.  I like the little stripes on the shoulder yoke, it kind of a subtle versions of the bruins classic shoulder yoke (kind of like a retro phantom shoulder yoke).  8.5/10

Phoenix Coyotes (by Dylan W.)
We finish off today with another fairly retro looking design.  This works well in my opinion, the logos look good with the striping pattern (and the Coyotes franchise is over 40 years old, so they are a retro team).  A lot of people don't like teams having two jerseys of the same colour, but I'm not one of those people, and I think a red-with-sand-and-black third jersey would be great for the Coyotes.  8.5/10
Tuesday: New Storm Reviewed by Steven Grant on June 04, 2013 Rating: 5


Snow Monster said...

New Storm...what a disappointment.
No originality and the striping doesn't mach! The Red Jersey looks like a bad rip off of the Red Wings, Coyotes and Leafs, and the White looks like a mish-mash of Canadians and Devils.
The lack of black and silver/grey really hurts this team. The black and grey definitely helped the 'Canes establish its own identity.
All in all no consistency, bad design and downright BORING!
I extend my condolences to all Hurricanes fans, I know what it;s like to watch your team play in awful uniforms.

Caz said...

I've got to say I was a bit disappointed in the Hurricanes jerseys as well. I'm just of the opinion that new teams should embrace the uniqueness that they have, not try to mimic the traditional looks of older teams. I'm eager to see the Stars new look. Hopefully it's not another homogenized, bland, overly-traditional set.

DBro Alexander said...

I've been telling people all day that I've talked to about it. The jerseys look nice, but I was expecting more.

I agree with Caz, the team had a very unique design element in the flag pattern and demoting it to the inside of the collar is a huge fail.

Keens said...

It reality, it looks like they just used 2002 Team Canada striping on white with the yokes from 2010. And the home jersey is taken straight from 2010 Team Canada. I vote 6/10 for no originality, but they could be worse *cough* Tampa, Sens, Pens *.

Unknown said...

I think Ryan's edited jerseys are right on the money. Adding the hurricane flag striping makes both jerseys seem more unique to Carolina.

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