Monday: P.E. Islanders Triple Feature

Hey guys, Happy Monday!

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In news (sorry for not discussing this sooner) two teams are readying for new looks, the Dallas Stars and Carolina Hurricanes. I know Ryan discussed this yester day, but I wish to give my personal opinions on these logos

First let's discuss Dallas, who's logo was leaked Friday via a mobile app

Photos from Sportslogos.net

I personally don't like these logos, is this really the best they can come up with? The primary is meh, it's taking arguably the most recognizable logos in NHL history and making it just meh. It honestly looks more like a decent shoulder patch . As for the roundel...here are my thoughts on roundel logos. I think they are the laziest logos a team can come up with. Insert a logo in a circle, surround it with their name (and thank goodness they didn't put the year of founding on it or I'd hate it beyond saving). I like to call them Wal-Mart t-shirt logos, as that's where I find them, or on bargain bin hats. I do like the colour scheme, but I would have preferred the Torch Creative logo was much better, and would have been a better option. What do you guys think of this logo, good, bad, eh like me?

On to Carolina, who are slowly unveiling their jerseys through hints via their Twitter.

Photos via Carolina Huricanes Twitter

 So far all we've seen is a new font (upgrade) and a close up on the logo. I'm hoping for something exciting and fresh, Carolina hasn't changed their jerseys in their entire 14 year history, and could use something over their abysmal current jerseys. If I could guess what they are going to do, I'd think they will go with something Whalers related, but also have a Hurricanes twist. What do you guys think they will do? # NewStorm, spread it.

Finally, I just found out today the PEI Rockets are becoming the Charlottetown Islanders, and have unveiled their actual logo. Here it is: photo from Sportslogos.net

I like it. The Confederation Bridge is a true modern symbol of PEI and the fact the didn't copy the Islanders logo is a plus for me. The colours are eh, too Pittsburgh like for my taste, but none the less, a much more creative and appropriate name and logo for a team on the Isle of red sand

*EDIT (by Ryan)
I thought it could be fun for HJC readers to gather around their computers tomorrow night and watch Game 7 between San Jose and Los Angeles. To accompany that game we will be having a HJC Live Chat! I really don't have anything planned, so anything is on the table. It should be fun and I hope you can join me.

The HJC You tube channel seems to be moving a long, and in the next month, we will hopefully have a video ready for you guys. We have ideas for videos however, lets year your ideas. What jerseys should we review, what topics should we debate? ALL unveilings and site news will always be found on the blog first, as that is what HJC has always been, a blog.

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Trivia question: Has any professional sports team won a championship with the following colour scheme: Green, Blue and White? Any shades of these colours.

Anaheim Ducks Concept (By: Dylan W.)

Dylan gives the Ducks a new alternate, with a completely new striping pattern, am I the only one who thinks it looks like the Sydney Opera House? I like the presentation of this concept, concerning the authentic texture and logo. I think the striping is good, and the invisible yoke is great, which is something the Ducks can pull off well. The striping is great, Reebok seems to avoid swoops and curves but this would be a new look the NHL has never seen, and on a modern team none the less. (8.5/10)

Charlottetown Islanders Concepts (By: Jason P.)

Jason has two Islanders sets for the Rockets new name (I'm still mad fighting spuds wasn't a taken name, but I digress).  His logos are awesome but each have a different style of scipt. His first is a Hartford Whalers/ Vancouver Canucks style concept, and I like it. The logo is great for minor league and the third jersey is amazing. I think the striping could be a little more original, but it would be a million times better than the Rockets striping. (8/10)

Our 2nd Islanders concept uses my favourite colour scheme ever, and the logo looks better in there colours. The jerseys are based off the current Chicago Wolves jerseys and I like them, but, again, they could be more original in the striping. The third could also use a little more black, but designing your own logo is an awesome idea and kudos to you for doing it, Jason! (9/10 )

New York Islanders of Brooklyn Concept (By: Daniel P.)

Daniel gives the Islanders a total new, fresh look, increasing the orange and making striping simpler. The logo is okay, but kind of boring, I give Daniel credit for designing his own logo, but it looks more like a shoulder patch. The jerseys are a little boring, and I think all the stripes should be the same thickness. This is just a personal thing, but I think the Islanders should be a team dominated by blue, and an orange helmet stands out to me, blue would look better. It has potential, but as is, is a little boring as is. (6/10)

Charlotte Checkers Concept (By: Jets96)

I have 3 AHL concepts coming up I made, so I won't comment on them, hopefully you can give me back some feedback.

Chicago Wolves Concepts (By: Jets96)

Bridgeport Sound Tigers Concepts (By: Jets96)

Columbus Blue Jackets Concepts (By: Tyler G.)

Tyler changes Columbus's Eh jerseys into something a little more patriotic. Those who have seen Team America: World Police will know what song I'm thinking of, anyways, I like these! The home and road have a patriotic look, and I have always been a fan of coloured arms on white jerseys. The colours are all balanced well, and the current font go along well. I like the stars on the wrists, but they may be obstructed and could have be moved up a little bit. I also think the shoulder patch would be a better helmet logo. (9/10)

Acadie-Bathurst Titans Concepts (By: Dylan W.)

The Titans have a dated logo, that isn't horrible, but needs an update. Dylan provides a great update, and a new shape of shoulder yoke. The yoke seems to based on the Blues/Preds crapfest template, and that is one of the elements I like from the jersey. They look like leather armour. The colours are excellent and balanced very well. The striping is classic and yet somewhat unique. The TV numbers are a little too high up and too big, but that's king of minor. I also think the white jerseys should have red numbers. (9/10)

St. Louis Blues Concepts (By: Mike S.)

I'm sure everyone who reads this blog likes St. Louis Blues alternate, who doesn't, it is awesome, it is one of the best jerseys in the edge era, and the Blues should have jerseys based on it. I love the striping, no double blues, no dark notes on light jerseys, and it is great to see this done. The elimination of the roundel logo is great, because I hate roundel logos as I said earlier, and I don't think a shoulder patch is really necessary, maybe the trumpet logo? (8/10)

Atlanta Thrashers Concept (By: Felix T.)

I wouldn't have a problem with the Thrashers returning. Just not as the Jets. The Thrashers use way too many colours in their original primary logo, but this secondary logo is good colour wise. The jersey looks decent, but there are several problems. The NOB are too small, the sleeves are too bare, and the yoke seems unnecessary. I think a light blue jersey could work, but the jersey could use some revising. (6/10)

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Alan John Herbert said...

Tyler G's Columbus Blue Jackets Concepts for COTW!

Josh said...

Glad to see someone else making Islanders concepts. The second one is awesome, great colour scheme and I like the logos. COTW nom from me.

As for the actual logo released today, I love it, although the colour scheme is a bit bland. I'm hoping the jerseys don't look like Pittsburgh's.

Anonymous said...

Is it me or did the Islanders use the Avalanche snow wave? They flipped it.... Not a fan of the logo... Colors are blah.

winnipegjets96 said...

Ill 2nd Jason for cotw

winnipegjets96 said...

Ill 2nd Jason for cotw

Phil B. said...

Jets96, can you post a blank version of your Sound Tigers jersey? That template has been coveted (albeit a boring template), as the Sens and Pens use it.

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