Thursday: Stars Unveiling & Concepts!

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Hello everybody, welcome to HJC on this lovely Thursday. We have some concepts to get to, but first some news! The Dallas Stars will be unveiling their long-awaited new uniforms and logos on June 4th, a date I can't wait for. I was starting to accept the Stars rather boring uniforms, but they could just be so much better, and I hope that's what we get on June 4th. Anyway, let's get going!


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Colorado Avalanche concept (By: Dylan W.)

Dylan starts us out today with a cool Avs concept. I love it. Why? BLUE! The Avs should drop the burgundy, grey, and black. Blue and white! Not only does it look good, it fits with their name, and it's a tribute to the Nordiques. I love the striping. I don't mind the numbers on the front. The recolored logo looks great, I also like how the puck is still black. I would take this any day over the "apron strings" they wear now. Awesome job here Dylan. 9/10 and a COTW nom from me

New York Islanders Outdoor Game concept (By: Mike S.)

Mike continues his outdoor game concepts with the Islanders-Rangers from Yankee Stadium. People normally don't like the "vintage white" but I like it here. My one problem here is the socks, I think they should just be like the hem striping. Other then that, good job here. 7.5/10

Ottawa 67's OHL concept (By: AJH)

Alan has a cool 67's concept for us here. I like both jerseys. Don't have many comments here. I don't think this is too different from what they wear now, is it. My one problem is the red socks, I think the stripes should be thicker. I'll let the description on the concept speak for itself. 7.5/10

Team USA IIHF concept (By: Patrick C.)

The World Championship's are underway and Patrick has a Team USA concept for us here. To start off, one thing you should do is remove the collars that you didn't use from the concept for presentation purposes. I like the arm striping and the yoke-nike-things don't look too bad. I like the stars on the arms too. I prefer USA to have a more classic jersey style, but this could be cool. Good job here Patrick. 7/10

Chicago Blackhawks concept (By: Michael G.)

How about the 'Hawks? Michael has them playing in a Winter Classic in the near future, and I hope that does happen. I don't really like all the thin red stripes, there should be some vintage white somewhere in there. I like the logos used. The pants are good too, but don't seem to fit the mostly red and black jersey. I don't like the font, just use the normal Blackhawks font. Overall, not bad. 7.5/10

Washington Capitals concept (By: Mike M.)

Some people like the pre-EDGE Capitals look, I'm not one of them. But these look awesome. I like the logo, and I don't mind the font which was used on these uniforms originally. The striping looks great, and I love the "weagle" logo on the shoulders. Great job here Mike. 8.5/10

Houston Aeros AHL concept (By: Andrew G.)

Well, this is awkward. The Houston Aeros are now the Iowa Wild, but why not a concept for 'em? Andrew goes back to the old Aeros colors of dark and light blue. I like all the jerseys here, the home and away uniforms going back to that of their parent club, the Wild. I also like the Canucks-type alternate jersey. The logos are awesome, too. Great job overall here, Andrew. 8.5/10

Thanks for reading, have a good Friday everyone!
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Unknown said...

I'll second your COTW nomination for Dylan's Avalanche concept.

Avs fan said...

Concerning Dylan's Colorado concept, first of all, the lack of burgundy hurts the concept. Burgundy is and always has been the Avalanche's team color. Second, while I'm sure many fans would appreciate the nod to the Nordiques, the jersey looks like the Maple Leafs gone crazy. Again, burgundy would fix that problem. If the stripes/mountains and shoulder yoke were burgundy, this would look pretty cool! Another thing, even though the Nordiques are an integrated part of the franchise, this team is no longer in Quebec. This team doesn't need to look back on what it was, it needs to embrace what it is and what it will become.
However, I do think it's cool that you thought outside the box for this concept and the execution is fabulous, although the numbers on the right side of the chest seem unnecessary, but that's just my personal preference.

Jesper said...

Mike M. for COTW

Tederifico said...

I second the concept of the week nomination. Finally a GOOD Ave's jersey!

Kyle C. said...

AJH's 67's for COTW

Anonymous said...

Tederifico, it's Avs not Ave's. Shame on you and your family!
I kid, I kid.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree that a burgundy should never be removed from Avalanche's color scheme plus a gray , as well. That team's palette is unique and no other sport franchise has it. I would , also, recommend to modife a logo a bit : remove the oval and just stay with an " A " and a " C ". Perhaps, maybe borrow a logo from a " Rockalanche " concept over at Icethetics done by Ross Taylor - that is an awesome execution on Avalanche logo.

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