Tuesday: Flyers and More

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Victoria Cougars (by Ted N)
Ted brings back the old Victoria Cougars of the WHL with this concept.  I really like the blue jersey, the striping looks quite good.  I'm not a big fan of the striping on the white jersey though, there are too many competing elements.  I'd recommend basing a new white jersey off of the blue jersey.  The white jersey also needs a NOB.  6/10

Grizzly Adams EHC Wolfsburg (by Martin L.)
Martin finishes up his DEL Winter Classic series with two concepts today.  I like the angled hem stripe, it's almost like a sash.  The number font is also good, it has a 70's vibe.  The bottom of the sleeve isn't my favourite, I don't think the big red and blue areas look good.  7/10

Cleveland Barons (by WinnipegJets96)
Here WinnipegJets96 gives us a look at what the Barons might look like if they were still around today.  The striping looks good, and the addition of silver is something I could easily see happening.  My only suggestion is to add a white outline to the logo like what was used in the 70's.  8/10

Straubing Tigers (by Martin L.)
This team is quite interesting, they're called the Tigers but they don't use a colour scheme associated with tigers.  It makes them more unique, but the it creates a bit of an issue with their logo using completely different colours than their jerseys.  But this is a Winter Classic concept, so if it was used in the past I think it should be used here.  I like the wordmark in the chest-stripe, and the TV numbers in the sleeve stripes.  I also like the boxes around the captain's patch, NOB, and back number.  Those elemnts really adds to the vintage feel.  Although with all those patches of white, I think this would be better without the shoulder yoke.  
Congratulations on finishing your series!!!  7.5/10

Philadelphia Flyers (by Dylan W.)
Dylan modernizes the Flyers uniforms, and adds more black.  I like how this is completely new, but also inspired by the Flyers first two jersey designs.  The best part of this is that the hem-stripes match the design at the end of the sleeves.  The only thing I don't like is how the shoulder yoke angles up to the collar, I prefer how it is done on their current jerseys.  8/10

Philadelphia Flyers (by Matt M.)
Matt also gives the Flyers new jerseys, but they don't look like anything the Flyers have ever worn (except maybe last year's Winter Classic).  I would kind of miss the Flyers' traditional full length shoulder yoke, but these would be perfect if the NHL would allow two alternates.  I like how the sleeve-stripes are similar yet different than the hem and shoulder stripes, it adds a bit of character.  Execution is almost perfect, except there are two shades of orange used.  8/10

Bayern Munchen (by Stephen T.)
I really now nothing about European football,  but I do know that this jersey looks great.  The off-centered logo is really unique, and it looks good.  The striping also looks nice.  My only concern is having the team name where the player's name normally goes, I keep thinking the players name is Bayern Munchen.  8.5/10

Columbus Blue Jackets (by Avi S.)
The future is starting to look up for the Blue Jackets, so it might be time to get a new look.  This concept by Avi would be good option.  I like the logos used, they really emphasize the Civil War theme.  I also like how the third jersey is inspired by the jackets original look.  And I love the state outline around the captain's letters.  The only thing I don't like is how similar the road jersey is to the Rangers road jersey.  8/10
Tuesday: Flyers and More Reviewed by Steven Grant on April 09, 2013 Rating: 5


Breakfastgaming said...

Matt. VERY! nice Flyers concept. I definetly think the away one looks nicer, very sharp.

Unknown said...

bayern munich has the team name on the back above the numbers, and the player name beneath the numbers, good job keeping it authentic by Stephen T!

Steven Grant said...

@Colin May: Thanks for the info, I didn't know that. Since that was my only concern, I'll now give Stephen's concept a COTW nomination.

Unknown said...

I'll second stephen's bayern munich concept for COTW

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