Tuesday: Charlottetown Islanders Double Feature

Hello everyone.  Hopefully you'll all be able to make the live chat tonight, it should be a ton of fun.  It starts at 9pm EST.


There are currently two votes going on right now, the COTW, and the Bruins "Untouchables" Competition.  Votes are due bu Friday at 11:59 EST.

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New York Rangers (by Felix T.)
Felix brings back the very popular Lady Liberty logo, but pairs it with vintage white, which I'm not a fan of because the logo isn't vintage.  I also don't like the front number, it makes the logo and chest-stripe too low.  The sleeves also look too empty.  I do really like the sublimated "Lady Liberty's" on the hem of the home jersey, that's a cool, unique feature.  Overall I'd suggest to choose either vintage or modern, and make the whole jersey one or the other.  6.5/10

Toronto Maple Leafs (David K.)
Here's a very vintage home and road set for the Toronto Maple Leafs by David.  In my opinion, they're a bit too vintage for a regular home and road set, but these would be great if the NHL allowed two third jerseys (think 1997-99 Mighty Ducks).  Using the newer retro leaf as the crest, and using the 1967-70 logo are good choices, they help connect this look with the rest of the franchise's history.  My only suggestion would be to move up the top stripes against the shoulder yoke, then everything is a bit less crowded.  8/10

Indiana University (by Dave C.)
I believe Indiana University currently use Phoenix Coyotes template's (thank you google), so these jersey by Dave are an instant improvement just by using their own striping pattern.  The rest of the concepts good too.  The script-logos aren't the most unique or exciting, but they do certainly fit in with a lot of colleges and universities.  I wish I knew more about university hockey, then I would be able to give a better opinion on these.  8/10

Charlottetown Islanders (by Jason P.)
We saw two of Jason's Charlottetown Islanders concepts yesterday, and today we have another two.  This concept here uses the New York Islander's colour scheme, something I thought might happen before the team unveiled it's logo yesterday.  Like WinnipegJets96 yesterday, I also think the logos used for both concepts are awesome.  I'm a bit disappointed by the lack of originality in the jerseys, but then again a lot of CHL team's do this, so it does make it more realistic.  8/10

Charlottetown Islanders (by Jason P.)
Jason's second concept uses the San Jose Sharks colour scheme and jerseys (with some modification's).  I like this colour scheme for the Sharks, and it looks just as good here.  I also like the modification's to the jerseys.  My comments from above about the logos and jerseys also apply here.  8.5/10

Grand Rapids Griffins (by WinnipegJets96)
This is the first of three AHL concepts by WinnipegJets96 today.  He uses the Capitals template (with quite a few modifications) for the Grand Rapids Griffins.  The use of that template makes sense here, as the arm-panels look like wings.  The modifications also stop it from looking like a simple recolour.  8/10

Hamilton Bulldogs (by WinnipegJets96)
WinnipegJets96 also made these concepts for the Hamilton Bulldogs.  These take inspiration from the Canadiens, while also doing a lot of their own thing.  I think that's a great approach for an AHL team, especially when you have such a historical NHL franchise to be inspired by.  I like everything here.  8.5/10

Hershey Bears (by WinnipegJets96)
And here's a concept for the Hershey Bears, who last year unveiled these awesome logos and colour scheme.  WinnipegJets96 gives them a new striping pattern, getting rid of the piping and pit-stains from their current jersey, which is obviously a good move.  I also like how the lighter shade of brown was used as the main colour on the dark jersey.  8.5/10

Calgary Flames (by Mike S.)
We end today's post with two unique Flames concepts.  Mike's concept here is unique because of the main colour, I can't remember seeing a yellow Flames concept before.  It is very bright, but it doesn't look too bad.  I like how white isn't used at all, and I also like striping pattern is similar to the Flames original home jersey.  This would be even better if the arm-stripes were the same thickness as the hem-stripes.  8/10

Calgary Flames (by Dylan W.)
Here's the second Flames concept, this one by Dylan, and again it doesn't use any white.  It also uses flames instead of hem stripes, which I think is a great idea.  The colours are nice too, the red and yellow really pop against the black.  My only issue here is the readability of the numbers, but everything else looks good here.  8.5/10
Tuesday: Charlottetown Islanders Double Feature Reviewed by Steven Grant on May 28, 2013 Rating: 5


Phil B. said...

Am I the only one that finds it funny that Jason's Charlottetown concept in blue and orange have an Isles alternate and an Oilers home & away?

Kyle C. said...

Jet's Griffins jerseys for COTW

Ryan said...

If Jets96 had arranged the sleeve stripe colours differently on his Bears brown jersey I would have nom'd it.

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