Tuesday: Outdoor Game Concepts

Well, I guess I won't be doing anymore trash talking this year.  The Canucks are currently down three games to zero, and could be eliminated tonight.  Meanwhile the Blackhawks are up in their series.  It's to bad, I was hoping to get a fun little rivalry started with the three HJC writers who are Blackhawks fans.


Here is today's HJC concept artist card...


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The first five concepts today are all for Outdoor Games.  We will probably be seeing a lot more coming up too, with all the Outdoor Games planned for next year.

Anaheim Ducks (by Caleb F.)
Caleb mixes the Ducks eras with this concept, and then adds a completely new sleeve design.  To be honest, I don't like the sleeve design, it seems a bit bulky.  I think it would be better if the stripes were smaller, and without the top part of the sleeves coloured black. I do like the rest of the jersey though.  Execution note: the colours in the logo don't match the colours on the jersey.  7/10

Devils vs Rangers Outdoor Game (by Kyle C.)
Kyle has designed jerseys for both the outdoor games in New York next year (this concept and the next one).  I really like the idea to use an edgified version of the Devils original white jersey.  The Rangers jersey is pretty cool too (except I can't stand vintage white), how it takes elements from a bunch of different jerseys in the Rangers history.  8/10

Islanders vs. Rangers Outdoor Game (by Kyle C.)
Kyle would have the Rangers wear the same sweater again when they take on the Islanders.  Speaking of the Islanders, that jersey is great.  The hem is a slight alteration to their current jersey, removing the white space between the stripes.  The arm then double up the stripes, which make four in total, a nice nod to the Islanders four consecutive Stanley Cups.  Overall there is nothing I don't like about that Islanders jersey.  8.5/10

New York Rangers (by Mike S.)
Mike has also designed jerseys for the Rangers/Devils outdoor game.  This appears to be a navy version of the Rangers 2012 Winter Classic jersey.  I can't say I'm a fan, it suffers from the same problems as the jersey it's based on (vintage white, mismatched stripes, etc.), and it just doesn't look like a rangers jersey to me.  7/10

New Jersey Devils (by Mike S.)
For the Rangers opponent, Mike has the Devils wearing a fauxback jersey inspired by the Devils original uniforms (slightly off topic, but with Lou Lamoriello in charge I think it's a safe bet that the Devils won't be wearing a fauxback jersey).  I like the elements from the original jersey, and I also like the new striping pattern on the arms, hem, and socks.  I have no problems with the Devils look, I'm just wondering if two dark jerseys would work in this situation (especially with the Rangers red pants).  8.5/10

Houston Aeros (by WinnipegJets96)
This concept makes me so sad that the Houston Aeros are becoming the Iowa Wild, we are losing such a good identity for such a lazy brand.  Anyway on to the concept, the jerseys look to be inspired by the WHA's version of the Aeros, while the logo was used by the AHL franchise from 2002-06.  I like the changes made to the stripes, and moving the Stars to the ends of the sleeves to make room for the shoulder patch was a good idea.  I really like almost everything here.  My only suggesting would be to use one colour numbers, that way it would match the Stars on the sleeves, and the script in the main logo (and then use a one colour version of the shoulder patch to match).  8.5/10

Chicago Blackhawks (by Justin N.)
This was Justin's entry into the Blackhawks part of the Untouchables competition.  I love the striping pattern, it's unlike anything I've seen before.  I think it could be lowered a tiny bit though (maybe center the chest stripe under the logo), because right now the design looks a bit top heavy.  This also needs TV numbers.  Those issues are very minor though, and like I said before I love the creative striping pattern.  9/10
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