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Brampton Battalion (by Derek H.)
Derek continues his OHL rebrand by giving the Battalion a completely new look.  It certainly has a military feel, and is way classier than their current look, but I think it could use some changes.  I appreciate the work that went into creating a new logo, but I'm not completely sure what it is (I'm guessing it's a mix of a Maple Leaf and a military badge).  Also the logo doesn't feature any green, which judging by the home jersey is a pretty important colour.  Speaking of the colours, they look a bit washed out.  I see a lot of potential in this concept, but I don't think it's quite there yet.  7/10

Boston College (by Mason II)
Mason's first of two Boston concepts today is a great looking set for Boston College.  The striping pattern looks great, and the number font is good for a college team (I like custom fonts better in minor leagues).  I also like how an actual logo was used instead of a wordmark.  Overall there isn't much I don't like.  I might suggest using a three colour collar to match the rest of the striping, but that's very minor.  8.5/10

Seattle Thunderbirds (by Dylan W.)
The Thunderbirds currently use Hartford Whaler jersey, here Dylan gives them their own look.  I like almost everything here except for the mismatching sleeve stripes, those look kind of weird in my opinion.  I think the sleeve stripes are the better pattern on both jerseys, so I'd recommend using those for the hem as well.  7.5/10

2014 Frozen Fenway (by Bobby P.)
This is Bobby's idea for a third installment of the Frozen Fenway series (to be honest I had no clue what the Frozen Fenway was).  Click on the image to read Bobby's description.  The next two concepts are part of this series.

Connecticut (by Bobby P.)
A solid look for Connecticut.  This striping pattern looked good for the Leafs in 1967, and it looks good here.  The script/front number combo, while not very exciting, also looks good.  It's not a very creative look, but it does look good.  7.5/10

Maine (by Bobby P.)
Now these jerseys look good as well, and are better in the uniqueness category.  They use the Bruins old shoulder yoke style, but the hem and sleeve stripes are changed up a bit, and the colours are completely different.  The shade of blue looks great, I don't know if I've ever seen it used before.  I also like the Rangers style script.  My only suggestion would be using white letters on the home jersey, to match the numbers and NOB.  8/10

Erie Otters (by Derek H.)
I love this logo.  It has that minor league charm, but not in a cartoony way.  I also like the extra colours, kind of like how the Blackhawks logo has extra colours.  I do think it could use a white outline on the home jersey though.  The road jersey's striping looks good, but the striping on the home jersey doesn't stand out enough in my opinion..  8.5/10

Boston University (by Mason II)
Mason adds black to Boston's jerseys and uses a proper logo isntead of a wordmark.  He keeps a similar striping pattern though, which I think is a great choice.  The pants, number fonts, and NOB all look good too.  There's nothing not to like here.
COTW nomination from me!!!  9/10
Tuesday: Everything Except NHL Reviewed by Steven Grant on April 23, 2013 Rating: 5


MMcG said...

The colors used on the Connecticut Jerseys are not the right colors for the school - the UConn Blue is a much darker blue. they may even refer to it as American Flag blue.

Also the Maine colors are wrong as well.

would be interesting to see them in their appropriate color palettes.

JCRGraphix said...

Derek H.'s Brampton Battalion logo is actually quite smart. It isn't a combination of a Maple Leafs logo or anything. It's the rank insignia of a Lieutenant Colonel. In the U.S. Army, a LTC is generally in the position of battalion commander. Unfortunately, the Canadian Armed Forces do not use that insignia. I guess my 7 years in the Army (so far) hasn't been a complete waste of time after all!

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