Monday: Aliens Exist, The Leafs Won!

Happy Monday everyone! Hope everyone had a great weekend, the Islanders are out, but the Leafs will (hopefully) move on and play the winner of the Rangers Caps series

COTW has reset for this week, check out the concepts and votes are due Friday

Something I've been thinking about recently is future Hall of Famers, especially in the next few years. The older players I grew up on like Gary Roberts, Jeremy Roenick, Dominick Hasek, Marcus Naslund, Mats Sundin, Curtis Joseph, Steve Yzerman, Dave Andyrchuck, and players of that caliber will hopefully be ready for the hall in the next couple of seasons, but then I thought about some other players, like..Brian Boucher, Alex Mogilny,  or Arturs Irbe , not the best career but they played with such passion and hold records, that they should get in. I'd say I'm pretty split on who gets in and who doesn't, I don't think Lindros should get in, but Brian Boucher should, (don't try to make logic of this). I want to hear why you think!

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On to the concepts

Yankee Stadium Game Concepts (By: Stephen T.)

Stephen gives an interesting look for the 2nd Rangers outdoor game, going for an Americans Vs. Rangers game. The Rangers game is very similar to the John Ferguson Ranger re-design, and it looks decent, but the bottom stripes could be a little thicker. The Brooklyn Islanders jersey, which may be a future alternate for the future re-location. I like how the Islanders colours have been blended well to match the Islanders scheme, but keep the Americans look alive. I'm not a huge fan of the orange and white socks, but they are authentic. (7.5/10)

Vancouver Whitecaps NASL Concepts (By: Ted N.)

The NASL, had some awful looks, like the Caribous of Colorado, but the Whitecaps had a solid look, that adapts well to hockey. The jerseys match the classic look great, and even the red numbers work. The double blue and white really match the name quite well, and the chest stripe is authentic. I think the name bar should be raised a little bit, up into the yoke, and shrink the maple lead on the white jersey so it stays in the stripes. (8/10)

New Jersey Devil Concepts (By: Brady S.)

Brady changes the Devils...BLASHMY!!! Joking, I prefer this colour scheme, mainly due to the lack of this set in the NHL. The red jersey is perfect, right down to the yoke. The white jersey should use more red, to help balance out the colours. The logos are a little too  big, especially on the front of the jersey, shrink this down by 20%. I will say though, Brady has the execution of Swift down pack, especially with the arm mesh, and the numbers. (8/10)

Brampton Battalion Concept (By: Alex J.)

The recently relocated Battalion will need a look, and while this concept is meant for Brampton, it could work for North Bay. This concept uses all of Brampton's available colours, including red. I think the red looks great on both jerseys, especially the green jersey. The striping is good and classic and the arm wings along with the names on the arms give a nice military feel. I'm not huge on the black pants, but I can really see why green pants wouldn't work. (8.5/10)

Nevada Aliens Concept (By: Dylan W.)

Nevada has a theme with Aliens, mainly due to area 51 and the proximity to New Mexico and Dylan takes full advantage of it. The logo looks great, especially the shoulder patch. The colour scheme works well, I think green instead of purple would be more alien like, but there truly isn't enough purple in hockey. The striping matches the alien theme, and I really really really like Dylan didn't use white numbers on the black jersey, that's a pet peeve of mine. For a suggestion in future teams; I am from Oakville, Ontario, here we have the Ford Manufacturing plant and tons of car dealers, I was hoping a car themed team like the Oakville Motors, but also incorporate an Oak into it, that would be awesome! (9/10)

Anaheim Ducks Concept (By: Joey M.)

The Ducks should really go back to their old look, especially since the 1990's are trendy (it's a 20 year cycle, in the 70's the 50's (happy days) was popular, in the 90's the 70's were popular (that 70's show) and now, in the 2010's, the 90's are popular (fresh prince, saved by the bell are all very popular right now).  These jerseys are nice and simple, and the black jersey look great. The white jersey should have the black and orange swapped, to aid with, say it with me now, colour balancing. I know it seems odd me saying this, and I do bring it up a lot, but don't take it too hard when I say that. It's just a pet peeve of mine, and I'm sure other people don't mind it too much. This concept still is good, it just needs a little bit of work. (6.5/10)

Soldier Field Game Concept (By: Kyle C.)

I still think this game, even though I hate the Pens and are indifferent towards the Hawks, will be EXTREMELY popular. The Hawks jersey is beautiful, it is very similar to the 1940's look, however, it is less striped and a little cleaner. The Pens jersey is a combination of the early 70's jerseys and 80's jerseys, and it looks rather good. The yellow jersey is a win in my books, especially since it has a classic 70's look, but also the classic Pens colours. I think the Robo Pen logo would be great for the shoulders, and the C tomahawk logo on the Chicago shoulder would be awesome! I'd also use black numbers on the Pens jersey, but they look fine as is. (9/10) COTW Nom. From Me!
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Eric W said...

COTW for Ted's Whitecaps concept. Take my cash NOW.

Phil B. said...

2 things:

1) Despite the fact that the Whitecaps are now in MLS, and that I am a member of the Empire Supporters Club for the Red Bulls, I hereby second Eric's nomination of the Whitecaps concept for COTW.

2) Its a nice thought, but no way the Islanders do that for the outdoor game, as they will still be playing in Nassau.

Unknown said...

In a matter of time,by early May I will receive 4 white and 4 blue of the WHITECAPS hockey jerseys concepts done by Eric.

The company I have ordered to do them has done an accurate job in re creating everything to a T.

I will post photos once I get them,

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