Friday: Around the NHL (and Hartford)

A hearty high-ho to all of you this Friday as we see that the Conference finals are just what the doctor ordered so far with the last four Stanley Cup champions battling it out. Jets96 and Scott M. have sent in a pair of concepts each in addition to the others. I'm disappointed in the Canes and am okay with the Stars who have improved as a result of their re-branding. I would say more on both, but there's work to be done. Following today's featured artist we will be starting off with a Stars contest as prompted by their uniform unveiling.


Your reminders for today can be found below.

COTW May 27-June 2 vote - (Ends tonight @ 11:59 pm EDT)
 Toronto Maple Leafs UNTOUCHABLES Entry phase - (ends tonight @ 11:59 pm EDT)


Speaking of the untouchables concept, we have some entries below.

Alex H.

Austin E. 

Brandon C. 


Jason D.


Joey F.

Matt Mc. 

Ricky (me)

Rosy Jerseys 


Today, White Lightning has sen in his profile card to us!


DAL Stars (Brian B.)

I think these uniforms are even better than what was introduced to us on Tuesday! The manner in which this set is presented helps a subtle transition from the old branding to the new without switching the home jersey color. My only things are that the entire sleeve on the roads should be white and the center stripe should be green and the outer two white on the home kit. A Modano out of Morrow is in store here, 9 out of 10.

NSH Predators (Tyler G.)

Ah the guitar strings, nothing says Preds jersey better than that (the checker pattern comes close). I like where my co-blogger is going with this, but the striping seems a might too simple with the striping. Perhaps the checkering wouldn't be a bad idea here. Adding the guitar pick logo as a shoulder patch is also a nice touch to this concept. If these were their inaugural kits, it would seem perfect. With predatory-like instinct, an 8 out of 10.

WSH Capitals (Mike S.)

Although it has a slight Rangers look, I find the use of stripes from Old Glory very intriguing. But it works, so it adds to the concept in this case. This would probably be an alternate jersey for the time being as the Caps have a red home jersey in place. The main thing here is that the TV numbers don't clash with the arm stripes due to the placement on the yoke. The US Presidents should be happy about this one, 8.5 out of 10.

MTL Canadiens (Stéphane)

Stéphane is absolutely right about the "cookie cutter" aspect. However, I hope we never see the Habs with such a logo for a club with such a rich history. The logo I think makes the chest stripe seem like it's too much. Move it down to the hem and we might have something, but I'm not completely ready for this one. A 7.5 out of 10

HTF Wolf Pack (Jon)

I'm glad the Wolf Pack branding is back. That alone is a celebration of sorts. The logo is slightly over-sized as well as the name and number on the back. At the same time, the TV numbers are slightly too small. I'm not a big fan of the white stars on the road jersey striping, they need to be colored. What intrigues me about this set is the gray alternate. What if their NHL affiliate New York Rangers went to a gray jersey like the old "Lady Liberty" practice jerseys. With execution errors, this is still a decent set - 7 out of 10.

CHI vs. PIT 2014 Stadium Series (Michael G.)

I don't generally like most of the jerseys used in the Winter Classic games, but Michael has at least madde one presentable. This look suits the Blackhawks just fine except i wold like the number on back to be a little more legible with a better outline. While I don't miss the Penguins baby blue, the color distribution is my main concern. The number outline blends in too much with the "gold" regardless of the order. Meanwhile, the hem trim and cuff trim  on the Pens jersey should match the bottom of the sleeves and hem, even though you pulled it off very well for the Hawks jersey. I'm freezing my vote in at an 8 out of 10.

NY Rsngers (Jon)

Red pants, red jersey perhaps? Not here, but Jon changes the striping that does not catch my affection, or at least the hem stripe. The biggest surprise to me is the non-retention of the classic striping on the road yoke. I cannot picture it even though it is right in front of me. I think Lady Liberty is the saving grace for this one. Hey, it looks much better than it would if this were in the style of the WNBA's New York Liberty. Freedom has rung, a 7 out of 10.

LA Kings Sat. Night Classic (Jets96)

One of two for today in his Saturday Night Classic Series, Jets96 presents us with one for the Kings. This logo always minded me of the crown you might see on a checkers piece. Too fancy for a logo, but many in the sports world were when this came out - lots of detail.I don't really have an opinion on this one good or bad, but comparing it to similar retro jerseys, it's predominantly spot on. The Kings are crowned an 8 out of 10.

UTC Flames (Scott M.)

This is one of two concepts Scott has sent into us and both of the ones in today's post were featured on his blog a little bit ago. Definitely resemblant of the affiliate Calgary Flames. Could they possibly sport the look Scott has given the AHL team. I'm not sure completely on the logo, but it works. Firing up an 8 out of 10.

WPG Jets (Stephen T.)

I like this one but It also sort of looks like it could be a Jackets jersey if you switch the logo to the one on th Columbus alternate. Stephen makes double blue look good, something that is hard to do with any jersey. If it is to be more distinguishable from Columbus, it is missing something. Also, a minor note is that I would prefer the TV numbers to have a stronger outline.  A 7.5 out of 10.

BRM Beast (Scott M.)

 This color scheme is one of the most difficult to work with, but Scott has made a respectable concept. He eve aligned the name on the back to resemble the script in the logo to some extent. I have no complaints here what so ever other than the colors, but Scott can't do anything about that. A 9 out of 10.

CAR Hurricanes SNC (Jets 96)

 Jets 96 does beautifully with this one. Even though it doesn't have the classic flag striping, I'm happy with this one very much. Not much else to say, 9 out of 10.

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Josh said...

I like Jason D.'s Toronto Weed Plants concept... haha.

Timmy Q. said...

Jets96 Carolina concept for cotw

Tyler Gross said...

Stéphane's Habs for COTW

I hope the Canadiens bring those out in 2020.

Alan John Herbert said...

Stéphane's Habs concept for COTW!

Richard Mazella said...

I would've done so in the post, but I nominated one last week and I may not have properly. I second the Jets96 Canes concept.

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