Tuesday: Odd Oilers

As you can see by the banner at the top of the page, the third HJC Live Chat is scheduled for Saturday, April 13, at 10:00pm EST.  I'm quite excited, because I should be able to make this one.

I'm also excited for the NHL Trade Deadline tomorrow.  My Canucks have already made a pretty good deal (Derek Roy), hopefully we can finally get rid of one of our goalies.


Here are the Chicago Blackhawks Untouchables Contest entries that have come in since WinnipegJets96's post yesterday...

(by CPM)

(by David K.)

(by Jordan R.)

(by Kyle C.)

(by SND)

(by Stephen T.)


Edmonton Oilers (by Adam H.)
We start of today's post with three fairly out-there concepts for the Edmonton Oilers, including this complete redesign by Adam.  I like the idea of the shield logo, with the Oil Rig or whatever it's called.  Although I think the Edmonton script in that logo needs a white outline to stand out better, and the logo is too big on the jersey.  The jerseys could be good, but right now the top of them is quite crowded.  I'd suggest getting rid of the shoulder stripes, and also lowering the chest stripe a bit.  One thing I really like is the oil-rig on the pants, that's a very creative idea.  6/10

Edmonton Oilers (by Charles W.)
Charles also has a unique take on the Oilers.  I appreciated the creativity behind the chest/hem striping, but to be honest the first thing I thought of was Calgary's 1995-2000 jerseys, which isn't the best considering those teams are bitter rivals.  Maybe there is a deeper meaning behind that striping pattern though, which might change my mind.  I do like the oil-drop used as a shoulder-patch, but I think it could use a white outline on the blue jersey.  One last suggestion is to move up the chest stripe so that it is centered under the logo (and then also move up the back name and number).  6/10

Edmonton Oilers (by Brian B.)
Probably the craziest of the three Oilers concepts is this one by Brian.  With the use of gradients on both the jersey and logo, this wouldn't look out of place next to the NHL's first batch of third jerseys from the 90's.  I wouldn't want the Oilers to actually wear this, but there are some things that I do like, including the two shades of orange and the extended shoulder yoke.  This jersey kind of makes me think of radiating heat, so with a simple recolour I think this would make a great concept for either the Calgary Flames or Florida Panthers, two teams both associated with hot temperatures.  8/10

Saskatoon Blades (by Cedric L.)
The Blades are hosting this year's Memorial Cup in May, but that didn't stop them from losing their first round playoff series in four straight games against the Medicine Hat Tigers.  Here Cedric has designed them a Memorial jersey, like each host team has worn in recent years.  It's a nice design, with good colours, and decent striping.  I don't like the phantom shoulder-yoke though, it looks out of place compared to the rest of the jersey.  I also think the chest stripe looks awkward how it just stops for the logo.  I'd recommend continuing the stripe underneath the logo, but then giving the logo a thick blue outline.  7/10

Winnipeg Jets (by Alex H.)
Here is a faux-back jersey for the Winnipeg Jets.  I like the chest and sleeve stripes, but to be honest the rest isn't my favourite.  I'm 100% against the current Jets using the logos from the original Jets (I didn't even like them being named the Jets).  Also the use of vintage white is one of my biggest pet-peeves.  This isn't a bad concept, it's just un-lucky that I was the one to comment on it.  7/10

Elder Outdoor Game (by Steve M.)
This is a concept for a fictional outdoor game for Steve's very own high school.  I like the colour scheme, using just purple and white looks good.  I also like the idea of the logo in the chest stripe, but the logo is a bit too big (it would almost be wrapping around the players side), and also the back number is too big.  I think it could be fixed by making those and the stripe smaller.  One last thing is the collar looks like it wasn't coloured in.  7/10

Detroit Red Wings (by Stephen T.)
Stephen makes a few small changes to the Red Wings jersey.  I like how the hem stripe on the red jersey is now raised up like the road.  The other changes (number font, inverting the logo on the red jersey, and the white collar on that jersey) are neutral changes in my opinion.  Execution wise, I think the logo is a bit too low, but I like how the NOB is arched, not everyone puts in that much effort.  7/10

Colorado Avalanche (by Adam H.)
This seems to be a somewhat popular idea for a concept, using "cold" colours for the Avalanche.  When done right, I like that idea, and I think this concept is done right.  My only complaint with the home and road is the hem-piping, i don't think it's needed with them hem-stripes.  I get the idea for the alternate, but I don't think it works.  The logo kind of looks like it was coloured in with Crayon colours (yellow snow probably isn't the best), and the stripes (and the logos in the stripes) are too small.  Again, I like the effort put into arching the NOB.  7/10

New York Islanders (by Jordan R.)
With the Islanders upcoming move to Brooklyn soon, Jordan suggests that they make a few changes to their uniforms.  I think the changes to the striping on the home and road are great, it's amazing how such a small change can make a big difference.  I also agree with the decision to bring back the four-stripe-shoulder-patch.  For the updated logo, I like the idea, but I don't like how the bridge covers up so much of the "N".  I also like the idea of using a Brooklyn Americans inspired third, I just hate the vintage white, and I think the diagonal script is too similar to the Rangers.  If that jersey used regular white and the primary logo on the front, I think it would be perfect.  8/10


And now that were done with today's concepts, why don't you email in your COTW vote (unless you have already).  There are lots of nominated concepts, so we'll need lots of votes.
COTW Mar 25-31 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)
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Ryan said...

I really like Jordan's Islandrrs jerseys but I really feel like the Brooklyn Bride and NY are interfering with each other rather than working together.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Brian B. liked my Oilers concept. I'm told it's the sincerest form of flattery. ;)


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