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Winter Classic 2015 Concepts (By: Avi S.)

Although Boston hosted the winter classic 2 years ago, avi puts them back in the outdoors against the Blue Jackets. This sort of striping on the arms n the Columbus jersey seems to be very popular among jersey artists, and I like it, especially in these colours. I like the brown Bruins jersey, and the vintage white works very well in my opinion. I'm not too fond of the script in the front of the Jackets jersey, maybe doing a faux back logo, based off of their original logo. (8/10)

Minnesota State  NCAA Concepts (By: Bobby P.)

One of 2 NCAA concepts from Bobby today, this purple explosion is for Minnesota state. I love purple on hockey jerseys, and this is no exception. The white striping goes very well with this shade of purple, and I love the horizontal yoke striping. The logo is very pixelated, which can be fixed by putting the logo into word instead of paint, and I think black or even another shade of darker purple to keep the jersey from being monochromatic. (7.5/10)

North Dakota NCAA Concepts (By: Bobby P.)

North Dakota is a staple of hockey, and although they lost their kickass logo before, their current look is still good. Bobby goes for more of a Blackhawks look, with the separated striping and large cuffs. The jerseys themselve are actually quite nice, and I like how nice and balanced the colours are. That being said, I can't stand the yokes, especially on the green jersey, it needs a white outline around it, and the green yoke on the white jersey would look better with a black outline. Exectution note, the white jersey is missing a green cuff on the font. (6/10)

Florida Slice Concepts (By: CPM)

CPM continues with his fantasy teams, this time to the sunshine state. I like this colour pallete, I really think it looks like an orange team, without the jersey actually being orange. The logo looks awesome, and so does the shoulder patch. I think the green jersey could use more white on it but that's being nit picky (9/10)

Buffalo Sabres Concept (By: Dylan W.)

As you guys know I love this logo, and think the Sabres should still use it. Dylan gives the Sabres another alternate, this time, a yellow alternate. I think this logo, when re-coloured looks great on a yellow jersey. I like the striping pattern and  even the pit stains. The logo is modern, so the jersey should be too. I think a yellow collar would work better than a blue one, and maybe having a New Jersey Devils eqsue yoke would work better than this one, but again, that's really trivial. (8/10)

Colorado Avalanche Concepts (BY: GKennedy)

The Avs need a new look! This would be perfect to replace it. The lack of black works well on the jersey, especially on the maroon jersey. The striping is vintage but not in your face, and uses all the colours Colorado has to offer. No real complaints with this jersey, although the white jersey is a little plain, but that may just be me. (8/10)

Philadelphia Flyers Concept (By: Tyler G.)

The NHL fan base did not receive the Black Ice line of jerseys very well, and for obvious reasons. Tyler gives a much beeter alternate to the Black Ice line, where the white is removed from the jersey, but the main logo colour remains. This jersey works well for the Flyers, it keeps the original, classic look intact, while looking sleek and modern. I wouldn't say these would look too good on the ice, but as a fan jersey, these would look so much better than the ugly black ice line. Execution as always is great from Tyler! (8.5/10)

Hamilton Tigers Concepts (By: Me/Jets96)

This was my entry to the recent Hamilton Tigers Re-design. I based this look off of the Ottawa 67's, but didn't entirely rip is off. The old tiger with no face logo is used on the pants, and H logos, both of which have alternate script to match the colour of the other jersey. The hem striping is based on a Tiger's actual stripes,  but very loosely, I won't say much more, I'll let you guys critique it in the comments.
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Tederifico said...

Florida Slice for COTW! I love these jerseys! Mind you I am a fan of the wild colours for ANY jersey.

Unknown said...

second cpm's slice concept for COTW

Anonymous said...

More and more concepts on this website seem to address urgent needs for the NHL. Here is a list of every team's need(s) on the jersey front:
Orange alt
Duck face logo comes back
Return of jade & purple
Yellow alternate
Goodbye piping and pit stains
Return of throwback alt
Drop current template
Adopt vintage palette and template
More grey!
Nothing... Ok black alt
Where to begin... See Justin cox designs
Orange alt WHA
More yellow, navy alt
Bring back purple
Less red, unified set
Vintage alt, ask stephane to design
Get rid of weird piping
Checkerboard alt
Green alt permanent
Drop current alt
Lady liberty comeback
Drop template
Make road heritage jersey
Use profile logo for red alt
Black alt
Bring back unique motif
Bye bye Vegas
Gold alt
Grey alt
Drop double blue
Introduce silver
Adopt New winter classic as alt
Green alt
Bye bye orca
Blue alt
Capitol building logo
Throwback/military alt

Agree? Disagree?

Dave C

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