Thursday: Push for the Playoffs and an NHL concept!

Hello everyone, welcome to HJC on this wonderful Thursday! I'm Tyler and today we have some awesome concepts to get too. I can't tell you all how stoked I am for the playoffs, especially since the Blackhawks are already the for-sure #1 seed in the playoffs. I'm hoping the Stars can sneak into the 8th spot so the Hawks can play here in Dallas, and maybe I can go to a game. I'm pretty sure the playoffs start on the 30th, so next time I talk to you, we will be in the playoffs! This season went by so fast. Anyway, let's get going.


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Kingston Frontenacs OHL concept (By: Derek H.)

Derek starts us off today with a concept for the OHL's Kingston Frontenacs who had Bruins-esque uniforms and released new uniforms this past season. I feel that these concepts are partly inspired by them. Honestly, I'm not a fan of the changes that were made. I don't like the script logo, at least not as a primary logo on the white jersey. I know that this is how the jerseys really are, but I don't like how the yoke meets the arm, it looks odd to me. On an execution note, the word "Reebok" should be used instead of the actual Reebok logo and it should be black on the black jersey, IMO. Other then that, not bad. 7.5/10

Notre Dame NCAA concept (By: Mason II)

Our first of many college concepts today, Mason brings us the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. The design in the striping is AWESOME. The ND logo works well. That's an awesome font as well! Awesome work Mason, no complaints. 9.5/10 and a COTW nom from me

Vermont NCAA concept (By: Bobby P.)

Our second college concept of the day, Bobby brings us Vermont. A very simple concept here. I like the  simple three-stripes. The "VERMONT" on the front looks great and the flag logo on the shoulder is great. No complaints. 8.5/10

Denver NCAA concept (By: Dylan W.)

Our THIRD college concept of the day, we have the Denver Pioneers by Dylan. Rather similar to the Wild's home jersey with an added stripe, I like it. On the away jersey, once again I don't like how the yokes and arms come together. The numbers are also too tall. No other complaints from me. Good job, Dylan. 7.5/10

London Knights OHL concept (By: Derek H.)

Derek's second concept of the day, he brings us the London Knights. I'm pretty sure the Knights currently have a ton of colors, and I like the simplification to just black, gold, grey, and white. I like the simple striping and the knight-head logo. I don't like the script on the shoulders though, try to make that into some type of logo. That number font is cool too. Other then that, awesome job. 8/10

Providence NCAA concept (By: Mason II)

Our FOURTH (and not last) college concept of the day, Mason brings us the Providence Friars. These are awesome. The striping is really cool and the lace-up collars look great. I even like the yoke on the white jersey. Execution is perfect as far as I can see and the Hurricanes font looks great. Great job today, Mason. 8.5/10

Rhode Island NCAA concept (By: Bobby P.)

Our fifth and final college concept of the day, Bobby brings us Rhode Island. I like the simple striping and the yokes on the white jersey. The font is nice. I'm not sure if the color is light purple or light forum blue, but it still looks good. The logo looks nice as well. Great execution, too. 7.5/10

Toronto Maple Leafs concept (By: Peter H.)

And lastly, it's our ONE NHL concept of the day! Peter brings us some Leafs concepts! The home and away being inspired by their current alternate, and the alternate being inspired the Leaf's white alternate from 2008-2011. I love the Leafs current set, but this one is pretty good too. I sort of see this as a lateral move, not better, but not worse. Maybe just keep it like it is and release that away jersey as a second alternate to go with the current alternate? On an execution note, the insides of the collars on the front should be blue on all jerseys rather than white. Other then that, great job. 7/10

Thanks for reading, have a good Friday everyone!
Thursday: Push for the Playoffs and an NHL concept! Reviewed by Tyler Gross on April 25, 2013 Rating: 5


Snow Monster said...

That Notre Dame concept is beautiful.
Mason II how the #%^* did you get the celtic knot on the jersey?!

Anonymous said...

Outstanding Notre Dame concept!!!
On a London Knights concept the silhouette of the logo resembles a condom...

Dylan W. said...

Maybe for the secondary Logo for the Knights concept making the script onto a shield maybe?

Tyler Gross said...


Sort of what I was thinking.

Mason II said...

@ Snow Monster
Find a blank picture of the celtic knot you want to use, recolor it to match what you want it to look like in the stripes, shrink it (trial and error for size, then place it along one of the stripes side by side so they fit.

Derek H said...

@ Dylan


Jesper said...

Where can I find the font that is used on Mason II's Notre Dame concept?

Anonymous said...

Excellent Notre Dame exsecution!!! London Knights concept's main logo does look as a silhouette of a condom. Perhaps, using " L " and " K '' drawn into a shape of a knight's helmet would be more interesting.

Kyle C. said...

Mason II's Notre Dame for COTW

Dave said...

The Notre Dame concept is stunning, and blows ND's current design out of the water. The one question I have is...no gold helmet?

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