Thursday: A new storm, a new star, and new concepts!

Hey everybody, Tyler here! Today was my last day of the school year and tonight is Game 4 of the Hawks-Kings series with Chicago up 2-1 in the series. Anyway, as we all have heard by now, the Stars and Hurricanes unveiled new uniforms on Tuesday and it was quite a day for us "jersey nerds". Just from what I've heard, it seems everyone likes the new Stars jerseys, EXCEPT for Stars fans, so I don't know what's up with that. Now the Canes, nobody really seems to "love" them, the words I keep hearing is "uncreative", or "unoriginal". I will now tell you my opinions on both teams' new uniforms, then we'll get down to business.

To start us off here, I'll share my opinions on the team that unveiled their uniforms first, the Carolina Hurricanes.

from sportslogos.net
The Canes unveiled their "new storm" uniforms, and there was sure a lot more red. The home jerseys sure does look a lot like Team Canada's jersey, but I like it. The best thing the Canes did here was the less crowded look of the jersey. IMO, the old jerseys looked crowded with all the different striping, all the logos, and the yoke stripe. This is more simple and classic. I also like the name in the yoke on the road white jersey. Overall, I'll give the new Canes jerseys a 6.5/10.

Now, on to the new Stars logos & uniforms.

from sportslogos.net
The Stars new uniforms were long awaited. The previous jerseys were just awful and simply boring. I know all the Stars fans wanted the "Star" jerseys back, but I really like these. Yes, it does look A LOT like a green Blackhawks jersey. But hey, the Blackhawks have some of the best uniforms in all of sports, so that's not a bad route to take. As for the logos, I love them. Yes gold was removed, but the silver/grey doesn't look bad. The one thing I don't really like is the tall, thin numbers. Overall, I give the Stars new uniforms a 9/10.


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Michael L.

Josh L.

Stephen T.


Hamilton Tigers concept (By: JonEl)

Jon starts us off today with a Hamilton Tigers concept. There is a severe lack of black for my likings. I don't like the rather stretched-out logo. The away jerseys definitely needs some black, or at least more brown. Sorry, not a big fan. Good execution here, though. 5.5/10

St. Louis Blues concept (By: Steve)

Steve brings the Blues back to their "red" era, minus the red (thankfully). I really like these, but the jerseys seem rather empty. Not a big fan of the "fleur-de-lis" here, but it doesn't look awful. The little yellow stripes on the bottom of the socks are pointless considering they'd just get lost in the skates, you might as well put them over the main stripe like how it is on the jersey. The more I look at these, the more I like them. This is Steve's first oncept sent in here to HJC, and it's pretty darn good. One more thing, I recommend putting your name or some sort of ID on your concepts. Good job, Steve. 7.5/10

Calgary Flames concept (By: Andy C.)

Here are the Flames, part of Andy's NHL Nike redesign. I like the cool striping on the home and away jerseys. The one thing I don't like is the two pieces of the flame that are yellow, that looks weird. The throwback alternate is a great idea, the "C" logo there is cool, too. Cool jerseys here by Andy. 7.5/10

Philadelphia Flyers concept (By: Mike S.)

Mike continues us along with a Winter Classic-esque Flyers sweater. I love the classic feel here. The vintage white looks great. I would love if the Flyers came out with something like this. Awesome job, Mike. 8/10

Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins AHL concept (By: Jets96)

Jets96 continues his AHL rebrand with the WBS Penguins. They currently have Pittsburgh Penguins jerseys with a touch of red. I like what Jets has done here. The big yokes look cool. I kind of wish there was more character in the striping, but it looks good. 7/10

Pittsburgh Penguins concept (By: Stephen T.)

Well, now we move on to the WBS Penguins parent club, the Pittsburgh Penguins. Stephen throws way back to the 20's for this concept. Based off of the sweaters of the Pittsburgh Pirates, the striping is simple and slanted, looks pretty good. The sock striping is cool as well. Great execution, here. 6.5/10

San Jose Sharks concept (By: David K.)

David updates the Sharks here in this concept. I like the updates on the home and roads, but I don't like logo changes. Well, actually I like that "rainbow fin" logo, that looks good. But, I wish the current home and road crest was used rather then the current alternate crest. I like the alternate, but I don't think it's better then the current one. Good job here, David. 7/10

Minnesota Wild concept (By: Peter H.)

The Wild are likely to update their road sweater this offseason, and why not do what Peter has done here? Promote the alternate to home and make a matching-road sweater. That's what I would do. I kind of wish there was some type of shoulder patches, but other then that these are perfect. 7.5/10

Philadelphia Flyers concept (By: Dylan W.)

Another Flyers alternate jersey concept, why not? Dylan offers up a black and orange Flyers alternate here. I like the classic striping and the yoke looks good. Love the logo too. Great job, as always Dylan. 8/10

Vancouver Giants WHL concept (By: Scott D.)

Scott is coming up on the end of his CHL redesign and I have loved it. This concept is no different. I love the simple striping. The single stripe on the pants are awesome. And wow, I love the black alternate! Awesome set here, as always, from Scott. 8.5/10 and a COTW nom from me!

Ottawa Senators concept (By: Gary)

Gary has a cool Sens concept for us here. I've never seen the color used on the sleeves like that, how it comes to a point with the yoke, but I think it looks cool. The brief use of the barber pole striping is cool. Love the side view logo too. Awesome job here, Gary. 8/10

Worcester Sharks AHL concept (By: Jets96)

Jets96 finishes off his AHL redesign here, and I want to say congrats! It's been an awesome series and these are some awesome jerseys. I like the circular collars and the striping pattern is cool. Awesome series, Jets96. 7.5/10

Quebec Nordiques concept (By: Pat G.)

Pat finishes us off here for the day with some cool Nordiques concepts. I think these are slightly based off of those unused jerseys the Nordiques had, you know, the one with the wolf head logo? Anyway, I like these. The slanted striping on the arms is awesome and that is a cool logo. And wow, that's an awesome alternate. The light blue, red, and vintage white comes together great there. Great sweaters here, Pat. 8.5/10

Thanks for reading, have a good Friday everyone!
Thursday: A new storm, a new star, and new concepts! Reviewed by Tyler Gross on June 06, 2013 Rating: 5


Kevin W. said...

You know, people keep talking about the green Stars jersey being a Blackhawks recolor... it's not. Look at the striping pattern. It's a recolor of the Rangers' blue jersey. It even includes a tiedown collar.

Tyler Gross said...


You're right, but it's actually a combination.

It has thicker Blackhawks arm striping.

But other then the arm striping, it pretty much is a Rangers jersey.

Unknown said...

I'll second Scott's Vancouver Giants for COTW. Stellar colors and striping.

Kyle C. said...

I'll second the Giants for COTW

Sean Mahoney said...

In all the Sharks concepts I've seen, I don't ever remember a orange jersey. Davids Alternate jersey could work. I think I might have to start on an orange Sharks concept.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the hurricanes jersey a redo of Canada's 2010 jersey?

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