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In awesome news, the Penguins got knocked out on Friday, and in case you're wondering, I really don't like the Pens. I'm really not interested in this years playoffs too much, I'm rarely watching the games, and will hopefully watch the finals, but I am much more interested in the draft and the new Sharks jerseys. Maybe it's because the Jets didn't make it, but none the less, go Jets go!

On to the concepts, we have 12 today s let's get rolling.

Team Slovakia Concepts (By: Bobby P.)

The Slovakians have always used the crest on their flag as the main crest on their jerseys, but putting the crest on the pants? That's a new one! Bobby makes the current Slovakian jerseys much more refined, and classic, white having modern elements like the yoke ends. The jersey look good but the main eye catcher is the pants striping! I've seen script in pants and I've seen logos on pants but I have never seen a logo stretched on the pants. I like it a lot and its the real unique things about this concept. The only flaw is the helmet on the white jersey; it should be white. (8.5/10)

Team U.S.A Concept (By: Bobby P.)

AMERICA...Heck yeah! I love getting patriotic American concepts because they are always epic, and Bobby's is no exception. The 3 stripe pattern has been popular among concept makers as it matches the American flag. The stars are also a good idea and most of the concept flows well. My complaints are with the logo. I don't think the blue logo works at all and I've never been a fan of the eagle logo, but the logo on the bottom of the concept work fine or the current logo. (7.5/10)

Team Canada Concept (By: Gerard Maurice)

On to Canada, and Gerard take black out of Canada's colour scheme and replaces it with a darker shade of red, almost maroon or burgundy. I think the black on team Canada's current logo looks decent, but it doesn't really look good on the jersey, it actually dates it quite a bit, and I like this idea. With double colours replacing black in a lot of teams, I think this could work. The Red jersey looks great, but the white jersey could use a bit of work. I'd thicken the stripes and get rid of the yoke. (8/10)

Ottawa Vs. Vancouver Stadium Series Concept (By: Adam H.)

The only Canadian exclusive outdoor game next year, this game will be awesome! Adam wants the Canucks to faux-back to the Millionaires and the Sens will through back to the...Senators. The Sens jersey is cool, throwing back to the world champion na na na na na we're better than you jersey, which is cool, and is well executed, but white pants may look a little better, I'm not to sure. The Canucks jersey is also good, but again, the pants are the problem, they should be either blue or white, the green ones would stand out too much. (7/10)

Dallas Stars Concept (By: Justin S.)

One of the universally agreed best jerseys of the past 20 years is the star hemmed Dallas Stars jerseys, they are amazingly creative, and should still be around. Justin brought them back with the new logo and logo set. I this this idea could work except for one problem. The hem is very well done, and the execution is decent but could use a bit of touching up. The new "Victory Green" should be used all around and not just on the logo. My problem with the ides is that the logo as a whole is a star, it's like a star-caption, the roundel logo may work better here. (7/10)

Exeter Squirrels Concept (By: Will S.)

Will's call to fame is making actual concepts, not just making jpegs but really having jerseys made, and this jersey is one of the most unique I've seen in awhile. The jersey itself is good, it uses the colours well and the hem stripe actually helps the logo a lot. The logo is good and classic, the bottom font however may look better with a uniform font. The number in the acorn is beautiful, I love it. (9/10)

I now have two concepts from my Saturday Night Classics Concept series. The only comments I'll leave on them is what era I've thrown back to.

Dallas Stars Concept (By: Jets96)

This is a combination of throw back to the inaugural North Stars Jerseys, the mid 70's double stripe jerseys and the early Dallas Stars jerseys.

Edmonton Oilers Concept (By: Jets96)

This throws back to the original Alberta Oilers jerseys from 1972, including the nameless name bars that would read Edmonton instead of a players name, just like in the WHA.

Alaska Aces Concept (By: Mike S.)

Ah, the ECHL, it was a year ago I was working on re-designing the ECHL with the Nike Swift template, and it's nice to see Mike is doing one now. Mike takes the sleek looking alternate logo and replaces the overly aggressive Polar Bear logo the aces currently use. I think most of the jersey works, except for the striping, the white and gray should switch and make the logo's script white. (8/10)

Anaheim Ducks Concepts (By: Gerard M.)

Gerard also has a new idea for the Ducks, who, while have decent jerseys, lack a good colour scheme or logo. Gerard takes a very popular approach by using the current 3rd jersey template as home and away set, a good move by me. The biggest change to the set is of course the colour scheme which, while unique, is still kind of bright for me, especially on the logos. I would darken either the orange or green, or both, so that way they don't stand out as much. I'd also move the shoulder patch inward so it doesn't look so close to the numbers. (8/10)

Boston Bruins Concept (By: Alan H.)

Ah Allen, one of the masters of modern on the site, gives us a good looking, unique Bruins jersey. I think this template is underused and is one of the Cookie Cutter Templates I can stand, but the additions Alan adds, like the onslaught of stripes are very good and very well executed and everything looks good. (9/10) COTW Nom. From Me!

HC CSKA Moscow Concepts (By: Gerard H.)

We end today with Russian awesome power house, CSKA Moscow! Gerard gives them a classic jersey, with two tone stripes and different coloured pants. The red jersey with blue pants and white jersey with red pants is a good idea, but a part of me wants white pants...argh. Everything is classic, and the names below the numbers is a good, Euro touch. The only thing missing to complete the Euro look would be 10010101 ads. (8/10)
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Ryan said...

Regarding the helmet comment on the Slovakia concept, most teams only use one helmet. Saves on the amount of equipment to transport when they play in mostly short tournaments.

Richard Mazella said...

Gerard (Team Canada) for CotW!

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