Wednesday: Ocho de Mayo

Yo jersey people, happy Wednesday. I'm sure you all saw that the Canucks got booted from the playoffs last night. Now I'm going to be a good sport and not say anything mean because the Blackhawks are still in the playoffs and karma and stuff, so.......yeah...

In other news, the NHL officially announced a new game in the Stadium Series, and as expected, it's between the Anaheim Ducks and the LA Kings at Dodger Stadium. I look forward to the problems I feel that they will have while setting up the ice.

Also, new writer Ricky will be taking over the Friday slot next week but until then, there will be no Friday post this week, but that doesn't mean that there's no voting! Get your votes in by Friday!

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As opposed to yesterday, there's only ONE outdoor game concept today and it's for the newly announced Ducks-Kings game, so we'll get that one out of the way first.

Ducks-Kings Outdoor Game Concept - (Stephen T.)
Not much of a "concept" here as both jerseys are simple "Edge-ifications" of former jerseys. The Kings' jersey is an updated "1980-88" jersey with an added white outline on the pants stripe. And the Ducks' jersey is an update of their original dark jersey they wore from their first season until their rebranding. While both of these jerseys have potential to be worn I feel like the Kings would have to wear their 90's jersey. It's odd to see an 80's jersey against a 90's jersey but hey, that's the magic of these outdoor games I guess. The back of the Kings jersey here is missing it's white outline on the purple as well as all the purple on the left sleeve. Always double, triple, or even quadruple check your concepts for mistakes guys!

Rating: 6/10

Nashville Predators Concept - (David K.)
 David keeps the Pred's current color scheme and gives them new jerseys with striping that copies the "guitar string" theme on their numbers. I don't like how the pants striping doesn't really fit in, they'd probably be better off blank as the jerseys are very busy. I don't like the triangle behind the logo coming back. The recolored logo is ok. The striping on the home looks off, it looks a lot better on the road, which I would make the home and make a white version for the road, like how the team currently wears yellow at home and white on the road. The gray jersey is nice though, the best of the three.

Rating: 7/10

Iowa Wild - (Dylan W.)
Dylan aims to give the new Iowa Wild their own identity that doesn't directly mimic their parent club. I'm not a huge fan of the color scheme, it screams "McDonald's!!!" to me. I don't mind the color scheme or the logo, even though it is sort of lazy, that the team currently has, it's the jerseys that I have beef with. They should keep the Wild color scheme and add some red as well as have unique jerseys that are different than anything the big club wears. However, this does exactly what Dylan intended, give the Iowa Wild their own identity. Some sort of secondary logo would be nice.

Rating: 7/10

New York Rangers Concept - (Justin N.)
Justin takes the modernized Rangers shield and removes all the silver to keep the color scheme just red, white, and blue. Bad move, I like that logo with all it's silver. It looks odd without it. I like that Justin keeps the striping on both jerseys similar but slightly different just like their current jerseys. I'd just add that silver back to the logo and maybe work it into the jerseys to fully modernize this teams identity. The drop shadowed numbers could probably be lost too. I'd also add TV numbers. 

Rating: 7/10

Ottawa Senators Concept - (Peter H.)
 Peter gives the Sen's new jerseys, but reverts to their old logos. I like the idea of using the 2D head, but I'd use their current 2D head. I'm really indifferent towards the other logo. The reasoning behind my choice to use the newer logo is because the jerseys have a very modern look to them and it would just fit better. The jerseys also seem somewhat plain and boring, like their current jerseys, but it would be unique to them instead of sharing the template with the Penguins. I feel like the home jersey could use a bit more white and the road jersey could use a bit more black.

Rating: 6.5/10

Calgary Flames Concept - (William F.)
William takes all the black out of the Flames' look, well, kind of. The black remains in the secondary horse logo which looks bad. If you want to keep the horse head you need to either get rid of the black in it or add black back into the jerseys. William clearly wants the Flames to go back to their bright, black-less days of the past and keeps the jerseys very simple just like they used to be. It bugs me how the hem stripe is very thin and the arm stripes are thick. I'd make them all thick. The yellow phantom yoke outline on the home is unnecessary. Also, TV numbers, you need them. 

Rating: 6/10

Rollerball Hockey Jersey Concept - (Will S.)
Will makes a jersey here inspired by the 1975 film, Rollerball. I've never seen the movie so I can't comment on the design choices, but by looking through images and previews for the movie, it resembles the jersey worn by the main character's team. Also, while researching, I discovered Will had sent in a Rollerball jersey back in September.  and he took former writer Colin's advice and made the jersey less plain. It's better than his last attempt but It's really gone as far as I think it could go as a hockey jersey as far as making it more visually appealing while staying true to the source material.

Rating: 7/10
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