Wednesday: Playoff Fever

Hey Hey Hey! Have you all caught the fever? Playoff fever?! What a night of games last night, two of which going into OT! Hopefully tonight's games are even better! Outside of the playoffs, some of you looking for inspiration may want to add a New York Islanders concept to your to-do list as rumors of rebranding around 2014 have been swirling, so get to it!

And it always seems there's a ton of votes each weeks but this week I only bring you one which is for last week's COTW
COTW April 22-28 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)

Hartford Wolfpack Contest Entries


We have one Artist Profile Card today, here's Richard M.

And now our normal daily concepts, yes, all 8 of them!

Leksands IF (Elitserien) - (E.Awad)
E.Awad takes the stars, normally located around the crest on their actual jerseys, and arranges them along the bottom of the hem à la Quebec Nordiques..... the arm striping is also similar to that of the Toronto Maple Leafs with sock striping to match... The star also appears on the shoulder which I'm a fan of. There's really nothing I dislike about the concept, perhaps other than the pants stripes, I'd either keep them straight all the way down or just get rid of them.

Rating: 8.5/10

Reading Royals (ECHL) - (E.Awad) 
Here you can see Reading's current mismatched set, and above you can see E.Awad's new proposed set which is miles better based on the fact they match alone. The striping is simple which almost always looks good, and normally I don't care for this style of yoke but I'm ok with it here, I guess it's because I love the color scheme. I also applaud your choice of logos Awad... I'm glad you fought the urge to use this logo, and the secondary logo on the shoulders looks great.

Rating: 8.5/10

New York Rangers Concept - (Mike S.)
 Here's Mike's entry into the NYR Untouchables Comp. from a few weeks back. Overall a decent concept but I'm just not feeling the choices made. If I'd entered, I would have modernized the Rangers as opposed to "throwing them back" with new fauxbacks. The differences between the striping on both jerseys just seems awkward to me. The striping is very thick on the blue jersey, and it appears the arm striping is thicker than the hem, and the striping on the white is very very thin. I would find a happy medium and use it on both jerseys. Not a huge fan of the rounded shield over the current one either.

Rating: 6/10

Vancouver Canucks Concept - (Stephen T.)
Things stay somewhat similar to the current 'Nucks set in Stephen's concept except the thin stripes in the striping become thicker, which I think looks ok but their current striping is somewhat unique, I'd get rid of the space in between each stripe so it's just three stripes touching. I like the move to keep the blue cuffs on the away jersey, but the arm striping is different, I'm assuming that last green stripe is supposed to be blue like on the back. Another execution note, the shoulder patches on the right side of each view of the jersey is wrong, they need to be flipped. Also, put an ID of some sort on the image!

Rating: 7/10

Team Sweden Alternate Jersey - (Caz W.)
 This...just...this...is so great... I love the integration of the flag on the front of the jersey, and the sublimated crowns on the back are great. The only possible problem I see is the crowns are where the captain's letter would go, but that could be solved by A.sublimating those crowns - B. Putting the letter on the right side of the chest in the yellow stripe - or C. putting the crowns somewhere in the yellow stripe.

Rating: 9/10 and a shiny COTW NOM

And here's a treat, A new series being featured on the pages of HJC! This time from relatively new comer Dylan Wonka. I'll let you read his explanation of the new league on the image below and I will breakdown the first team's identity after that.

Wonka's Imagination Hockey League
*Suggestion, do the Chicago area, or if you really want to impress me, I'm from around Rockford, Illinois... and around Rockford we love us some Sock Monkeys ;)
Dylan's first team, the Broad Street Bulls gets creativity points since the name plays off of "Broad Street   Bullies" and the jersey isn't reminiscent of any other jerseys I can think of so more points. I would like an explanation of the division and conference names if possible and the leagues logo is a little bland and generic. It'd be nice to see a new one since it seems you have a talent for making logos judging from that bull.

Rating: 8/10

Hope you all have a great Wednesday and good luck to your respective teams, especially you Leafs fans... I'll be rooting for them!

Go Blackhawks!
Wednesday: Playoff Fever Reviewed by DBro Alexander on May 01, 2013 Rating: 5


Kevin W. said...

How about a team in San Diego? Sure, it's not realistic but in a fantasy league, who cares? Maybe the San Diego Surf. I even have an old fantasy team identity you could use for them if you want.

Josh said...

If you really want to go imaginative, put a team in Charlottetown, PEI. Charlottetown has a QMJHL team and used to have an AHL team.

Some ideas...
-Charlottetown is considered the cradle of Confederation... the conference where the idea of provinces joining to create the country of Canada was first talked about happened there.

-any stereotypical PEI thing, Lobsters, Potatoes, Mussels, Sand Dunes, Seagulls, Tractors, etc

Phil B. said...

I second the Team Sweden uniform for COTW

Caz said...

I like my COTW noms shiny. Thanks DBro and Phil!

Dylan Wonka, if you'd like to, I'd love to see a team from Jackson, Tennessee (near where I grew up). Jackson's "famous" for a few things: Home of Carl Perkins and rockabilly music (wrote "Blue Suede Shoes"), home of railroad legend Casey Jones,and it's the home of Steve Fosett (first man to circumnavigate the globe in a hot air balloon. The city's nickname is the "Hub City". The minor league baseball team there is called the Generals. Hopefully that might give you some ideas. I love the idea of creating that many teams. It's an ambitious project.

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