Monday: Predictions Galore

Hey Guys, Happy Monday as usual.

COTW has reset for the week, and new concept are up for vote. Votes are due Friday night

The Untouchables contest series is entering it's final phase, the always loved...ish, Toronto Maple Leafs. Entries are due Friday, please read all the rules.

Here are some of the concepts that have been entered to far:

Tristan M.)

David K.)

Dylan W.)

Ted N.)

Justin S.)



 Tomorrow is a huge day for hockey jersey world, as all of you are aware, the Stars and Canes are getting new jerseys. The Stars have accidentally unveiled their new logos and their jerseys will match that. The Hurricanes have been giving little snippets of their new look, and it is being done via instagram. You can check out all the snippets on the HJC Facebook page, and prepare for a Hurricane of predictions...ahah..ahah...ugh.
Lets' start with the Non-Canes/Stars Concepts
Florida Panthers Concept (By: Dylan W.)

Dylan continues his series of NHL Alternate jerseys with this sleek concept for the AHL border Panthers. while I'm not a fan of blue Panthers jerseys, but this one looks decent. The other colours are used enough so the jersey isn't too dark. The yellow hem stripes are great, but  the red yoke doesn't really fit with it. Other than that, awesome jersey. (8.5/10)

Peoria Rivermen Concepts (By: Dylan A.)

 The Rivs moved to the Southern Pro league, which 1. is real, 2. is growing and 3. has some cool looks (look at the Pensacola Ice Flyers) and this is one of them. The Rivs unveiled cool jerseys, but Dylan makes them more...classic. Both jerseys remind me of what the Blues wore in the 60's, and I like the look. The colours are balanced well, and the square yoke is cool. I think a full captain's wheel would be a good shoulder patch. Overall, awesome. (9/10)

I also have 2 AHL concepts, continuing my Re-design

San Antonio Rampage Concepts (By: Jets96)

Rochester Americans Concepts (By: Jets96)

On to the Stars Concepts first----------------------------------------------------

Brian B.)

Brian, like another concept in this post, wants the Stars to go back to their original look. The Edge template looks great with this look, and the Stars could very very easily used. The new logo looks good, and the shoulder patch is eh. All the colours are balanced well, and hey, look at the pants, the script is back. Wouldn't be too disappointed if the Stars rolled these out, and hey, excellent even. (8.5/10)

 Kyle C.)

Kyle gives the Stars a more conservative look, especially considering Dallas's current jerseys. The Green jersey is something one would expect considering how much Dallas management has built up the green, that is the reason of the re-design after all. The striping is good, and I have always been a fan of the curved bottom striping. I'm not keen on the white yoke, I think a black one would work. The white jersey is perfect. Overall, could use something for a WOW factor, but still, wouldn't be disappointed to see Dallas in these. (8/10)

Steven G.)

Steven keeps the classic striping Kyle suggested, while adding more black. Both jerseys are well made, but I think the yoke stripes on the white jersey are cooler. I think Black gear is the war to go for the Stars, or atleast Dark Green, as this shade of green is too bright for gear, sort of like Carolina's red. This I think is one of the best predictions we will see today, as it is not only the most likely and the most simple. (9/10)

Dylan W.)

Crank up the silver. This is perfect. The silver is used so well, the black, the white and green are all used well. The template I've already said is great, and historical for Dallas, and Dylan's template is awesome. The striping is great, Chicago style, but the colours are balanced well so it doesn't look like a copy. (9/10) COTW Nom. from me.

Now some 3rd jerseys.

Mike S.)

The Stars will have a throwback eventually, and Mike combines two eras, the original and star-hem look to great this awesome 3rd. This shade of green I prefer to the new one, and I prefer the gold to the silver. I think this look could be a great idea for a set, but obviously that isn't happening. The pants should have a stripe. I also think an arm stripe may be used properly, but only in Black or Gold. (9/10)

Cedric L.)

Cedric gives the Stars a modern black jersey which won't be seen for 10 minutes after the new sets are unveiled (honestly, how long will it be until a black alternate is unveiled, unless it is the current home which actually wouldn't be a bad thing. I like everything except for the striping. The arms are too bare, and the hem is not working for me. I would use the 70's North Stars striping and see how that works and sublimating the stars. (7/10)

Up north to Carolina, here to rock you like a Hurricane...aha ha ha HA! I regret nothing.

Tristan P.)

This is what Tristan thinks those pesky Canes are going to wear, I call them pesky because they never win when I want them to and win when I don't. I like the clues being used, but I'm hoping this isn't what they wear honestly. I will give points for accuracy, but I think this would me a step down from what they wear. Tristan, it's a good concept and accurate, but man will the Canes look boring next year. (8/10)

Brady S.)

Brady takes a more Whalers approach, and gives us a full set, including alternates. I think the home and road are even more boring, but it is mostly accurate to the photos given by the Hurricanes. The alternate is good, but the flags are missing. I think the Canes will wear black pants though, the red pants are too gaudy and flashy, considereing how boring the jerseys may be. Also, the name bar will be inside the yoke. (8/10)

Brian B.)

This is Brian's idea of a better set for the Hurricanes, based of off the Bruins and the current Canes alternate..and, I'm going to be brutally honest, it's awesome. I think the arm stripes are awesome ,a dn the flag hem striping are great, keeping, a get this, unique identity. The yoke stripes actually look like the Hurricane coming, which is uniquely awesome. I like it, please use the Carolina, and stay original. (9/10)

Brian B.) II

This is Brian's prediction as to what the Canes will unveil tomorrow. This is a new template to Reebok, and kudos to Brian for using the proper yoke. The numbers and striping all match the photos, except for the pants. I already stated the canes will more than likely use black pants, just based on the amount of black on the jersey and the numbers. The numbers will also be straight and not italicized. Overall though, good concept. (8/10)

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D Bro for COTW

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Brian B's Canes for COTW

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Dylan W's Stars seconded for COTW.

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Which one?

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