Tuesday: PLAYOFFS!!!!!


Okay, I'll calm down now.  But in all seriousness I'm super excited for the playoffs.  It's like christmas morning, or a kid in a candy shop, or something like that.  I hope you all have the same feeling right now, because the Stanley Cup Playoffs are awesome.


Don't forget to vote for the COTW.  Also playoff picks are due today at 7:00pm EST.

COTW April 22-28 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)
Playoff Pool picks (due Tuesday @ 7:00pm EST)


Here are the Hartford Wolf Pack contest entries that have come in so far...

(by Alan H.)

(by Jon El.)

(by Phil B.)


Kings vs. Ducks Outdoor Game (by Kyle C.)
This is what Kyle thinks the Kings and Ducks should wear for their (rumored) outdoor game next year.  I have to agree with him 100%, and I'll let you read his description to find out why.  The only negative about this concept is the lack of originality.  7.5/10

Quebec Nordiques logo (by Kyle S.)
With the Coyotes still without a buyer, it's possible that we could be seeing the Quebec Nordiques again.  Here Kyle takes a stab at updating the Nordiques logo.  At first glance I liked it, but after a closer look there are a few things that I think are downgrades.  The old logo formed an Igloo, which isn't here in this logo.  Also the stick shape in the old logo was a bit more natural.  But I am a big fan of the addition of Navy blue.  7/10

Dallas Stars (by E.Awad)
This seems to be a popular idea, changing the Stars' "Star Pattern" jersey into a more traditional striping pattern.  I like how the sleeve and hem stripes were made bolder, and how the Stars' brighter shade of gold was used.  My only issues are with the equipment, I'd recommend going with blank pants (because right now a colour is missing on each set of pants), just one set of gloves, and a white helmet for the white jersey.  7.5/10

Pensacola Ice Flyers (by Dylan W.)
The Ice Flyers have a good logo (especially for a minor league team), but their jerseys kind of suck.  Dylan makes their jerseys much more respectful and more unique (a rare combo).  Them hem striping is really cool how it mimics their logo.  I'm not sure I like the missing notch on the front, but I don't know what to recommend there.  The sleeve striping is okay, but I think the hem striping is so unique that it should also be used on the sleeves.  On final thing, I'm wondering if the road jersey is white or light grey.  I think it's good either way, I just couldn't tell which it was supposed to be.  8/10

Sudbury Wolves (by Derek H.)
The Sudbury Wolves currently have one of the worst logos ever.  Derek fixes that here with this concept, giving them a very respectable logo.  The jersey look nice too, I especially like the idea of a grey jersey.  Although I think that jersey would be better with a black yoke, instead of the phantom shoulder yoke used.  I also think the logo could use a white outline on that grey jersey.  But even without those changes it's still miles better than their current jerseys.  8/10

Toronto Maple Leafs (by Scott D.)
Scott combines different eras here with good results.  The sleeve/hem stripes are from 1967-70, the shoulder yokes are similar to the 1930-34 jerseys, and the logo is their current logo.  It's a very good, unified look.  I don't like the logo used on the pants though, it's too similar to their current logo for both be used.  8.5/10

Atlanta Thrasers (by Darren H.)
We haven't seen a Thrasers concept for a long time (since February), but Darren is here to change that.  All three jersey's are much more traditional than anything the Thrashers ever wore, but they still have some uniqueness, like the arrows in the stripes, and their unique fonts.  I always thought of the Thrasers of a blue team, but I like switching it up with the "Georgia Bronze" home jersey.  The road and third jerseys look good too.  My only suggestions are to add the arrows to the sleeve stripes on the primaries, and to keep "Georgia Bronze" in the third jersey logo.  8.5/10
Tuesday: PLAYOFFS!!!!! Reviewed by Steven Grant on April 30, 2013 Rating: 5


Kevin W. said...

LOL, a Can'tucks fan talking about choking? That's rich.

Steven Grant said...

@Kevin W: LOL, A "bandwagon jumper" trying to act like a real fan, that's rich. The Blackhawks sure didn't look very good last time they faced the Canucks in the playoffs.

Ryan said...

Go Leafs?

winnipegjets96 said...

I'll route for a Blackhawks choke, but I'm always pro underdog, yes Ryan, Go Leafs

Dylan W. said...

Go Sabres.....!

Ryan said...

Go on, get out of here you non-playoff team fan. Woo hoo, I finally get to say that to someone.

Phil B. said...

Dammit. I forgot the TV numbers. Oh well. Go Isles!

Kevin W. said...

A bandwagon jumper? Excuse me? I was born in Chicago.

winnipegjets96 said...

I sense a rivalry brewing amongst the writers, this Jets fan will enjoy watching the 3 Blackhawks writers gang up on Steven

Steven Grant said...

@Kevin W: You admitted to being a bandwagon jumper in your profile card, "Despite being raised in a Chicago sports family (go Sox, Bears, Bulls, and Fire too) I admit to being a Blackhawks bandwagon jumper."

@winnipegjets96: Yeah I also realized I'm outnumbered. It's to bad I no longer have Colin to back me up.

Kevin W. said...

That comment was half-facetious anyway. I was born in Chicago and while hockey wasn't always one of my biggest sports like it is now, I've been loyal to all of my teams all of my life.

Anyway, the Canucks sure didn't look good the last time they won a Stanley Cup. Oh wait, they've never won a Stanley Cup.

Steven Grant said...

@Kevin W: You probably didn't even know what the Stanley Cup was before 2010.

Kevin W. said...

That's not true but even if it was, at least I've seen my players hoist it.

Now, before this argument crosses a line it shouldn't, I have to get to sleep because I have work tomorrow. Good night.

Kyle C. said...

Go Kings! The playoffs are making the writers all feisty, I like it! :D

Anonymous said...

The stick in the nordiques logo should be on the other side of the leltter "n" so it forms a "Q" as in the old logo.

Unknown said...

In other news, I'm gonna nominate Darren's Thrashers for COTW.

Also, go Rangers

DBro Alexander said...

Guys guys guys, I'm a Blackhawks fan and even I know the Islanders are gonna win the cup anyway, geeeeez

susieQ said...

Where can I get these templates for jerseys

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