Thursday: Islanders, Outdoor Games, & More!

Hello everybody, Tyler here on this awesome Thursday! As we all have probably heard by now, the NHL is likely to have SIX outdoor games next year, and I really hope new jerseys are released for most, if not all, of these games. Mostly just for the lack of jerseys released this season, and it always excites me when new jerseys are released. The one I am most looking forward too is the Penguins @ the Blackhawks on March 1 at Soldier Field, which game are you most excited about? Let's get going!


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Here are today's entries for the Rangers portion of the Untouchables competition...


Adam H.

Stephen T.


Tristan P.


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UMass Lowell NCAA concept (By: Bobby P.)

Bobby starts us off today with a college concept! It's UMass Lowell, and if I remember correctly, they currently have the pre-EDGE Canadiens uniforms, so they could use more of an identity. This is definitely a great look for the team. I love the bruins-type yokes and the classic and simple striping is great. The diagonal name across the chest works here, as well. Great execution also. No complaints, great job. 8/10

Edmonton Oilers concept (By: Ted N.)

Ted has a dark blue Oils concept for us here. I like the idea, the striping looks great. I think the home jersey could use some more orange, maybe the collar or collar insert? I'm not sure if the Oilers would be able to use that old Tennessee Oilers logo on the shoulders, but I sure don't mind it. The font looks great as well. There are a couple execution errors with the stitching on the hem stripes, but that isn't a big deal. Overall, I like these. 7/10

New York Islanders concept (By: Phil B. [DDragon60])

Phil has a pretty cool Islanders alternate jersey for us here. I like that Phil brought back the 4-stripe shoulder patch. The striping, which almost seems inspired from the Isles original Reebok EDGE uniforms, looks great. I, and hopefully everyone, would definitely take this over that black jersey they released back in 2011. Overall awesome job, Phil. 8/10

Chicago Blackhawks concept (By: Mike S.)

This is Mike's entry into the recent Blackhawks portion of the Untouchables competition. I would never want the Hawks to add yellow to their color scheme, but for concepts' sake, I think it works here. I love the striping and the yokes look pretty cool. The only thing I don't like is the pant striping, I think the pants should just be plain black with no striping. Great execution and awesome job, Mike. 8/10

Oakland Athletics MLB concept (By: Dylan W.)

Well the MLB season is underway, so why not an MLB concept? Dylan has one for us and it's the A's. I love the unique striping and the "A's" logo fits well. I even like the number on the front. One thing I would get rid of is the white hem stripe under the striping. It's pointless, IMO. Great job here, Dylan. 8/10

Mississauga Steelheads OHL concept (By: Stephen T.)

The new Mississauga Steelheads had a complete rebrand this year and that brought new uniforms, those were pretty much just Maple Leaf ripoffs. Now, this isn't too different from the Maple Leafs, but at least it's not a direct copy. I like the striping. The yoke outline looks bad (at least on the blue jersey). Also, put the OHL logo on the front rather than the number. Other then that, I have no complaints. 7/10

Denver NCAA concept (By: Bobby P.)

Bobby has his second concept of the day, and once again it's a college one! Now, it's Denver. I'm not sure what Denver wears now, but it couldn't be much better then these. I love the look here. The yoke looks great on the white jersey and once again the striping is just classic and simple. Again, I like the diagonal name across the chest, looks great. Awesome job with these two concepts today, Bobby. 8.5/10

Washington Capitals concept (By: CLIB542)

CLIB542 has this Caps concept for us today, which looks like it was inspired by their jerseys from 1974-1995 and their current Winter Classic/Alternate jersey. I love the striping on the arms and how it stops halfway and the stars continue it. The stars look awesome on the sides as well. The collar looks good as well. No complaints from me and an awesome idea here. 8.5/10

New York Islanders concept (By: Jets96)

Anyone hungry for some fishsticks? Probably not, but Jets96 has a cool rendition of the Islanders' fishsticks jerseys from the late 90's. The calmed-down striping looks SO MUCH better and even the yoke looks cool. I wouldn't mind if the Isles came out with this any day now. I even don't mind the fisherman logo. Either Isles concept we saw today would be better then that black jersey. Great job here, Jets. 9/10 and a COTW nom from me

Windsor Spitfires OHL concept (By: Alan [AJH])

Our final concept of the day, Alan has a pretty cool Spitfires concept for us. I can see a Blue Jackets resemblance here, and I like it. I know most people don't like tons of striping like this, but I love it. That is also one cool logo. I love the font, as well. Also, am I the only one who LOVES those collars that the Oilers use? Execution is phenomenal. Great job here, Alan. 9/10

Thanks for reading, have a good Friday everyone!
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winnipegjets96 said...

I love CLIB542's concept, it looks like what would have happened if the Caps went Nike. Same thing with Alan's Spitfires concept, I love the helmets, but I really wanna see the pictures of those half and half helmets

Brian said...

CLIB542 for COTW

Andrew G. said...

Jets96's Islanders concept for COTW! Great job. I always liked the teal in the Isles' blue and orange color scheme. Tons of great concepts today.

winnipegjets96 said...

Thanks Andrew, I feel as if the 96-97 Islanders jerseys have been given a bad rap, and in some ways they deserve it, the jerseys are hideous, atleast the teal one is, and the hem striping. The logo isn't that bad, the lighthouse logo is awesome, and the darker blue and teal and darker orange work well together, that's one of my goals as a concept artist, to make bad looks good

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