Tuesday: Quality Concepts and a Power Outage

Welcome to another day here on HJC.  We have lots of good concepts today, all of them are rated 8 or higher.  Also, as you can see by the clock on the right, there are only 48 days left until they HJC open.

Sorry this post is a bit late.  The power went out as I was writing this post and it didn't come back until after the post was already supposed to be up.


Don't forget about the COTW vote.  Also contest entries for the Boston Bruins "Untouchables" Redesign Series are due by Friday.

COTW vote May 13-19 (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)
Boston Bruins Untouchables entries (due Friday @ 11:59pm EST)


Here are the entries for the Boston Bruins "Untouchables" Redesign Series that have come in since yesterday's post...

(by Dylan W.)

(by Jason D.)

(by Ricky M.)

(by Snow Monster)

(by WinnipegJets96)


Brampton Beast (by Steve M.)
The Brampton Beast recently unveiled their logo, and here Steve has designed a nice set of jerseys to go with that logo.  My favourite part here has to be the big claw marks, as I like seeing minor league teams use unique designs like that.  The full-length shoulder yokes compliment those claw marks nicely.  The number font works well in this case too.  My only two negatives are pretty minor, first I think the logo on the away jersey could use a white outline, and also there are two different shades of black used.  8/10

Saguenéens De Chicoutimi (by Bastian S.)
The Saguenéens De Chicoutimi are one of the few teams who currently use vertical shoulder stripes right now, and Bastian updates those stripes (and the rest of the jersey) for this concept.  The new striping is miles (or kilometres) better than what they use, now that the sleeve and hem stripes match the shoulder yoke.  Everything here looks good, and I don't really have anything else to say.  8.5/10

Yankee Stadium Games (by Ryan, HJC)
Our Administrator, Ryan, has designed jerseys for both the Yankee Stadium outdoor games.  The Rangers jerseys look great, I really like how they are like a home and road set.  I also like how the original shade of blue was used.  The Islanders jersey is my least favourite of the four jerseys, just because I don't think of navy blue as a vintage colour for them since they first used it in the 90's.  I do really like the four-sleeve stripes, a nice subtle nod to the Islanders four Stanley Cups.  The Devils jersey is exactly what I want to see them wear, an Reebok Edge version of their original white jersey.  Finally, the logo for the event looks great.  8.5/10

Halifax Mooseheads (by Bastian S.)
The Mooseheads are another team that use that use vertical shoulder stripes, but they only use it on their alternate jersey right now.  I'm a big fan of what Bastian has done here, both the jerseys look really good.  I think it's really cool that the striping pattern is slightly different on the two jerseys, but they are similar enough to look like they belong together.  9/10

Montreal United (by Eric W.)
Eric has a cool "what-if?" concept here.  For this concept, instead of the Montreal Maroons going bankrupt, they combine with the Montreal Canadiens to create a new team called the Montreal United.  The logo is a great idea, using the negative space of the M to form a U.  The striping pattern, mostly inspired by the Canadiens, looks good.  I also like how the addition of Maroon looks with the Canadiens colour scheme.  8.5/10

Chicago Terraplanes Timeline (by CPM)
Now this is awesome.  CPM has created a fictional timeline for a fictional team called the Chicago Terraplanes of the Fake Hockey League.  I encourage everyone to read the descriptions on the concepts, because they add a lot to this concept.  I'm going to treat this a bit different than most concepts, I'm not going to judge the designs, because I think the goal was to make the designs fit the era, not to have the bet designs possible.  The above jerseys are great, I could easily see a team in the 60's wearing jerseys like that.

This update to the Terraplanes look makes a lot of sense, fixing some of the retro-oddness from their original jerseys.

Another update to the logo and jerseys in 1980, and again they fit perfectly with that era.  Also a third jersey was introduced in 1997, and like many of the NHL's third jerseys from that era it's very modern.  I know I said I wouldn't comment on the designs, but that third jersey is beautiful.

In 2007 the team/league adopted the Reebok Edge system, and (like many NHL team's) the home and road had some minor changes to adapt system.  In 2010 the Terraplanes played in a Winter Classic and used a faux-back jersey.  On most concepts I wouldn't like the vintage white, but unfortunately that is a recent trend, so it makes perfect sense here.  This whole timeline is amazing, the best part is that CPM paid attention to so many little details to make this as accurate as possible.  If possible I'm going to nominate this whole timeline for COTW, and give this my first 10/10.
Tuesday: Quality Concepts and a Power Outage Reviewed by Steven Grant on May 21, 2013 Rating: 5


Kevin W. said...

Ryan, that four-stripe sleeve design is something I was doing for the Isles' alt for my Nike series. Holy crap, what a coincidence.

Tyler Gross said...

CPM's concepts for COTW

Spahr said...

Does anyone know how Steve got those claw marks on his Brampton concept? Always wondered how to do that.

Good concepts boys.

Ryan said...

CPM for COTW definitely

Montana Wright said...

CPM, those were unreal!! nice work!! COTW Nom for cpm

Dylan W. said...

The fact that he even attempted doing all this is amazing. I barely sometimes finish one concept. CPM that was great! Hopefully you have more of that coming, because that was amazing!

Unknown said...


I copied and pasted them from a google search onto my concept in photoshop. I made different copies of the layers in Photoshop for the white and black, and cut them to the jersey size by selecting the outer part of the image.

kyle said...

i thought those montreal united jerseys were fantastic. and then i was pretty blown away by the overall effort and quality of the terraplanes!

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