Weekend Update (May 19)

Hey everybody. My life has officially settled down it seems. Back from vacation for a week now. My son hopefully has started sleeping through the night. I've come to grips with the Leafs' losing in historical fashion, but I still don't have the urge to watch the second round like I did the first. By the semi-finals I should be back to normal.


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The hot topic right now seems to be the Delay of Game penalty when the defenceman clears the puck over the glass. I for one like the rule, but I can understand that losing a game on a PK because the D-man accidentally shot the puck over the glass could be a problem.

I've heard several dumb solutions over the last couple of days. The "solutions" include issuing only a 1 minute penalty for the infraction. Just giving the puck to the other team instead of a faceoff. And lastly, I heard someone suggest that if you clear the puck over the glass then your team loses its timeout. Then if you do it again that's where it's a penalty. All dumb ideas and the first two mess with the integrity, history, and tradition of the game in my opinion.

My solution is to make this a discretionary call. It should be up to the referee whether he thinks the player intentionally cleared the biscuit over the glass or if it was an accident. Of course, if the zebra were to say it was on purpose then a penalty should be issued. If the referee determines that the play was an accidental clear then the team that cleared the puck should not be allowed to make any player changes (just like an icing). Also, a TV timeout would be moved to the next stoppage that meets that criteria, if it were in fact the time for a TV timeout.

That's my solution to this issue. I'm actually in favour of keeping it the way that it is, but it may be time for a change. What do you think about this rule and do you have any solutions?


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CLIB542 said...

Delay of game needs to be black and white. It would only get worse if the ref made the decision whether it was intentional or not.

The only problem with it for myself would be when a player bats a puck out of air to break up a pass and the pucks goes out. That shouldn't be called.

One way I think to possibly improve on the call would be not to have a 5 on 3 because of it. Just add 2 more minutes to the existing penalty.

Richard Mazella said...

What's the counter on the side for?

Ryan said...


Brady Sufat said...

I think that delay of game penalties should be removed from the game, but something definitely should be done to "penalize" the offending team. Probably the best solution would to treat it like an icing and not allow the team to change lines.

DBro Alexander said...

I think two things that need to be adressed as well is how embellishment penalties are called and the goalie trapezoid.

I think it's absolutely stupid that if a penalty is called on a player for embellishing why would the other player get a penalty for the trip or hook or what have you.

And as for the goalie trapezoid, I'm a goalie and have always thought it was a stupid rule.

Anonymous said...


Dustin said...

I don't think it's the hjc open. Last year it was in June. The countdown goes to july 7 or 8.

Timmy Q. said...

What's the HJC open?

Phil B. said...

Keep it the way it is. Even if its by accident, clearing the puck over the glass is a stupid mistake. Keep the rule as is. Bottom line is the Sharks made stupid mistakes and giftwrapped that game to LA.

kyle said...

don cherry said something interesting in regards to the delay of game penalty. just raise the glass! would probably cut down on at least half of the penalties taken

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