Friday: Later Than Usual

Hey guys, happy Friday, sorry for the lateness of the post, I had some internet problems from 4 until now.

Today is the LAST day for COTW voting, so please get your votes in before midnight

COTW April 22-28 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)

Today is also the last day to send in your Hartford Wolfpack contest entries. Please remember to read all the rules.

Here are some of the entries that have come in today.


Scott M.

Matt R.

Jason D.

Alex H.

The playoffs seem to be going well, the abundance of Chi hawks fans among the HJC writers has made me glad I don't hate the Blackhawks...aside from their old third jerseys but that's just me. As for my playoff teams...The Islanders and Leafs both lost, and hard too, but I think the Leafs can rebound, as for the Islanders, it'll take more than a miracle to beat the Pens. As for the west, I wanna see the Canucks do well as they are Canadian but I can't stand Luongo or Kesler, but I will look past that to beat the Sharks. All and all, a good start.

Lastly, here's another HJC creator profile card

Dallas Stars Concepts (By: Ted N.)

This concept contains 3 Texas teams, the Stars, Cowboys and Astros, and Ted has the Stars going with the rainbow gut. I love the gut to be honest, because I think it doesn't even look that bad, and the navy goes well with the rainbow colours. The logo is well placed and the script on top of the logo fits well. I prefer the Blue jersey, mainly because of the lack of navy on the white jersey. I'd also take the D off of the star because it looks lacking. (8/10)
Winter Classic 2013 Concepts (By: Steven G.)

The Winter Classic jerseys are great, the best so far, however, as with any jerseys, they have flaws, and Steven gives his idea of fixes. The Detroit jersey has better numbers, a second thin stripe and no vintage white. All of that is great, all though, maybe because I liked this feature, the captain's C on the arm was fine. The Leafs jersey has more subtle changes like an extra arm stripe, and a new collar, which I love. I can't stand the brown pants and gloves, those just took tacky, make them blue. (8.5/10)
Soldier Field Game Concepts (By: Stephen T.)

This game may just have the highest ratings in NHL history, just due to the massive fan bases of these two teams. I have to say, I love that Stephen did NOT use blue for the Pens, it has been overused to the point I hate it, and this jersey looks much better. The Blackhawks jersey is also good, I like the sheer amount of black and white on the concept, especially on the yoke. Both logos however, are a little pixelated, and the Pens jersey should only use one shade of black instead of two. I would also use the Robo Pen logo on the yoke. (7.5/10)

Chicago Blackhawks Concepts (By: CPM)

CPM takes the incredibly popular Chicago Blackhawks set and modernizing it, and it looks great for sure. The amount of red and white with accent black looks great on the home and road, as well as the alternate. I love the yokes that go up to the stripes and then cuffs look very clean and well done by far. The heritage is okay, and I like it, but the arm stripes look odd, they look okay, but not for me. (9/10)

Columbus Blue Jackets Winter Classic Concept (By: Dylan W.)

The Blue Jackets, having laid the ground work to be a playoff team, should be given a chance in the Outdoor game. Dylan gives a very fauxback concept, stressing very classic striping and 40'sy stars, while keeping the modern elements intact. I like everything about the jersey itself, the striping and stars look great. I also like the squared yoke. The numbers I'm not a fan of, but I really think it makes this look like a Blue Jackets jersey, and not just a cut, copy, paste winter classic jersey. I  would make the logo a little smaller though, it would be massive in reality. (8.5/10)

Vancouver Canucks Concepts (By: Me/Jets96)

I'll let you guys comment on this one since it is mine, but I basically wanted to blend both the Millionaires and Canucks look to create a unified Vancouver jersey.

2014 Heritage Classic Concepts (By: Bobby P.)

Bobby is getting a set ready for the only other Canadian game in the outdoor game series next season, the Heritage Classic. The Vancouver jersey looks like a combination of the late 80's Vancouver look, and the Millionaires jersey from this season. I think it looks great, but I would use blue and green. The Ottawa jersey is just a white version of their current alternate, which is fine, but I would have a few more stripes on it, particularly because that's a lack of it in the NHL now. (8.5/10)

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Bobby P's 2014 Heritage Classic Concepts for COTW

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