Tuesday: Classics, Minor/Junior, and Football

Hello again.  The Stanley Cup Finals start tomorrow, and even though I'm not a fan of either team, I'm still really excited.  This is the best time of the year for hockey fans.  But that's not until tomorrow, and we have concepts right now.  We start off today with some Outdoor Classic concepts, then a couple of WinnipegJets96's Saturday Night Classic concepts, followed by some concepts from minor and junior leagues, and we finish off with some football related concepts.


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Los Angeles Stadium Series Game (by Alex H.)
Alex has designed jerseys for the Los Angeles Stadium Series game.  The Ducks jersey is a cool take on their original jerseys.  LA's jersey also looks good, that logo is a great choice for an outdoor game, as it has ties to both the Kings early days and their current logo.  The only thing I really don't like here are the coloured name-bars, it's a feature that rarely looks good, and this isn't one of those rare instances.  8/10

New York Stadium Series Game (by Adam H.)
Another Stadium Series concept, this time it's Adam's take on the Rangers vs Devils game.  As you can see, the Rangers jersey is basically a white version of the Rangers very first jerseys.  In my opinion it's always a good idea to throwback to a team's original jerseys, plus in this case it looks great.  The Devils jersey is also inspired by the team's first jersey, but the striping pattern has some of the oddities removed.  It looks pretty good, but since the green stripes are no longer outlined they kind of bleed into the red base colour.  8/10

Montreal Canadiens (by WinnipegJets96)
WinnipegJets96 continues his Saturday Night Classic series today with a couple of concepts, starting with the Canadiens.  This jersey is a throwback to the team's 1935-38 white jersey, basically the only jersey from the Canadiens history they haven't worn in the last five years (100th anniversary celebrations).  For that reason alone, this is the best choice for a throwback jersey for the Canadiens (it does look good too).  8.5/10

Nashville Predators (by WinnipegJets96)
The second team WinnipegJets96 tackles is a much less historic franchise, although the city of Nashville does have some hockey history, most notably the Nashville Dixie Flyers.  It appears that the Dixie Flyers were used as inspiration here, with a somewhat similar striping pattern used for this concept.  The checker-board pattern from the Predators 2009-11 third jersey also makes a re-appearance, although it is now sublimated in the yellow stripes.  It's hard to design a "classic" jersey for the Predators since their identity is modern, but this concept does a great job.  8.5/10

Saginaw Spirit (by Alan H.)
Like WinnipegJets96 said yesterday, I agree that Alan is one of the best concept artists at making modern jersey concepts.  This jersey has some traditional elements as well as some modern, which creates a nice balance.  I've never been a big fan of piping, but it doesn't look too bad here.  Overall these jerseys are much more creative than the Spirit's current jerseys, and they match the logo better too.  8/10

Barrie Colts (by Dylan W.)
Continuing with the OHL, Dylan has designed these sweet looking jerseys for the Colts.  The striping with the pattern from the logo is awesome.  Speaking of the logo, it was a great choice too, much better than the current cartoony logo.  Although I think the logo from the dark jersey would work best on both jerseys, it matches the striping better with the blue circles, and just looks better in my opinion.  8.5/10

Charlottetown Islanders (by Scott M.)
The Islanders recently unveiled their logo (and just the other day their ugly new jerseys) which uses the Penguins colour scheme.  For this concept, Scott used the striping pattern from the Penguins socks as basis for the jersey stripes.  It looks quite good, and compared to their actual jerseys it looks like the best thing ever.  8/10

Bakersfield Condors (by Mike S.)
We saw the start of Mike's ECHL Redesign yesterday, and it continues today with this Bakersfield Condors concept.  The striping pattern looks good, I really like how the shoulder yoke is mainly gold.  I'd suggest making the numbers gold though for better readability, and I personally don't like the coloured name bar.  Also I'd like to point out that "EASTON" appears backwards on the right hand glove.  8/10

Pittsburgh Penguins (by Austin E.)
Now moving on to some football related concepts, starting with Austin's second Steelers inspired Penguins jersey (here's part one from Saturday).  The Steelers striping pattern looks great here, and so does the Penguins original double blue colour scheme.  Everything looks great except for one thing, the blue triangle in the logo.  The Panguins use a golden triangle because Pittsburgh's has a famous golden triangle, so if you recolour the triangle blue that deeper meaning is lost.  8/10

Toronto Argonauts (by Gérard M.)
We finish off today with three CFL fan jersey concepts by Gérard, starting with the Toronto Argonauts (fun fact: apparently the Argonauts double blue colour scheme is the reason the Penguins starting off wearing double blue).  These jerseys are pretty good, I like that the light jersey is light blue instead of white (and since it's a fan jersey, there are no contrast issues).  Although I would like to see a bit more consistency between the sleeve and hem stripes.  8/10

BC Lions (by Gérard M.)
The Lions (my favourite CFL team) have great looking football jerseys.  This concept, even though it doesn't look a lot like the football jerseys, looks good too.  The orange jersey is the best of the two in my opinion, the white jersey is good too but I think it could use more orange.  The claw marks also look great, especially if this is just meant as a fan jersey.  8/10

Saskatchewan Roughriders (by Gérard M.)
I've always liked the Saskatchewan Roughriders identity, and as you can see it translates great to a hockey jersey.  The striping pattern is awesome, taking the pattern from the logo and extending it into a chest stripe.  There's also lots of green, which is always great.  A small execution error, one of the silver stripes on the back of the white jersey turns white for a short stretch.  Besides that everything is great here, I love the creativity.  COTW nomination from me.  8.5/10
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winnipegjets96 said...

That Montreal Concept is honestly an amazing jersey, but it really should be worn against the Red Wings, like in the 30's. I'll 2nd Gerard for COTW, I am a Argos fan, but I only hate two teams, the Esks and Als. GOD REDBLACKS too!

winnipegjets96 said...


Josh said...

Dylan's Colts for COTW. Those look awesome.

Unknown said...

I'll 3rd Gerard's Roughriders concept. I love the CFL! Training camp right now. Can't wait for the season. Go ESKS!


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