Thursday: Majors, minors, and a bit of college!

Hawks win! Hawks win! What a game last night, Brent Seabrook scores in OT and the Hawks beat the Red Wings in Game 7. Bring on the Kings! I believe both Game 1's are on Saturday (correct me if I'm wrong). Anyway, we have concepts to get to! Let's go!


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Manchester Monarchs (AHL) concept (By: Jets96)

Jets96 has three AHL concepts for us today, and he starts us off with the Monarchs, the Kings farm club. They currently have one of my least favorite sets in the AHL. I of course love the Kings font, the striping is cool. I don't think the pants need the one thin white stripe, it seems like it's there just to be there. Good concept here. 7.5/10

Nashville Predators concept (By: Dylan W.)

Dylan has a checkerboard (sort of) jersey for us here. I like the checkerboard pattern that seems to be "toned-down", if that makes sense. I would go without a yoke here, it seems odd. Love the old Preds font too. Great execution, I love how you bevel and style the logos, stripes, and numbers. Awesome jersey here. 8/10

San Jose Sharks concept (By: Timmy Q.)

The Sharks were eliminated two nights ago, but why not a concept for 'em? I never like the side panels, they look bad (the only time they have ever really looked acceptable is on the Grand Rapids Griffins jerseys, IMO), you also forgot them on the back of the white jersey. The home jersey needs more white, the away jersey needs more black. There needs to be a Reebok logo behind the back of the collar. You don't need all the numbers on the side there, since they are on the jersey. With some simple execution and presentation fixes, this could be a great concept. 5/10

Adirondack Phantoms (AHL) concept (By: Jets96)

Jets96's second concept of the day, he brings us the Flyer's farm club, the Adirondack Phantoms. I actually really like their current jerseys. I love that "thorn" stripe. These jerseys seem to be modeled after the Norfolk Admirals jerseys. One thing I don't like is the difference in thickness of the black between the arm and hem striping. Other then that, awesome concept. 7.5/10

Colorado Avalanche concept (By: Mike S.)

The Avalanche recently hired Patrick Roy as their new coach, and Mike has a new concept for them. I like the minimal use in black and the increased use of grey. The stripings looks awesome. This seems to be a better version of their current alternate jersey, maybe it could be if the blue and burgundy was switched. Great execution and awesome job here, Mike. 8/10

Michigan NCAA concept (By: James C.)

James brings us our one and only college concept of the day, and it's the Wolverines of Michigan. I like all the jerseys, but my favorite has to be the vintage. Awesome job. No complaints. 8.5/10

Anaheim Ducks concept (By: Brandon C.)

Brandon changes up the Ducks color scheme to green, gold, orange, and white. Not sure what to think of that, not bad, but not great. I love all the striping, very cool. I like you chose the D-foot logo. Great execution and awesome job here, Brandon. 8.5/10

Chicago Blackhawks concept (By: Brian B.)

Well, this is sure a different concept! Not sure the Blackhawks or Reebok would ever let them do this, but I actually don't mind it. It's cool. My favorite part has to be the design in the numbers. Love that Hawk logo. Great job here thinking "outside the box". 8.5/10

Milwaukee Admirals (AHL) concept (By: Jets96)

Jets96' third and final concept of the day, he brings us the Admirals of Milwaukee. I love the simple striping. Like the skeleton logo. The only thing I don't think needs to be there is the white phantom yoke on the black jersey. Love that number font, as well. Great job here, Jets96. 8.5/10

Dallas Stars concept (By: Avi S.)

Avi closes us out with some classic Stars sweaters. It doesn't use the recently leaked logo or color scheme. I love the striping. The logos are awesome. If they Stars had to "ex-nay" gold, you could replace the gold here for grey and would make awesome jerseys for the June 4th unveiling. Awesome job here, as always, from Avi. 9.5/10 and a COTW nom from me!

Thanks for reading, have a good Friday everyone!
Thursday: Majors, minors, and a bit of college! Reviewed by Tyler Gross on May 30, 2013 Rating: 5


Dylan W. said...

That is a sexy Monarchs jersey Jets!

Ryan said...

Really great colour choices on Brandon's Ducks concepts. I just think the orange is a little too bright for that scheme. Could be muted more.

DBro Alexander said...

James C. For COTW.

Unknown said...

I'll second James C - Michigan for COTW. I love the arm stripes on the vintage jersey.

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