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Hey guys, happy Easter Monday, hope everyone had a relaxing weekend.

COTW has re-set for this week, we have 8 concepts up this week, go and check them out, and votes are due by Friday night.

*Ryan jumping in here.
You may have noticed that on the ABOUT/CONTACT HJC page you can find links to each of the HJC writer's profile cards. I thought they were a neat way to get to know us all a little bit. Now here's your chance to let everyone know who you are! Below is the template for the HJC Concept Artist profile card.
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Fill it out and send it in just as you would a normal concept. These cards will be placed into the rotation and be posted amongst the concepts (probably starting next week).

You're not required to answer all or any of the questions. Nor do you need to provide a picture of yourself if you don't want. Just use a logo or something.

...and now back to Jets96 regularly scheduled Monday post*

The Untouchables are back, this time, its Chicago! All you Elliot Ness's out there are able to enter this concept (well everyone is, but see there was this movie...nevermind). Check out the rules by clicking on the native head above, please read ALL the rules, and entries are due Friday night.

Here are some of the impressive entries that have come in so far:

Stephane S.

Matt M.

Dylan W.

Avi S.

The NHL has announced that it will be relocating the Phoenix Coyotes to Kansas City for next season, and will be re-naming them the Kansas City Trout. The Trout will be wearing all brown and pink next season as a style choice, with G.M. Avril Fools stating that "We want the team to be unique, the pink will represent the passion to play and brown because trout is usually a brown fish before it is cooked. The team will also be placed into the newly formed mid-west division. Gary Betman also stated that "The trout will surely be a great addition to the NHL, and will be a sight for all to see in the coming months". I hope to see the trout play and if you want to see a video of the press conference, click this link. Happy April Fools day!

Well Pittsburgh is still winning, the Jets are leading their division, the Leafs, Habs and Senators are doing well...I think every eastern conference fan can just get along for the next little while...until the playoffs...and if the Jets play the Leafs...I'll be torn!

In the West on the other hand...Chicago is doing well....Vancouver is doing well...Edmonton is doing okay and Calgary...ahahhahahaaahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhaahhaahhahaahahahahahahaaha, lets hope the Leafs play fair and at least give them  something for Mika Kiprusoff, and NOT trade for Roberto Luongo!

I think I'll ask you guys this because this is just my opinion. Should the Leafs trade for a Goalie? Which one? Why? What should your favourite team do at the deadline, I think the Jets should add a good playmaker to work with Buffs.

Washington Capitals Concept (By: Daniel J.)

Daniel looks to give the Capitals a new home jersey, which I have to say is better than what they have. The striping is very classic and the colours are balanced very well. What I really like is the blue numbers, the red is light enough so the numbers don't have to be gaudy and white. I only have 2 complaints, 1. the vector on the back should be the script, and 2. the Weagle logo should be on the shoulders. (8/10)

Canadian Hockey Mash-up (By: Brian B.)

WOW!!! this concept features everything...except for the JETS!!! Okay, I'll look past that because I like it. The logo actually works for me, it barely makes a C but it does and looks nice. The jersey is cool, but at the same time is a little bit...very...gaudy. I can see what was being done, but I think I know why the logo only uses 6 teams, there's no room for Winnipeg, and hopefully we'll be able to say Quebec and Hamilton sooner than later. Oh well, it's a nice idea. (7/10)

Columbus Blue Jackets Concepts (By: Adam H.)

Adam has given the Blue Jackets a new look here, which he designed himself (koodos to you!). I like the jerseys for the most part, and the logos looks great. I can get behind the striping but the white jersey needs a middle rid stripe and the blue jersey needs a middle white stripe, and same thing with the pants and socks. The red jersey can do the same with a white stripe and I don't think the jersey needs its own set of pants, as it would looks better with blue pants. Still, I do like this, and I may actually use the shoulder patch in a concept (full credit will be provided!) (8/10)

Buffalo Sabres Concept (By: Austin E)

Through out Buffalo's history, they have tried to always add some form a Buffalo to their jerseys, but always with a sabre, even the slug had it (I miss the Slug). Austin takes away the Sabre and makes them the Buffalo Buffalos, kidding, I really like parts of this jersey. The striping is very well done, as is the logo. I like the script above the logo surprisingly, and the overall tone of the jersey says 40's AHL, which is very good. I don't really like the vintage white, and a simple shoulder patch, like a cursive B would make the jersey seem less plain. (8/10)

Minnesota Wild Concepts (By: Alex H.)

Red Red Red, Alex puts the Wild in red, with a very well done alternate. The home and away look decent, but the home needs a bit more white, perhaps on the yoke, and the white jersey needs some more green in the striping. As I said, the alternate is very well done, I would love to see a whole sett dedicated to that jersey. I don't think green helmets would work on all 3 jersey, I'd use a white helmet on the white jersey, and the red jersey may look better with a red helmet. (6.5/10)

Anaheim Ducks Concepts (By: Adam H.)

The Ducks became the first team I think in NHL history to have two sets of jerseys for a season, Adam has brought them back in current colours. I don't think the yokes are necessary, or if you want them, which may be better, bring them down all the way across the arm. The white jersey should also have a white helmet. As for the alternate, I think there's a bit too much orange what with the helmet and the pants, I'd use the same pants for all 3 jerseys and maybe add a bit more black on the set. (7/10)

San Jose Sharks Concept (By: Stephen T.)

Stephen continues his onslaught of great Nike concepts with this one for San Jose. The colours are very well balanced and stray very like from what they wear now, while also adding some much needed orange. I really like the away jersey, it's very bright, colourful, and is perfect aside from the lack of shoulder patched. The teal jersey is also well done, however, I think the yoke is unnecessary, but isn't that bad. The jerseys, as I stated before need a shoulder patch, and I say this is a problem because San Jose has a few good logos for this, like this one, this one and this one. (8.5/10)

Kingston Frontenacs Concepts (By: Alan H.)

The Frontenacs right now wear a decent Bruins clone from the 30's, but Alan has given them a better look with this new set. I like home the jerseys don't directly copy the Bruins, but take influence, more so the road than the home. I'm not sure about the logo however, and it's actually for a comedic reason. The logo is a simplified version of what their old logo was, however, the lack of spokes makes it look like a set of cross-hairs, which isn't too bad, but I could imagine the jokes coming on. (8/10)

Nashville Predators Concept (By: Mason H.)

The Preds have a solid set right now, and, while they aren't the best team, still, there have been too many good blue concepts to count...this is one of them. The striping is very well done, and vintage, which some people may not like because the team is 1998 old, which is not that old, to some of us, for me, it's kind of old..just remember I'm 17 for second. The numbers are not very good in my opinion, like they aren't so terrible, but I think their current numbers are much more creative. The shoulder patch should repeat on both side, and the logo is a little too small. (8/10)
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Tristan.M said...

You had me for a second there with the Kansas City news.

Brian said...

When I made my concept, I mistakenly forgot to add the Jets logo in there somewhere. I would be able to make something good with all 7 logos, but I was just too lazy to start over again.

Alan John Herbert said...

Thanks Jets96! I got Rick Rolled.

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