Thursday: Eight Teams Left

The 2nd round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs has begun and the excitement is rising, at least for Hawks fans like me, and for Leafs fans, I know what it's like to have pretty much won a playoff game, and end up losing in the end, I am a Texas Rangers fan (2011 World Series for anyone who isn't a big baseball fan). Anyway, Game 1 of  the Red Wings-Blackhawks series was last night, and the Hawks won 4-1, Game 2 is on Saturday. Anyway, we will now get down to business!


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COTW May 6-12 vote (ends SATURDAY @11:59 pm EST)


Chicago Blackhawks concept (By: Adam H.)

Adam starts us off with some concepts of Da Hawks! This sure is one idea we haven't really seen before, but I kind of like it. The stripe across the chest is cool. I don't like how the name is right in the middle of the stripes though. If the names are going to go right on top of the striping, the striping should completely stop right before and after the name. The numbers also need an outline IMO. Other then that, not bad. 7/10

Montreal Canadiens concept (By: Stephen T.)

Stephen has a Habs concept here, similar to what they wore back in 2009. One thing is there is not near as many stripes. I like the pant striping and the number and name being surrounded by a blue box looks good. Other then that, pretty simple concept. 6.5/10

Ottawa Senators concept (By: Brady S.)

Brady continues his NHL Nike SWIFT Redesign with the Sens (who play Game 2 tomorrow night vs the Penguins). I really like these sweaters. The stripes on the arms and hem look awesome. The "O" logo is great and this is just what I would want. I would definitely prefer these over their current jerseys. Great job here, Brady. 8/10

Toronto Maple Leafs concept (By: Tristan M.)

This is the first Leafs concept we have had since their "historic" collapse, and it is by Tristan. I don't mind the striping based on the striping from their current alternates. The logo looks good too. One thing, on the away socks, the blue at the top and bottom are pointless since they would be lost in the pants and skates. Also, the hem outline stripe under the actual hem stripes looks bad, get rid of that. Other than that, not bad. 7.5/10

Cincinnati Stingers WHA concept (By: Caz W.)

Caz has a rare concept for us today, the Cincinnati Stingers! Caz says the design is based on the logo and the Bruins WC jersey. I like the design, overall. The one thing I don't like is the colored namebar on the white jersey, it's unneeded. Other than that, good concept here. 7.5/10

Boston Bruins concept (By: Adam H.)

Adam started us off today, now he will finish us off with a Bruins concept. These jerseys just don't seem like Bruins jerseys without the classic yokes. Add the yokes, and these are great. Not a big fan of the weird stripes on the yellow jersey either. Not bad concepts here, Adam. 7/10


One more thing, I was looking through some of my old concepts and found a Leafs' Winter Classic concept.

Pretty close, eh?

Anyway, thanks for reading and have a good Friday everyone!
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Unknown said...

Ottawa Nike concept for COTW, I am in love!

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